♡♥ Consciously Awakening Your Anahata Chakra to Bliss ♥♡

Your Heart is the Most intelligent Muscle in your Body. Be proud of who you are and share yourself freely with others. Be open to receiving praise and be open to bliss ~>♥ the Path of least resistance is the Easiest Path to follow ~> ♥

♡ Your Anahata Chakra ♡

Your Heart Chakra is centered in your sternum a thriving shade of green when she is at her healthiest strumming her chords of infinate trust and joy just like a musical instrument you play ♬♫

She is the Anahata Chakra literally meaning “un-struck.”

The heart chakra has subtle chords that sound similar to guitar or violin strings being plucked. For this reason we like to use tuning forks and gentle toning sounds using our vocal chords to open up the heart chakra and envelope her in a cradle of sweet harmonious sounds. If you think about it we are all vibrating instruments of sound affecting each other’s vibrations with our pitch and our unique forms of verbal expression. It is for this reason that we only wish to express ourselves in the most harmonious and pleasing way to carefully allow our partner’s heart chakra to open up in complete trust. Any discordant or jangling sounds simply do not offer anything of value to our heart chakra and we wish to shift the energies of our hearts using only the most pleasing of sounds and choosing our words wisely lest we upset the gentle balance of our heart flow. Feeling butterflies in one’s stomach is also in direct co relation to the heart center because you first sense love and excitement by activating your heart chakra and her subtle energies have a direct influence on your lower chakra bodies like your solar plexus which is the chakra directly below your Anahata. Our dreams, our ideologies and our thoughts are all directly influenced by how our heart chakra perceives the world and whether or not our heart chakra feels safe to express her love freely without threats from an outside source or from emotional wounding and mistrust. ♬♫

You use your Anahata Chakra to heal and send unconditional love to others using your compassion. This does not mean you blindly allow others to take advantage of you but it does mean you are willing to give someone a chance to affect you. When you formulate opinions with an open heart you are able to give and receive love without fear of rejection or paranoia. It is only the experience of repeat abuse from others that we learn to close our heart chakras and learn not to give love so readily so you must learn to “check” yourself every now and then and learn not to judge everyone but allow love in from a view point of an innocent child even if it means you must willingly take a chance. Sometimes we lose the great opportunity of Divine connection if we continuously make the same mistake of coming from a place of judgement. State your boundaries in a loving way but do allow someone into your heart with new “eyes”.


We know our Heart Chakra is in balance when you feel a free energy and newness in your body. You are like a child with your hands in the air~>ungrounded and self accepting and others. You are blindly trusting and compassionate towards all beings and the thought of being potentially betrayed or mislead will never occur to you for you are as a child beaming your light and love wisdom to all.


And like a Sun Child ☼ openly giving and receiving love, you are enabling your Heart Chakra to receive more trust and more inner light strengthening her inner chords and tuning her strings. The Heart Chakra manifests ideas into reality. She is the Core the Solar system that Cleans and purifies the upper and lower chakras. This is called Heaven on Earth because the Spritual body meets the physical body and anything is possible and We become the Manifestors of our own realities. It is very important for you to NOT LOOK A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH. Too many times we make the mistake of doubting our Heart’s natural ability to manifest and we manifest a most powerful wish only to doubt our ability to receive it once we create that reality. This happens when we do not know how to receive pleasure with grace and humility. Sometimes we are simply overwhelmed when we are in the position of receiving pleasures and we might turn away from it because we feel we truly do not deserve it — we feel unworthy deep inside. This of course is self deceptive and does not serve you. I must always remind myself that once my heart leads me to success and rewards I must humble myself and say to myself that yes I truly do deserve this gift and yes I am worthy of being honored and deeply cared for and I am a beautiful soul wothy of being adored.

Now if your Heart Chakra is out of balance you might be too flighty and non focused so you are not in your personal power and others might take advantage of you because you are sending that message out to the Universe that you are not in your body and you are not in your heart integrity.

If your Heart chakra is shut off you might feel deeply alienated from others and you might isolate yourself because you lack faith and you are now afraid of incurring further hurt. You will stop reaching out to others and you might stop attempting any contact because you feel your situation is now hopeless and nothing can remedy the pain in your heart. You might feel bogged down with the depression and you can lose your ability to create and manifest. Stop this! We can all lose ourselves in self pity and yes it is good to honor your feelings of deep pain so wallow in this grief and honor your heart as she weeps but make sure to care for her gradual awakening with loving thoughts and self massage and beautiful music to heal her in your own time. Shutting your heart chakra down for any extended length of time is a dangerous proposal you should not invest in for too long. We need sunlight and encouraging words even your own hands placed in stillness over your sternum is a wonderful medicine for Heart Chakra and acknowledging her strength and courage will gradually reawaken her chords ♡ so she can remain “un – struck”.

Being Jealous likewise harms your fragile Heart chakra. If you are jealous you push away love. Because the heart chakra is directly affiliated with the Air element it is wise to be like the air and freely allow the energy of constant flux and change to shift her chords and change her pitch. You can not greedily “hoard and stow away love” when it should be freely given and received. Allow love to restore you and accept it for what it has for you “in the moment” in that space and in that time. Try not to label or compartmentalize the love you feel. Try not to question it or question someone’s motives for you. Just be in a state of blissful acceptance and do not allow yourself to cave in inwards just let your sternum open wide when receiving a loving compliment and see the difference in your energy as you learn to open wider and soften your heart chakra to receiving more and more love from outside sources.

How can we open up our Heart chakra even wider? You might find this answer so basic but the easiest answer is the practice of mindful meditation. When you focus on your heart chakra you clear your ego and simply allow your emotions to take over giving your mind a much needed rest from all its mindless inner “chatter”. How can one clear their mind of negative self talk? You do so by laughing and giving your mind a mental vacation. Just once be light and free and if you can go outdoors in the open air to enjoy the element of wind then take some time to surround yourself in the elements and feel the full force of the wind rushing through the hollows of your heart chakra. Open your chest cavity wide and arch your back backwards taking in all the pranic energy from the sun and feed off the warm beaming rays as she melts into your Anahata. If you can not go outside then open as many windows in your home as you possibly can and get some circulation going on and just tune into the sounds of the wind pelting against your window pane. Have some window chimes next to you and delight in the sounds of chimes as they make music to the air stirring up your heart chords in melodic unison. ♬♫

The Buddhist monks call this meditation “metta” or acts of loving kindness so allow the air element to empower you and flow through you as you become one with your heart or ONE Big Heart Entity ♥♡

And now for Self Affirmations as a Self meditative Tool ♁

“I empty my heart of Hurt, shame, guilt and pain”

“I am a firmly grounded Being but my Spirit body is free to fly”

“In infinite joy I was made to be free and open to receive unconditional love and bliss”

” I am a Soul deserving and able to receive unconditional love from the Universe and other Beings”

“I welcome only unconditional love into my life for I deserve to be Seen as the Divine and Unique Creation I am”

“I open my heart in complete Faith and blind trust and I am able to accept myself in complete love and share my truths and my love with others without fear of being judged”

“I am able to forgive my past hurts and dissapointments and I am open to the possibility of receiving infinite joy”

“I am able to share myself with others and share my truths with others without fear of being punished or judged”

” I can release my guilt and open my heart to lightness”

“I am a Being of change and the element of air supports my changes and guides me to a place of inner joy”

“I am able to trust myself more and my own judgements without relying on others approval”

“My heart Chakra is full of compassion and trust for myself and others”

If you can share your compassion with others and have pity and unconditional forgiveness for your past mistakes you can move on and reap the benefits of seeing your dreams manifest into reality. When you are ready to see yourself as a Divine Being you are finally able to reap what you sow and enjoy the profits of your harvest. Your greatest most richest commodity is your heart. Don’t doubt yourself. When you receive a compliment gush out and give that person a huge hug and thank them for being your admirer and Your Mirror. We can only see our reflections more clearly when we take the time to clean our mirror and sweep away the debris of self doubt and guilt. Forgive your past mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Shift your energies with complete forgiveness and you will find out that it is so much easier to move freely from a place of self love rather than a place of mistrust and self loathing. We only stand in the way of ourselves when it comes to our Heart’s true potential. Learn from your mistakes and give of yourself freely. The path of least resistance shall and will always be unconditional love without blocks and without restraints.

♢ ♣ ❤ ♤ ♣

Your Heart is the Strongest Muscle in your body. Use her strength and inner Wisdom to keep you in touch with your Dreams and Tap into your Higher Vibrations . We were made to be loved and loveable ♋ So Be loved! And when you face yourself in your vanity Mirror today say the following really loud ~~> I DO SEE THE DIVINE IN YOU! ♡♥

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