Yes my lovely audience. I have been the object of online slander, online fraud and numerous sites that have added my website link and embedded my website into the bodies of their sites and email accounts knowingly.
We who serve the Goddess have often been the object of scandal, slander, and of course blind hatred. But would I do this work if it were easy? I love my work and therefore I am sharing the following story with all of you about a (lady) who calls herself Butterfly.
Since 2005 my site has been established to help enlighten, entertain and be a fount of learning for anyone that might consider the Tantric Path. I have never never purported myself to be a guru I simply share my love of play, healing, breathing and reiki with anyone out there who simply needs human contact and compassion in a sane and loving shared setting where healing might take place.
Unfortunately this woman used my site and embedded it into the body of her email. During my last visit to Chicago an anonymous person needed me as a reference on a site known as I had no clue who on earth he was and had no idea why he fabricated this lavish story about how he and I met at the Sybaris Hotel in Northbrook, Illinois so I was outraged and left him a voice mail. Apparently he was duped by this woman named Butterfly who used to advertise on It appears he responded to an ad she had posted online and when he asked her for a website she sent him a direct link to my website. She also has reviews on a site known as TER or The erotic review. Anyway she used pictures from my picture galleries and sent him an email with my pictures included in her contact with him portraying and impersonating me so he would hire her for a tantric ceremony. He told me he was quite surprised at her appearance and that her voice in no way shape or form matched my voice. She had a very unhealthy face and string, mousey brown hair. Now why should this concern me? Because this woman is knowingly using my pictures, my site and using my website name in the body of all her emails and she goes by the name Butterfly. She lives in Venice, California and she is continuing to perpetrate fraud online or a bait and switch game.
This harms my reputation (as if I have not already noticed) and it disappoints people out there who might genuinely need a tantric yoga healing. This woman offered this client a (QUICKIE) BY POOLSIDE at the hotel and he paid her a total of $800 for a few hours and decided not to engage her for the overnight stay. He was confused since she did not prepare a session for him nor did she bring any oils because she is simply an escort service not a certified tantra educator with any background in healing. I have copied and pasted her profile for the general public to view.
I will testify that the following information I am sharing with you is not fiction but fact. I have contacted this woman before but she will not return my calls so at this point I have decided to include her in my blog posting to warn the general public that she is a con artist.

You can find her on city and her email contact
address is