A Tantra Muse is a healer primarily who wishes to explore sacred space with you ♡♥

What is a Goddess? A Goddess is a Muse who inspires you, shares tenderness,
refreshes you with her laughter and Heals your Wounded Warrior.
Let me be Your Muse in Chicago, Illinois! I provide intimate and Sacred Tantra healing from my cozy loft just 7 minutes away from our Beautiful Lake Michigan. I am a Native Chicagoan so I am always available to you if you wish to explore the city of Chicago together as part of our tantra ceremony together.
As a world traveler I have lived in Brazil, Jamaica, New Orleans, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia.
During my lifetime as a healer I have studied Tantra both here in the United States and in Europe. I personally recommend and prefer to create sacred space from my own cozy environment so I can burn sage and make use of hot stones and heated oils to enhance our time together. I do not offer out call services unless you are willing to compensate me for any fees I incur traveling to and from your condo or hotel space. I am always excited to work with my repeat guests in their hotel space but I do need enough lead time so I can prepare for the out call ahead of time so we are both refreshed!

One thing that is unique about me is my warm, inviting personality, my natural gifts of intuition and my heat infused Reiki hands. I also prepare my own unique aromatherapy blends and I saturate them with natural ingredients like coffee beans for example. I use my own organic oils, safe for your skin, completely healing and for a purpose. If you think you deserve this wonderful opportunity to heal and be pampered then enjoy an hour, a half day or a full day with me. Longer sessions receive VERY generous discounts as I prefer to see Quality and not Quantity. Prior to your first session with me I will require pre verification and a “get to know you” conversation on the phone. If we feel the energies are a good match I would love to be your tantra Guide and healer. The key ingredient is a good connection on the phone. I do not like to be contacted late at night at the very last minute. I prefer for new guests to call me early in the day and let me know how their day unfolds so I can create a magical experience with plenty of lead time.
My legal name is Diana and I have been offering healing ceremonies for over 16 years in Chicago, Boston, New York, California, Florida, Washington D.C., New Orleans and Atlanta, Georgia. I am very open with little to hide so please honor me with your real name when you contact me. I want you to feel comfortable sharing your goals with me on the phone so I can decide if we are good fit together.
As a certified Tantra Energy worker I come with over 16 years of experience working with men women and couples. I am very passionate about playing with sensual energy and making mind body and heart connections with my new guests and repeat visitors. I incorporate and blend energy work such as Usui Reiki, Chakra Cleansing, sound healing, polarity, lomi lomi strokes, cranial sacral, and tantra pranayama during my unique presentation of tantra yoga. Each session is uniquely yours and I encourage anyone new to tantra to set aside a full 90 minutes or 2 hours so that we can accomplish a complete journey of bliss for you to explore.

The following are two excerpts from my testimonials section

My session with Diana was a magical exploration of sensuality in a sacred environment. Why the word sacred? Well, I struggled with that word when I first saw it, not knowing exactly what it meant to me, until one day, weeks after my session with her, I finally understood it well enough for me: it was a sacred space because it was free of pressure and expectation that fill our everyday space. I did not have to worry about what was right and wrong, or what was fair, as if sensuality were a type of commerce between two people— a feeling, unfortunately, that I often have, and that has kept me entirely focused on pleasing my partners, without taking the time to experience pleasure for my own sake. I know so many men with the same story– the pressure to please, the pressure to perform, the expectations of a partner, a sense of curious shame at our own desires! I have truly met a Goddess.

For quite some time I had been doing my own research and investigation into yoga and the fine art of tantra. Still, I had no real idea of what I wanted or needed from my encounter with the Goddess Diana. I knew I wanted authenticity, and not merely “an escort with a bottle of massage oil.” What I received in our time together was so much more than I could have imagined.

Goddess Diana C.T.E. (Certified Tantra Educator) tantragoddessdiana@gmail.com 312-339-7707
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