I have never shared any personal information on here before regarding proper etiquette but I think it is very very important for everyone reading this blog to know exactly how it feels to be trusted fully and exactly how it feels to be treated with mistrust.
I am sharing a very personal experience I have had today and for the days leading up to this day (today is Sunday a rainy rain day here in Atlanta, Georgia). I am a very firm believer that we each have strong, magnetic energies that can either contract or expand if we are trusted fully and or if we are in a place of synchronicity.
We can not always be in tune all the time. Sometimes people or situations can rub off on us the wrong way. What irks me though is if I choose to spend a delicious hour of good conversations with a new student on the phone and either never hear from that person ever again or this individual continues to come from a place of shame or mistrust.
Once I invest my time in someone’s potential for growth, shared pleasured pleasure and or relaxation I feel I have expended enough energy and I have shared myself fully. If someone has my complete attention for a 45 minute conversation and we are both in a comfortable place and in synch then there should (hopefully) be no doubt that our shared ceremony will be one of mutual healing and knowledge.
I decided though today that even though one can share a good conversation with someone there is no guarantee that the trust has been fully developed.
After today I realized that fraudulent names without a last name to go with it and fraudulent google phone numbers will no longer be accepted by me under any circumstance. Normally I love to be trusting and open especially due to the fact that some people still see tantric yoga as a new arena and they are confusing my services for those offered by “escort related activities”. Let me unconfuse the general public.
First of all there are many women who are self taught dakinis. They are “naturals” and there is no reason why you should not trust these very capable dakinis of treating your energy with gentleness, refinement and generosity. There are also women who are well read and they feel very comfortable with the idea of creating a more Kama Sutra experience for their students and they are very generous (with their bodies) and their time and their healing capacities. Then of course there are a group of women who are skilled at teaching groups, couples and workshops but they felt the need to begin formal training in alternative healing and therefore they felt compelled to invest their precious time and their money into certification programs with trained professionals in a professional workshop setting. These women felt the desire and the extra need to have the paperwork and the training to back up their good work. Some of these women work with men and women one on one and others simply decided to become couples coaches and lead seminars.
Other women have no training or experience at all and you can tell based upon the session you receive that they had no deep desire to provide you with a healing but they are merely playing at being a Goddess and playing guessing games.
Yes some of my students call me and have had extensive training with highly skilled goddesses and others are calling me randomly from an internet search and hoping and praying they have found “the right one”.

So if you hoping to meet your idea goddess here are some tips that will surely make this happen. Remember a healer can only do their best work if you come from a place of deep trust and few expectations.
When you contact a Goddess for the first time please realize that if they do have a web site it is for your knowledge and no one likes to be asked simply questions that can be answered in full if you had only perused the site at least once carefully and thoughtfully. If you must ask a question of the Goddess ask a question about a bit of terminology you might be unfamiliar with. If you truly have no clue what tantric yoga is or can do for you there are so many basic books I always recommend but a great book you can start out with is called “Jewels in the Lotus”. This book contains simple breathing exercises and if you take a bit of time to practice some of these exercises you will be in a better place to receive a better session with your goddess.
Please call from a non restricted number. There is nothing worse than answering a call from a blocked number or from a google number. Is there a reason why you wish to remain anonymous? Are you ashamed of your need to contact a highly skilled goddess to help amplify your energy? If you are ashamed to address these needs in a mature and adult way then save this experience for a rainy day and call from a real number. I decided after today I no longer will accept google numbers. I am not a call girl. I am not a hooker. There is no shame in what I have to offer and If I am able and willing to share my time and energy with you and communicate to you from a real number then I expect the same of you and there should be equal trust.
I can only do my best work when you place faith in me and the work I do. I spent a full hour cumulatively getting to know someone yet when they met me outside today they had even more questions for me. Sorry that is not only insulting it is just plain creepy. I try and separate myself from creepy energy and if you are seeking a healing then your standards should be set high and mine should be set even higher.
Fake names are for cowards. Fake and fraudulent phone numbers are for people who play games not only with themselves but with others. They do not trust themselves therefore they do not trust a good experience from a bad experience and they are seeking to either manipulate or control another person or situation which is not an exchange of equality but an exchange that debases the potential for shared trust and equanimity.
When you choose a Goddess are you choosing a Goddess for their physical attributes only? Are you choosing the Goddess for “entertainment purposes only”? If you are there is no shame in that none at all; but be fair to the Goddess in question and let them know the following:
(this is just an example)
“I chose you Goddess _____ because I find you cosmetically beautiful and you arouse me! I love your beautiful outfits and I love all your photos. I hope you look exactly like your photos because that has always been a dream or a secret fetish of mine. I truly don’t care about your skills but what is most important to me is just being touched and in the same room with someone that looks exactly like you !!!”

Now you are being fair to YOUR needs and to the needs of your future Goddess. Some people enter the realm of tantra for all the wrong reasons and some people just want to be touched by a living, breathing, beautiful Goddess and truly there is nothing at all wrong with that goal for as long as you are honest to yourself and the future Goddess who will be holding sacred space for you.
Other seekers of tantra truly could care less what their Goddess looks like so long as she has had formal training and she is sincere in her interest to help heal any issues that might be blocking someone’s bliss potential. The potential for bliss is always there. As goddesses we can not always promise a good result immediately nor can we promise that you will click with us with just one session. Not everyone is meant for everyone. There is no harm in sampling different energies and different practices. There are many pathways to reach your bliss but only you know which path is easier for you to trust and understand.
What I will no longer tolerate in my own personal growth and spiritual path is dishonesty. In fact I realized that when one person hides just a small aspect of their personality or hides their real name there is always discordance and stumbling blocks to bliss.
If I could give anyone good advice it is to share your needs fully with your goddess from the very beginning. Not everyone makes a perfect match but this is your session and you deserve to receive the very best. If you hide your truest intentions and or lie on the phone then once you do meet your goddess you can not go back and correct mistakes or lack of communication. Be a clear communicator from the very beginning. Share what is most important to you from the very beginning and share your true age, your true name and your true number because these are simply building blocks to trust and you will have all your needs met without conflict or drama.
Namaste— Now go after your Bliss!!!!

Goddess Diana Tantra Butterfly