It is a beautiful day here in Atlanta, Georgia and each day should be spent in reflection and lusciousness even if you do not particularly feel up for it. So the topic for today is Shared Bliss and Tantra Yoga in Atlanta. How can we better prepare ourselves to heal when we decide to set up sacred space or when we finally do decide to indulge in a private and sacred healing with a Tantra Yoga teacher? First of all you must realize you chose this time for your personal healing and you must be completely clear with your intentions and completely selfish.
When you do meet with your Tantra teacher in Atlanta or anywhere else in the world just realize your teacher is NOT a mind reader and this is your chance to express your secret goals and desires because this is called Shared Sacred Space. You are completely responsible for the outcome of the tantra session you have chosen. Will you choose to suffer in silence and not have your needs met or will you choose to be fully responsible for your own personal growth and let your teacher know exactly what it is is you wish to learn and experience as a new student to tantra yoga.
Please realize this is NOT the time to leave your cell phone on unless of course it is a major crisis. How can you be fully present and healed if you are constantly focused on something that is not within your control. The mere fact and action that you have actively decide to focus and concentrate on the moment should give you an indication that stresses and worldly cares should now be laid to rest for a rainy day and your focus should be on breathing, ejaculatory control and bliss interaction.
This is not a game and yes this is your time to finally have center stage and be pampered and made to feel special. If you have one or two or even three goals have you set aside that time properly or are you concerned about what is going to happen after your tantra ceremony.
If you can only think or worry about your responsibilities know that that is mind chatter and that is your indirect way of preventing yourself from exploring your bliss either out of guilt or out of a sense that you are not worthy of the pampering.
Please consider this Sacred Space a time of reflection and healing. You can worry about the dinner meeting after your Tantra Ceremony. You can contact your significant other after your ceremony and after you have had time to regenerate and heal your heart. Do not allow distractions to interfere from your personal ME time .
Every environment you enter is going to change dependent upon who you decide to see as a teacher. Is your teacher a visiting Goddess to your city? Will you be requiring your healer to travel to you to your appointed hotel space as a convenience? Have you both agreed as student and teacher what is safe and healthy for you to explore? When was the last time you actually received a Tantra yoga massage or healing?
Do not cheat yourself or your tantra teacher. Be fully present and let your concerns rest to the side for how many hours you have chose to set up sacred space. Sacred Space is an opportunity to grow. You use sacred space as Sacred magic and as a playful interchange that will affect your creative flow after your tantra session has been completed.
Are you open minded enough to realize that each teacher has a unique presentation of tantra yoga and you can learn and heal and be nurtured by varied styles? There are no accidents. Like energies attract like energies so just know what ever state of mind you are in and what ever physical blocks you are experiencing will be reflected in the teacher you choose and you become Sacred Healing mirrors to each other.
And on that note I truly wish you luck on your journey and I hope you celebrate the Full moon today in beauty ❀

Come visit me here in Atlanta Georgia or host me in your city today. I offer healing one on one for individuals seeking a vast change and improvement in their well being and I am also available for couples and intimate group workshops for a small gathering. Please never be offended if I ask you politely to verify who you are. There is a bridge of trust that we can get over together. Let me share your unique journey with you and be open about who you are, where you want to be and what your goals are. We share sacred space together we are both equally responsible as Tantra Healers and Tantra Shamans for the Co creation of Sacred Space.
Namaste.. and in complete non judgement let me open sacred Tantra yoga for you.
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Please always be prepared to share yourself with me and let’s work on your bliss!
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