You know that saying? Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder? We can only see Beauty in others if we see Beauty in ourselves. When I dated certain men I like to call my Beloveds I know or knew something is SERIOUSLY WRONG with their egos or they upbringing if they become outraged and self conscious with my stares. If I am with my Beloved what an honor it is to gaze forever on their perfect face…. Yet I must be honest with you so many men I loved saw only their flaws and sometimes they would lash out at me and point out my flaws. Like isn’t it time my nails were done or maybe I should stop bleaching my hair so much or maybe my eyebrows should be darkened yet you can make all these steps to please someone else and they are still unhappy? Why are they so sad? Why are they so discontent with you? Because they can not see how Beautiful and unique and loved they are. and yes I had Sister Goddesses lash out at me with the same Story and the same Condemnation? Why Goddess Why is it you can not see the Goddess in yourself? I smile my Cat like smile and I do not care if someone wishes to diagnose me as being a huge NARCISSIST BECAUSE IF YOU DO NOT LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY IT IS SO HARD TO LOVE THE PERFECTION IN OTHERS AND YES I WANT TO SEE THE WORLD THROUGH FUZZY VISION IN FACT I WAS BORN WITH FUZZY VISION BECAUSE THE IMPORTANT THING IS OUR AURA AND YES WHEN I REMOVE MY READING GLASSES OR REMOVE MY CONTACTS ALL I CAN SEE IS THE PERFECTION AND THAT ANGELIC HALO AROUND OTHER BEINGS. So see only the beauty in yourself even if you have to remove your perfect vision do not focus on your freckles or your pimples or your frown lines or your tummy or your less than perfect profile. YOU are so beautiful you can only imagine what bright light is echoing to other stars sending and shooting an endless trail of blinding light. AND NO I DID NOT TAKE ANYTHING THIS MORNING TO SAY ALL THIS. I DRANK SOME WATER AND HAD A SLICE OF BREAD. see the beauty in yourself first AND THEN SIGH AND THINK HOW FREAKING LUCKY YOU ARE TO BE ON THIS PLANET AT THIS TIME WITH ALL YOUR SO CALLED WORRIES BECAUSE IT IS AN ILLUSION AND A HUGE PLAYGROUND OF TOYS AND BEAUTY AND OTHER BEINGS FOR YOU TO PLAY WITH … YOU HAVE ALL THE TOOLS TO COPE YOU HAVE EYES TO SEE EVEN EYES WITH POOR VISION SEE CLEARLY…have a beautiful wondrous day and MANIFEST BEAUTY!See More