Unfortunately in my field I do attract potential clients who misrepresent who they are and what exactly they are seeking. A few of these clients have stolen my time and taken my money 💰 by issuing a charge back with their banking facilities.

I do need to warn #tantra healers in my industry to avoid these characters and so unfortunately I do need to publish the name of one such individual who took complete advantage of me and issued a charge back with his credit card company this afternoon.

His fake legal name is DaVinci Beltran (Musician Trey Sazon) from San Juan, Puerto 🇵🇷 Rico and he contacted me on December 9th seeking a session.

He currently is a musician who resides in Chicago, Illinois near Logan Square. His personal telephone number is [removed for legal reasons] for your reference. He spent a full hour with me on the phone and had an additional full hour of my undivided attention to ask and inquire about my ceremonies when he met with me in person.

I did not solicit him and he agreed to send me a deposit for a same day appointment. I even turned other people away because he made it clear to me that he was fully committed to a session.

Trey Sazon Musician

He came to my space promptly at 3:30 pm and spent another full hour chatting with me then decided against the session because he felt he was somehow betraying his girlfriend by seeing me for a tantra ceremony.

I explained to him that he spent two full hours of my time first over the phone and then here in person with me and that I needed a cancelation fee if he didn’t feel comfortable proceeding with an appointment.

He acted unstable like he was having a panic attack and agreed to pay me a small cancelation fee for canceling our session which barely covered the cost of the time he took from me and the fact that I declined another person who actually wanted to see me for a session.

Davinci Beltran (Trey Sazon) betrayed my trust by disputing the deposit fee he had given me with his bank. His number is [removed for legal reasons]. He is not listed on LinkedIn but you can find him on Google and Facebook under the name Trey Sazon.

When he met with me using his fake alias he stated that he’s in the music industry in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He lives in the city of Chicago now full time and if you look up his name online there is absolutely no job history but he’s most definitely a con artist and not someone you should trust. He acted very strangely in my presence like he was having or feigning a panic attack.

If you take DaVinci Beltran (Trey Sazon) as a new client there is a high chance he will attempt to steal time and your money back from you. I will enclose a screenshot of him here so other people in my field will be warned and advised against working with him.

He has no respect for women in my industry and is not to be trusted.

When I include the name of a former client here on my WordPress blog it’s because I definitely don’t want an individual to continue to take advantage of other women in my field.

It isn’t fair to charge back money from a provider especially if you’ve committed to a time and especially if you stole their time by asking questions. Regardless of whether you go through with a session a provider took time out of their day to accommodate your schedule and they turned other people away to see you!