Hello Loverly Ladies….Have you been touched lately?
Are your Lush, rivers flowering or have they been neglected?
Did you know a loved yoni can attract the most positive and attentive energies towards you? Are you stuck in a career or cross roads in your life where you are not sure of your footing anymore? Who isn’t a bit “stuck” now in again. We can not always be “in flow” or in a state of gr

ace so that is where tantric yoga fits into your ritual of healing. We have Reiki for smoothing out our aura bodies. We have true, trigger point massage to drain the exhaustive and toxic waste from our muscles. We have sound healing to bring tears to your eyes. We have deep breathing and re birth breathing to help you along with your daily anxieties and panic attacks. And we have Conscious touch which allows us to be better in alignment with our bliss.
Tantric yoga like any other Yogi ritual is a dance you learn. We share a Sacred Space where we can simply unfold and get “lost” in our Divine Feminine Essence.
We are not “weak” by exploring our Goddess side we are actually far more strong than our Masculine energies and we can move more energy and influence with our tenderness more so than our roughness.
Let me be your patient Guide and reawaken your Divine Feminine energies again.
Open your yoni in a safe sacred space. Perhaps it has been a while since you were tenderly touched. Perhaps your yoni needs the remembrance of a soft voice or gentle encouragement again that she can come out to play.

Women tend to naturally “tantric” in nature so once we teach you how to send positive thoughts into your yoni you will be in a state of emotional release and the time we spend will feel un rushed and soothing to you.
Women tend to need two full hours of tantric healing whereas a man typically can be satiated with a full 90 minute healing. I always recommend women schedule two hours for a thorough reawakening to bliss session and if you feel your husband or partner should participate and be fully present we can invite him as my assistant during a slow moving four handed massage.

Your joy is our shared journey and each healed Yoni yields so much Divine life force we are each powerfully activating Universal Shakti Pat ♥Image