The following few paragraphs are for new clients who want to get the most out of their time with me prior to their first tantra ceremony.

First of all read my website if you haven’t already done so and if you are truly not someone who likes to read meet me for a coffee consultation soon.

My website is several pages long and provides you with testimonials, a services section, articles, my fees and a thorough description of what tantra is and what tantra massage will do for you and your health.

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy going through websites I will meet you before our session for a paid coffee consultation and answer your questions in person then use your payment towards a deposit for our future session.

In order for you to receive all the healing benefits of a tantra massage make sure you are well rested prior to your session.  I’d advise anyone to be well hydrated so avoid any beverages like coffee and alcohol that tend to rob your body of fluids.

You should drink enough water beforehand, during our session and after our session because I will be administering bodywork, reiki, traditional tantra yoga and chakra balancing on your physical body and you’re going to need to stay hydrated to release built up toxins after our time together.  You don’t want to wake up feeling sluggish the next day so drinking enough pure water will help your body push out those toxins so you are alive and clear headed the following morning rather than run down.  Trust me I’m going to be giving you a thorough massage as part of our tantra session and you need twice as much water as you normally drink.

Do you have special goals for our shared time together? If you do have secret goals that you wish to accomplish write those requests down and share them with me PRIOR to our session.  I’m not a mind reader and leaving your requests hidden from me will be frustrating for both of us.  I want to make sure we are on even footing beforehand so that you receive the session you have been aching for rather than being resentful towards me afterwards.

Book enough time with me the first time we work together so that you feel refreshed.  Make sure you see me for longer increments of time initially so you have a clear understanding and appreciation for tantra massage and breathing techniques.  There are so many beautiful changes that will happen in your body and I strongly recommend you not cheat yourself  so go in all the way and book 90 minutes to a half day of tantra massage because you will have absolutely no true concept of time.

Tantra yoga massage is a highly enjoyable out of your body experience that keeps you focused on the present.  You will experience tingling, deep relaxation and lightness so make sure you schedule enough time to let go and relax.  Spa retreats are full day journeys that will include pampering services like aromatherapy, tantra bath ceremonies, sound healing and Advanced tantra teachings for beginners and more experienced students of tantra.

I suggest you make sure you are well rested before our session and avoid anything chemical that overstimulates  you or has numbing effects on your physical body.   You should avoid all alcoholic beverages beforehand and simply be ready for a unique journey that you will definitely enjoy.   Get enough rest before we see eachother or if you love to exercise do a light workout prior to our session and get your blood flowing!

Try not to overthink before we meet.  Your session will empower you, refresh you, relax your muscles and give you new insight into bliss, self awareness, self confidence and bodily sensitivities.   I will keep you focused on the present and make sure you are relaxed and breathing deeply during moments of sacred touch.

Your tantra massage session will be flowy, organic and natural so your normal feelings of self consciousness will disappear under my tender and thoughtful touch. I’m highly intuitive and you will be able to let go of your thoughts and just be fully present in the moment and unaware of the passage of time.

Be prepared to receive pleasure because everything we do together will be based on your goals and boundaries and my intuitive knowledge of your body’s needs.  If you can afford to schedule a longer stretch of time do so without regret or hesitation because your body will thoroughly enjoy the sacred touch and the extra time will help you let go of all your blockages that keep you in a stuck place.

Tantra is about moving forward and feeling lighter.  Tantra helps you release negative energies and thought patterns that no longer serve you on your journey.  Tantra will jump start your new career path and help you through all life changing experiences.  Tantra massage will rejuvenate you and even help you focus more on your health especially if you are trying to lose weight or simply be healthier and kinder to your physical body.  Tantra yoga and tantra massage will keep you feeling positive and hopeful despite whatever negative experiences are currently holding you back.   Even if your love life is currently unsatisfying our shared tantra session will brighten your Aura and give you  renewed sense of hope because you will rediscover your potential for bliss.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you create a mind out of body experience that you will remember long after the conclusion of our ceremony no matter how long or short. FB_IMG_1563417179634