The healing work I do is in service first and foremost to the Goddess and The Wounded Warrior.

What is a wounded Warrior?  The wounded warrior is healer who selflessly sets aside time to his closest friends.  He is a shaman, he is a poet, he is a thoughtful friend and he will go out of his way to make sure you are comforted during a crisis.

And here is where I come in the picture.  I am a Muse or a divine priestess of unconditional light.  Now

this does not mean that I am a punching bag for what ails you but I am here to assist in any way even if only to make you relax in the present with me and focus on sensory pleasures through essential oil scents or the lightest stroke of my fingertips on your skin.

Sensual healing or abandon in Eros is a gift we must receive. It keeps us alive and it gives us hope if we can find something joyful to look forward to.  In order to give your very best you must restore and balance your own energy and to deprive yourself a natural impulse is to deny that your body even exists in this space and time.   We ground our senses through the first chakra known as the base chakra.  When we get a true sense of our sexual energy we cord firmly to the present and we align ourselves to the very core of the Earth.  We are like trees.  We need water, sunlight and a pristine environment that sends us unconditional love.   We branch out when we feel secure and loved. 


Goddess Energy is healing energy and it is the fountain of hope and youth.  When you are able to achieve full body orgasm you remain vital, active and refreshed.  Your skin glows and your mind becomes clearer with your truest intentions.  During Tantric yoga we learn that the initial intention directs our focus and our energies.  Don’t simply exist in your present reality.  Learn how to master your sensory gifts and expand your consciousness.  Set aside some ME time and be decadent!Image