I decided to write this essay for you because so many people who have never enjoyed a tantra ceremony call me wondering how they should prepare for a session and what should they wear or bring.  You contacted me for a special reason and only YOU know what propelled you to initiate contact with me for your first tantra ceremony so I want YOU to benefit from our time together.

If you really want to learn the basics of tantra be honest with yourself and take some time to write down a few basic goals for yourself in a journal entry or an index card.  Be creative and be easy on yourself because if this your first time you might not have a clue what is involved in a beginner’s tantra ceremony so if you really want to experience a more complicated session such as my Goddess worship offerings then please schedule a two hour ceremony with me or longer because this is a more intricate session and if you are a beginner without a strong background or history of reiki, yoga and or energy healing you might feel out of your element learning about my energy if you don’t first understand about the intricacies of basic breathing exercises and how to touch with intention.

If you can devote a few hours with me for your first session that gives you a solid foundation for increasing your knowledge gradually and you can start out your own private daily practice by now purchasing a few basic books on tantra yoga because if you are investing money in yourself you may as well get better at understanding the fundamentals of tantra and healing your body or you are wasting your energy and your money is not being well spent.  Just because you decide you may wish to visit me once a year or once in a blue moon does not make you an “expert” on tantra yoga and you need to realize you have to be very patient with yourself to see and feel the benefits of full kundalini shakti massage.  These sessions are pure energy work and not for entertainment purposes only.  You might find with daily practice that you attract new business opportunities to you or you might feel more energetic or more sensitive and emotional to the needs of others around you. 

The day before your first tantra healing write down just  a handful of important goals you wish for us to share together.  Share these goals with me before our session so you feel like you are more in control of your session.  I want you to feel like you understand everything we are doing and why we are breathing together or why we need to look at each other from time to time.  This is a connective and nurturing ceremony and the exchange of energy should be done when both of us are feeling good and both of us are at our optimal peak performance for healing.

I strongly recommend you drink a full gallon of good quality water the day before our session and keep hydrated because tantra yoga and tantra massage is a way to release toxicity in your body and you will need a well hydrated body not a body diluted with toxins and or caffeine or alcoholic beverages.  Think pure distilled water and drink it up the day before our session and the morning of our session because you want your body to feel good not tired!  Don’t worry about taking trips to my bathroom you can interrupt our session as many times as you need to to detox your body of anything it no longer needs.  Many people either get thirsty or need to use the bathroom frequently during our session so naturally if you schedule me for 90 minutes or longer I will add on extra time to your session to accommodate your needs.  Please do not schedule something for yourself immediately after our tantra ceremony.  You may wish to leave a gap of time so that you not “on the clock”.  Naturally if you have a deadline or a business meeting I will end our ceremony on time according to your needs but if you know you have some leisure time all for yourself it is wiser not to book something close to our session just so you can enjoy the energy we shared together and enjoy the “buzz” of kundalini shakti!

I love to use pure, aromatic essential oils like lime, tea tree oil, lavender and grapefruit so if you know you have allergies you must share your allergies with me.  Just because something is organic does not mean it is good for your skin if you suffer from certain sensitivities so share those sensitivities with me before our session even begins.  Try and dress casually to our session and bring a pair of spare clothes if you wish.  You are welcome to use my private shower if you need to get rid of any excess oils or scents prior to your return to work.  I do not mind your need to “wash off” after our session. 

So there you have it.  Eat well or try to eat healthy the day before our session eating foods that have a high nutritional benefit to you and that are high in water content.  Drink a lot of healthy fresh vegetable juices and or a gallon of distilled water so you feel “fresher” and more alert for our session.  Dress casually and bring a set of fresh work clothes with you if you are returning to work after our time together.  Most of all see me as your friend.  I want you to really get the most out of our shared time together.  If there are special requests you have of me or parts of your body you do not wish to be explored please tell me that before we even begin our ceremony.  Some people do not like to have their feet touched or their scalp massaged or their ears touched.  Share all that information about you before we begin.  I want you to feel nurtured and I want you to receive exactly what you wanted to learn but I can not read your mind so vocalize your needs to me before and during our shared tantra ceremony!

Most of all thank you for entrusting me with your energy.  I  want this to be a special experience for you so be sure to focus on exactly what it is you want to happen during our ceremony and if it is something I offer on my list of ceremonial offerings I will be delighted to share those goals with you!


Goddess Diana

of http://www.tantrabutterfly.com