My sessions will revitalize you, reawaken your consciousness, reintroduce you to your body and create passion in your body! Lack of passion and sensuality can hinder you from creation. In order to create we have to realize that our bodies are delicate and a lack of rest and play time leads to disease and numbness to life.

If you find yourself working 24/7 and following the same rituals on a daily basis you leave no room for personal growth and play. When was the last time you tried a brand new activity? Do you find yourself enjoying the same sensations, traveling the same circuits, enjoying only your favorite foods with no chance for variety?

Let’s work on shifting your energies this week! Join me by yourself ready to receive and heal. Let’s start out by joining hands and simply opening up your heart chakra using some sacred sounds and words. When we acknowledge our bodies in sound and sacred touch we open ourselves to change which leads to passion and fiery creations.

During our bathing ceremonies I will place a lot of attention on your heart chakra. I will apply gentle pressure on your breast bone and massage and pump your heart with oils and salt to cleanse and help renew your energies. The stomach is a place that is often affiliated with our creative potential and holds so much tension and stress. The term butterflies in one’s belly comes to mind when we think of our tummy folding into knots. The bathing ceremony is likened to returning to our time in the womb. My goal will be to create a sanctuary for you — a place where you can go deeper into repair and back into your cocoon. It is very similar to a rebirthing ceremony and I will hold your chakras in hold you in stillness in the water with me as I cleanse and bathe your chakras stimulating you with sound, salt and aromatherapy oils.

The second stage of healing will be the tantra chakra massage where again special deep tissue and trigger points will be released as your energy is allowed to flow. Sensual energy helps heal you. The sensual energies that are trapped in your second chakra will be explored, honored, released and healed and used as powerful medicine to open up all your other chakra bodies. You will feel intense vibrations or tingling as we have our tantra ceremony.

I love to use crystals, special chakra oils, sound, flute music and bathing rituals to enhance our sacred tantra ceremony. I hope to see you here here in New York ready for play, laughter, rebirth and genuine passion.

New York city has always been one of my favorite places to wander. Here you will find a variety of beautiful art and architecture, vivid beauty, tempting foods to eat, beautiful jewelry, street festivals, burlesque competitions and passionate artists. I always visit New York city during my birthday week and the moment I land I always feel at “home” here. But sometimes the stimulus here is overwhelming to our senses and that is where tantra yoga can play a significant role in rebuilding the fire and the passion within you. Take some time out for yourself this week. Work can wait. Your body can not wait. Join me here in New York city for a half day or a full day.

Goddess Diana