Tantra is the Psychic Narration of full body healing and manifestation ♬♫

January 31, 2014 at 4:48pm

Lately I am seeing an unwelcome trend these days.  Everyone seems to want quick and expedient results. They don’t want to wait they want to get to the top of their field in days not years.  They want to lose weight in weeks not months.  Anyone who truly cares about an ideal understands it is through patience, visualization and self healing that we achieve our goals.  We now live in a world where we can microwave almost anything we want.  We get bored –we flip on our television set or put on a DVD rather than get dressed, deliberate on a good film and go to the cinema.  If we get scared some of us go to the bars to hide from our loneliness.


What tantra teaches us is patience.  First we understand that there is a power or source of energy out there that feeds us.  If we learn to tap into this source of strength we can then have a stronger sense of self and we no longer simply ourselves as all male or all female we are both the convergence of yin and yang.  We embrace our strengths as divine male essence and divine female essences.  Here we are vulnerable and fresh and hopefully willing to release our need to control our emotions.  We are here not to control or enforce our will on others we are here to share ourselves and quietly acknowledge another person’s strength and weakness as our own.


If you are lucky enough in this lifetime to meet a soul mate or twin flame then you will naturally have this experience where there are no boundaries between you and your Sacred other because you are full of trust and you naturally want to give and share your energy with your beloved so you are free to express yourself without judging yourself –you just naturally pour out love and there is a circular rhythm of giving that forms a bubble of love back and forth.  This give and take is a chording or a bond of energy that is plugging your entire chakra system with your beloved.  Instead of these chords depleting your source of energy you feel the energy is limitless or without parameters or bounds.  It is a complete symbiosis of healing and you are joined as one. You even enter each other’s dream time without even trying and or you might find your phone rings right as you are thinking of your lover.  These energy chords become conmingled but instead of you feeling trapped or stifled you welcome the energies and you crave more.  Instead of you feeling Psychically drained you are fed and fully alive with awareness and self love by the reflection of your partner’s love for you.


If you are not yet on this journey of twin flame you might know what it means to feel a quieter or more serene rapture which is the sacred act of self love.  You have come to rely solely on yourself.  You yourself may have had a rougher journey than most.  Maybe you grew up without siblings or sound parentage.  You might have had to parent yourself and found a couple of strong role models who supported you and offered you guidance.  You might have learned the craft of self sufficiency but you might also be over armoring yourself and preventing any future soul mate connections by being so guarded.  Being guarded is NOT a bad thing.  These shields you created were set up to protect yourself from pain or manipulative behaviors.  A closed Chakra is NOT a bad thing but our energy needs to experience both the force of open flow and outpouring of loving energy and the natural stop of self preservation so you can take a healthy time out from too much infusion of other people’s energies bombarding you.


Tantra is the exploration of exploring safe and sane boundaries within yourself and your tantra partner.  As you exhale out your tantra partner learns to accept your vibration and inhales your breath taking your energies fully into their heart and blessing your energy with theirs then sending you back that blessing directly into your heart space.  You learn to share energy not label it.  You experience the heaviness and the lightness of energy that is not your own but you learn to accept it as your own without anger or judgement.  No one can steal or “take” your energy from you because we all receive energy from Source –we just have to know how to tap into that free energy from Source and clear our filters properly so we can make better use of the energy that is in abundance all around us. 


Having faith in a higher power is the first step in fine tuning your higher Chakra.  If you have complete trust that your higher power is there to support, uplift and sustain you then your crown chakra like an antennae will open up more easily.  When you have faith in a higher power you are better able to receive the warm energy flow and allow yourself to allow this source to sustain you and know there will be no lack of energy for you to feed freely and no lack of energy for you to share with your partner or people around you.  If you feel drained about  a situation that is not in your “control” that is the perfect time to shower yourself with this radiant self love or get together with someone you trust and just breathe together.  Having a ritual in your life connects you to source.  You might find a particular song soothes your soul.  You might have a movie that forces you to connect with your more loving, vital nature.  Perhaps you just adore being immersed in water especially salty waters.  These rituals are part of the Divine Sacred act of making love to your Higher Being.


We were created to be love.  We were created to experience our love and vibrate with creativity.  If a song compels you to close your eyes and envision yourself fully empowered then you owe that time and blessing for yourself.  If you can only feel loved by being nurtured or caressed then go to a spa or seek out a tantra healing so you can free your ability to be touched without shame or anger.  I have met people who have never even had a massage in their entire lifetime even though they were involved in jobs which required stamina and strength.  They never believed they were deserving of the experience but in order to give of yourself you must know what it feels like to receive touch and kindness. 


When you learn to flow with energies and when you learn to just let go and trust you expand your heart consciousness and you reunite with your higher grace.  Sacred union is not just the meeting of two twin flames Sacred Union is making love to yourself and feeling your full energies expand and quake all through your central nervous system. 


When you see how powerful, bright and full of hope you truly are you might first feel overwhelmed at having met yourself but I can assure you you won’t ever feel along again.  Our journeys take us forward to our goals but we always take a few steps backwards because of a bit of self doubt.  It can be kind of scary when you realize you are the captain of your own ship ❤Image