There’s nothing more satisfactory than meeting new tantra guests who are open to giving me a chance and an opportunity to work with them and introducing them to authentic tantra.

There are many tantra goddesses here in Chicago now all with different skill sets, techniques and unique gifts

Every Goddess has preferences including a special rapport with clients who are extremely receptive and responsive to energy work.

If you accidentally found this blog online please πŸ™ go directly to my main website it’s taken me years to perfect my craft and my techniques are always evolving to suit the needs of my clients.

Running a blog and a website brings me such pleasure and the reason why I continue to create fresh material πŸ™Œ for my readers is because I wish to attract the right guests who will appreciate my combination of tantra yoga, chakra balancing, trigger point massage, reiki, kundalini activation and aromatherapy.

New Testimonials also help me align myself to the best audience seeking a journey of the chakras. I always appreciate new Testimonials so if you’ve seen me in the past please consider sending me a couple of thoughtful πŸ’• paragraphs describing your experience and simply include how the energy made your body feel. I do reward guests with discounts towards a future session for well written reviews. Send one to my email πŸ“§ account and your confidentiality will be assured if you prefer to use an Alias instead of your legal name.

Here’s an example of a review that was recently sent to me this Sunday afternoon–>

My experience with goddess Diana was such a blissful experience! I was quite nervous in the beginning, even during booking the appointment. However, the anxiety lifted the minute we spoke on the phone. I felt like I had known her for years, and I’m very introverted so this was a big deal for me. She was extremely helpful in suggesting what sessions would be best for what I was looking for and made me feel more comfortable asking questions.

My actual session was just incredible! Although I did bring a bit of those nerves with me upon initially meeting her, she quickly dissolved them with a relaxing series of breathing and connection exercises. I learned how to remove those walls that I tend to naturally put up with in meeting new people and learned to simply just be! I felt so relaxed and relieved by the time our session ended, that I am already looking to book another session with my new Goddess!Β 

As you can see my client’s legal name hasn’t been revealed nor his email address. I would be so grateful if any of my old or new clients would take some time out to write ✍ me a testimonial so I can help people understand the value of alternative healing, breathwork and kundalini activation.