How do you reach that place of serenity within your being that makes you feel so content you are not consciously aware of your needs or the environment around you?  When you are so agitated and frustrated that all you can think of is the big o you might become concerned and worried and question your abilities as a lover. 

When we experience severe trauma our physical body goes into shock.  We might receive triggers from our environment that sets off our body’s automatic reflexes.  We become short of breath or we notice we are clumsier and not as clear thinking as we should be.   Post traumatic stress disorder is a very common illness and like all illnesses can hinder our body’s ability to feel safe, loved and empowered.

Tantra yoga is an escape.  Tantra by itself is a vital technique of body awareness and mindful, body meditation because you are allowing yourself to shut off stimulus and just go inwards to tap into your own energy.  As you breathe you clench and unclench certain muscle groups and hold the energy inside your heart, your stomach region and your thighs and buttocks.  As you learn to separate each muscle group from each other you are opening up that chakra system and becoming more mindful of what is going on in your body.

Your body carries your unique energy signature.  Only you know your body and only you know how it feels to be stressed or full relaxed and open and flowing.

Tantra yoga teaches you not to second guess yourself.  As you breathe energy up higher into your crown chakra and your third eye you tap onto any intuitive abilities you might have but never reinforced.  If you want to learn how to have the most powerful, intense, life affirming orgasm you have to learn the secrets of your body’s landscape.  If you can fully relax and involve your entire body with the experience of full body pleasure then inherently you are training yourself to be fully orgasmic with or without stimulus. 

People can and will experience electrical and warm synapses of energy that feel like tingling sensations with repeated tantra meditation and practice.  This is not just book theory this is full body healing at its finest.  So what if you don’t have a beloved you can learn to feel these tingling sensations on your own by practicing the art of coming close to arousal then relaxing, breathing and backing off. 

Tightening your kegels and tightening your sphincter muscles then isolating each area will keep you in the moment and fully aware of the build up of CHI energy in your body.  You will even have orgasms in your sleep if you practice the pulsing and clenching of your muscle groups not just once in a blue moon but in a daily basis as part of your ritual.

So how do you prepare yourself for the big orgasm?  Sensual massage and tantra massage with mindful breathing should be a complement to your weekly routine.  If you can relax and not hold onto expectations of what you might have your reward is the full body arousal and build of sexual tension and flow.  

What does a sensual massage mean to you?  Is it a form of escape from your stress filled week?  Is it a decadent pleasure you allow yourself to indulge in because you are craving gentle touch?  Is it quiet time where you let go quiet your mind and drift off leaving your body far behind?

All I can say is that the students who have come to me without any expectations and without any pressure to perform are the ones who leave here deeply satiated and completely overwhelmed with a flood of energy that surpasses any of their expectations.  If you can explore, enjoy and let your guard down you will potentially be so open to energy flowing that any and all touch will simply send you over the top from the moment of your first tantra healing to the moment of simply stepping into the shower unaware.  You might be caught off guard and say WHAT WAS THAT?  And you know very well that that is your own delightful energy unhindered by self judgement or self deprecation.

You are a marvelous being.  You do deserve to feel complete full body pleasure and tantra is the art of being  a fully desirable, sensual and creative being Image

Won’t you come join me in setting up sacred space?  I long to teach you how to love and adore your divine essence.

Goddess Diana