If you were to take the time to search for the word SHAKTIPAT on google you would surely be bombarded by many different and Image conflicting view points all from masters like Osho to private practitioners who claim they have the ability to awaken your Kundalini Shakti (your sleeping serpent).

Let me be very basic and let us start with the word Shaktipat in itself.  Shaktipat is the descent of pure divine energy from Guru to student.  Shaktipat is a Sanskrit word with origins in Vedic religions of pure Tantric Yoga.  In order to activate the latent Kundalini energy that is within all of us we can consciously choose to meditate upon our awakening through pranic breathe and visualization exercises either by ourselves or through the assistance of a guru or Master we feel comfortable with.  If the student is open to receiving a healing the Master can simply pass on their aura which is advanced and energetically charged.  The seeker can receive a full kundalini awakening from the Master for as long as the Master is a clear conduit of energy.

Through consistent and patient practices the now awakened kundalini energy is enabled to travel from the first chakra (base chakra) to the crown chakra (7th chakra) at the top of the skull.  Once the crown chakra has been fully activated by Kundalini Shakti one is able to receive a state of Samsara or bliss in which complete contentment is reached and one has no sense of judgement of self or others.  There is no awkward sense of self consciousness nor is there any sense of anger or jadedness.  There is only contentment when the crown chakra lotus flower has been activated by Kundalini.  At this state of sacredness the journey of future kandalini awakening has now just begun!

Now you might be puzzled by the nature of Shaktipat itself.  How can a guru give a kundalini awakening to their student?  A master at kundalini exchange can simply transmit their aura through a glance, conscious touch, a gift such as a flower, a letter or simply by the intention.  One can even receive a luscious piece of fruit and if the fruit was activated with the Guru’s divine grace one can receive that activation simply by biting into the piece of fruit.

Upon reading these words you might be mystified and you might get a sense that I am a true romanticist but what we are involving here is the devise of true alchemy and the transference of energy from one person to the next through focus, intent and energy.

If you can understand that energy or (chi life force) is everywhere and it is free to anyone and everyone that will be open enough to call it in to their bodies then the idea of Shaktipat is a purely organic mode of healing through energy vibration and meditation.  We can simplify the theory even more by seeing the Guru as the uncorrupted Ego able to receive this divine life energy.  The Shaktipat in essence become the pure Channel and or Vessel and is able to transmit this pure life force into their disciples simply by not thinking and standing aside so that the pure energy can use the body as a vehicle only and be shared with others as a gift.

 How will you know if you Kundalini energy has been awakened?  Some symptoms may include the  following manifestations: you will feel an intense feeling of anger, fear, grief or intense joy; you might feel tingling sensations in your limbs, your mouth and your fingertips; you may feel a sense of unity with other people and you will no longer feel the separation between your body and another person’s body.  Maybe you will feel an overwhelming need to sleep or you have all this pent up nervous energy running through you now and you feel like running around and getting things done.  Kundalini rising is different for everyone but just know whether or not you hear tinkling bells or whether or not you feel waves of heat running through you each effort you make to open your Kundalini energy is time well spent.

You might also ask yourself what are the long term benefits of opening up your Kundalini energies? Wed ll perhaps you have some buried trauma something you have not examined in a while and holding onto that trauma is a burden to your chakra system  keeping you trapped so you are unable to evolve?  What purpose does this buried trauma serve you?  Awakening your Kundalini energy is a short cut to many years of psychotherapy.  The act of slow and consciously awakening your energy will help you shift from a state of numbness to a state of fully body sensory awareness.  During your newly awakened state you might see lights, you might see colors more vibrantly, you might hear sounds more profoundly in various pitches or you might even think you are going crazy but if you realize that these are all new tools for you to play with you will gain a new understanding of the Creative vital Being you truly are.

We are all manifestations of light and pure energy.  Once you are fully aware of your own energy in its purest form you will no longer fear the unknown but you will become an active participant in the flow of energy able to receive and transmit that force to yourself and others.

Thus in conclusion the descent of pure energy or Shaktipat is a powerful all embracing form of vital life force.  When we engage in Shaktipat we are sending good medicine to our Chakra bodies opening up gates that may have been closed down (for a while) due to trauma, ongoing depression or unawareness.  When you are fully awakened you become aligned to your Higher Being and you are aware of your inner light.  Questions that have been troubling you will be answered by your own inner guidance or intuition and you are a more perceptive being no longer shut off from the power of your own physical and spiritual bodies.

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The descent of Divine Grace or Shaktipat touches and penetrates the very depths of a Yoga student’s being. The awakened Kundalini Shakti will transform all aspects of your being as chakra system.