First of all let me say my personal email address is and  There is an imposter by the name of Stephanie who embedded my website title Tantra Butterfly into the body of a phony gmail account and she owns a personal blog known as the The Sensual Foodie.

Although Stephanie looks nothing like me she used pictures from my website and promised certain students that they would be meeting up (with me) but instead she is an escort service as a side job and a chef by trade.

This outrages me especially since I put in a lot of effort to educate myself and when I found out what Stephanie was doing I was not only hurt but I requested she cease and desist.  She now linked  this blog to her TER review message board profile under her fake alias otherwise known as Butterfly.

I don’t go by the name Butterfly I use my birth name which is Diana.  Eventually anyone who does follow the tantric path will begin to see a shift in their personality.  It will be harder for a true tantrika to be able to handle baser energies from seekers or competitors.

I can not be held responsible for plagiarism and since Stephanie won’t cooperate with me and take down her fake gmail account and unlink her profile from this blog eventually I will have to invest in the legal services of a good attorney.

To avoid confusion the best way to reach me will always be my one and only cellular number which is 312-339-7707 and my email accounts affiliated with


Tantra is a journey of self love and boundaries.  We honor our own choices and we learn from our students and our teachers integrating each new technique and making it our own.

Have you ever felt an instant connection with someone just by feeling their vibe on the phone? Sometimes all it truly takes is a voice vibration and you feel deeply connected to your student or teacher or you simply feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Go with your initial instinct.  Don’t be afraid to state your goals when you first meet your teacher. 


A true Dakini or Tantra priestess is a woman who is in her spiritual power.  She does not need to look behind her or ask the counsel and advice of other Goddesses.  She is self assured and in her spiritual power because she has experienced a Kundalini awakening most likely a strong feeling of energy rush through her prior to engaging in the Tantric path. 

In tantra yoga the woman is both healer, priestess and Sex Goddess but her power lies not just in her beauty or the shakti power between her genitals– her true power is in her ability to see her Goddess hood.  

So now I ask of you — What does it take for a woman to own her power and call herself a true Goddess?  A goddes is poised and she does not seek approval from men in order for her to feel her divine feminine energies awaken.  A Goddess inspires a man to feel like a God.  Must a Goddess wear make up and tight mini dresses and high, spiky heels to prove to her man that she is worthy of his love and approval?  Is A Goddess required to wear an erotic harem outfit for her lover in order for him to feel fully aroused as he greets her?  A true goddess does not rely on plagiarism or copying someone else’s style.  She is self possessed without being “selfish”.

A true goddess does not jump to conclusions when her lover withdraws his affections and isolates himself in his thoughts.  A goddess is a healer who conspired to honor herself and seek the truth from her lover establishing healthy boundaries so her lover can follow her conscious lead.  Women are natural healers and Shamans.  We need to take back our power that we gave to someone else and realize that we should never be afraid of disapproval just because society dictates that women must act or look a certain way to appease others.

My path is a Conscious path to awaken my heart and my student’s heart through Conscious touch, Sacred breath and a contract to heal and not harm.

Please visit my main website and enjoy the beauty I have created for you! 

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Women’s role as dispenser of ‘spiritual attainments’ was undertaken not just for pleasure, but out of compassion for the world. One example of this is the story of  King Dombia and low-caste female tantric Dombiyogini, who transformed themselves into Buddha’s through their sacred union.  Dombiyogini composed many songs of realization (vajra-songs). In one song she celebrates how communion between female and male Buddha’s generated waves of harmony, nectar that satisfied “the spiritual hunger in the hearts of living beings everywhere.”