So many of us wander this world in a state of deep contentment and so other people need to be in control of their immediate surroundings so they can feel a sense of center and calm in their environs.  Some people walk around in a state of satiation never asking why and dealing with upheavals and chaos as they should arise.  Other people ask the question why and must know each and every detail of a future meeting or interaction before they carefully choose to deal with a situation or a person.  What path is for you?  How do you compose yourself when you are about to encounter a new friend or a brand new city you have to explore? 

When we explore the potential for our bliss we can do so with complete confidence that any new situation will ease us into spiritual awareness or we might feel very uneasy and doubtful.  We might turn away from some very unusual and wonderful opportunities based on our prejudices and preconceived notions.  Yes it is always best to follow your first impressions and to allow your inner voice to be your guide but don’t let yourself be paralyzed in fear or you can do more harm to your development than good.

Why are some people drawn to kundalini energies and others shy away from it?  Are our actions based on trauma from our childhood or a bad experience with one practitioner of alternative healing that lead us to a very scary path so we are not as trusting and open to receiving further instruction?

How is kundalini massage different from a traditional sports massage?  Both forms of massage are essential to our vitality and help open up gateways to bliss potential but what makes kundalini massage an opportunity to heal our festering wounds and traumas?

During a kundalini massage special care and attention is placed on all major energy centers of the body because let’s be honest here the physical ailments of our bodies are directly related to our energy blocks and if we focus on healing our body’s physical pains surely our frame of mind is affected in a positive way.  Not only will be more flexible but we will be more focused and centered in the now.  It is hard to function when you are crippled in pain.  Likewise it is hard to judge our world around us when we come from a place of mistrust, fear and paranoia. 

Yes we all gain life experience from the lessons we learn as developing beings but if we continue to remain in a state of deep fear and if we feel so numbed out that we no longer feel a sense of our own bodies then we run the risk of disease and failed health.  Our physical body is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves and so a kundalini massage focuses on sending positive messages and affirmations of power into all our major chakra centers.

A practitioner of Kundalini massage is not just concerned with your body’s physical pain they are concerned with teaching you about proper breathing techniques and empowering each major energy center in your body so you can continue to grow spiritually.  A Kundalini massage can include moments of stillness where hands are placed on one or two more chakra systems as a way of balancing out your yin and yang or your polarity points so you can feel a communication of vitality taking place between two or more of  your chakras.  Color therapy or meditation can be involved and pulsing exercises and toning and humming into the chakras can help awaken deadened power centers that need to be propelled back into a fully awakened state.

Kundalini massage is an organic healing modality that gradually and safely awakens you and provides you with a state of deep metal well being and balance so you can come up with your own answers and simply trust your own decisions rather than constantly seeking approval from others.

Now on a more playful note Kundalini Massage need not follow a strict pattern.  It took you many years to self medicate and numb out your senses so take your time experimenting with different sounds and various chords of music.  We as sentient beings create a comfortable sense of our own realities so we can “function” or dim out the lights a little bit lower so we are not overwhelming all our senses too quickly.  It is good to baby yourself in the very beginning and it is not uncommon to feel slightly nauseous, dizzy and or light headed with the new breathing techniques you learn.  If you have been used to breathing shallowly for several years and now you are practicing deep breathing techniques go easier on yourself and take breaks in between each Kundalini massage session.  Be light hearted and playful with your practitioner.  It is good to feel intensity and passion for your new bright beginnings but if you rush you might be inspired to give up altogether and your body might rebel against these new sensations and you might be physically ill.

Be patient with your body’s needs and practice the chakra exercises by yourself each day rather than saving it all for your practitioner.  You can see small improvements in your chakra bodies by stating positive affirmations into each chakra on a daily basis.  This takes practice and this takes time.  So many times we don’t even realize how many times we go through “negative self speech” and so the chakras can contract and shrink up when we feed our bodies so much negative chatter.  Be aware of what you are telling your body at all time.  No matter how much Kundalini massage or reiki you receive you must carefully observe throughout the day what you are feeling and what messages you are sending your body.


Kundalini massage is a gateway for simple ascension and self discovery.  Use your Kundalini energy wisely and respect your body as a temple by feeding your temple a positive loop of unconditional love daily!Image