The simplest thing you can do on your way to improving and enhancing your love making is to create
a safe Mirror and Haven for your lover to gaze into.
Have you ever stared into a newborn’s eyes? Have you ever watched the way an infant just beams and gushes over with complete glee and complete trust — no holding back —no posturing just complete infinite infantile joy at the very presence of you as you capture their interest.

This is how we were born and this is what we need to remember and emulate on our daily journey to becoming the infinite Healer and Boundless Tantric Lover.

Remember that Phrase “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”? Have you ever been in a room and locked eyes completely mesmerized with a complete stranger someone you think you might really get to know.
The eyes begin the flirtatious stage of play and getting to know you.

And if the Eyes are the Mirror of Our souls what greater and powerful magic can we manifest just by allowing ourselves to deeply lock our gaze without any inhibitions or sense of self consciousness.
What can we do for our lover when they feel unloved or confused? Have you ever seen a mother bending over her crying child and lifting his/her chin cupping it delicately in her hand and lifting the child’s face so they can have eye contact?

All we need to do is remember we are simple Beings. We need to be acknowledged for our gifts, our Power, our Beauty and our Divine Grace.

Are you afraid of looking directly into your lover’s eyes because you do not feel worthy of being loved? How often do you stare into your lover’s eyes and without looking at their style of dress or their disheveled hair or their wrinkles or freckles just stare without judgment and stare as if you had never gazed at anything so beautiful as those eyes before you.

When you find time this week just take time to sit across from your lover and do nothing but simple be in the moment taking this hour as a unique opportunity to open up that portal of unconditional love.
Hold hands and breathe in eachother’s divine Essence and gaze into their eyes as if you had never never encountered any art work more profound than the eyes you are blessed to gaze into.

If you can be in this moment of bliss together you are performing a ritual known as Tantric Love making. So many people overlook that the love begins in you and you have that power and ability to heal someone’s wounds just by acknowledging that Star Seed they carry and silently greeting them in a locked eye gaze as if to say “I see you God/Goddess I see the God/Goddess in you.

One thing that attracts me most are the eyes. Some women might say they are attracted to good hair or teeth or a strong, muscular and lean body build. For me it has always been and always shall be the eyes. The eyes hold mystery to me. The eyes are like balm to the Soul and the Eyes are a Dream Pool of fantasy and Reality as we can not hide who we truly are when we take time to “see” without boundaries and judgment.

Can you yourself stare into a Mirror and look upon yourself in awe? Can you see the Bright being you truly are and how very lucky you are to have the power of Manifestation and Beauty right before you? We are born with complete trust not tasting the bitter seed of prejudice, or mistrust or cruelty. We only learn this behavior as we age and as we grow in our environments. But children SEE through unclouded vision. They simply are Beings of light and the Beam that Miraculous light back to us as we can’t help but stare into their Open souls.

You can captivate an Audience through direct Eye contact. You can mesmerize the man/woman of your deepest desires when you let your barriers down and send them a pure and sincere gaze. You can tell the difference when someone is being themselves and at ease just by the way they lock eyes with you but you can also tell when someone is disinterested in you if they look away almost as if to say you are not worthy of their time.

Try this the next time you have an interest in someone. Just lock eyes with them not in a threatening or confrontational way but in a way that sends comfort and peace of mind.

We make love through the eyes. Be mindful of how you use your treasured Jewels today.

Goddess Diana of