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The journey of Tantra is What YOU yourself Create and Manifest ❤♡


It is a beautiful day here in Atlanta, Georgia and each day should be spent in reflection and lusciousness even if you do not particularly feel up for it. So the topic for today is Shared Bliss and Tantra Yoga in Atlanta. How can we better prepare ourselves to heal when we decide to set up sacred space or when we finally do decide to indulge in a private and sacred healing with a Tantra Yoga teacher? First of all you must realize you chose this time for your personal healing and you must be completely clear with your intentions and completely selfish.
When you do meet with your Tantra teacher in Atlanta or anywhere else in the world just realize your teacher is NOT a mind reader and this is your chance to express your secret goals and desires because this is called Shared Sacred Space. You are completely responsible for the outcome of the tantra session you have chosen. Will you choose to suffer in silence and not have your needs met or will you choose to be fully responsible for your own personal growth and let your teacher know exactly what it is is you wish to learn and experience as a new student to tantra yoga.
Please realize this is NOT the time to leave your cell phone on unless of course it is a major crisis. How can you be fully present and healed if you are constantly focused on something that is not within your control. The mere fact and action that you have actively decide to focus and concentrate on the moment should give you an indication that stresses and worldly cares should now be laid to rest for a rainy day and your focus should be on breathing, ejaculatory control and bliss interaction.
This is not a game and yes this is your time to finally have center stage and be pampered and made to feel special. If you have one or two or even three goals have you set aside that time properly or are you concerned about what is going to happen after your tantra ceremony.
If you can only think or worry about your responsibilities know that that is mind chatter and that is your indirect way of preventing yourself from exploring your bliss either out of guilt or out of a sense that you are not worthy of the pampering.
Please consider this Sacred Space a time of reflection and healing. You can worry about the dinner meeting after your Tantra Ceremony. You can contact your significant other after your ceremony and after you have had time to regenerate and heal your heart. Do not allow distractions to interfere from your personal ME time .
Every environment you enter is going to change dependent upon who you decide to see as a teacher. Is your teacher a visiting Goddess to your city? Will you be requiring your healer to travel to you to your appointed hotel space as a convenience? Have you both agreed as student and teacher what is safe and healthy for you to explore? When was the last time you actually received a Tantra yoga massage or healing?
Do not cheat yourself or your tantra teacher. Be fully present and let your concerns rest to the side for how many hours you have chose to set up sacred space. Sacred Space is an opportunity to grow. You use sacred space as Sacred magic and as a playful interchange that will affect your creative flow after your tantra session has been completed.
Are you open minded enough to realize that each teacher has a unique presentation of tantra yoga and you can learn and heal and be nurtured by varied styles? There are no accidents. Like energies attract like energies so just know what ever state of mind you are in and what ever physical blocks you are experiencing will be reflected in the teacher you choose and you become Sacred Healing mirrors to each other.
And on that note I truly wish you luck on your journey and I hope you celebrate the Full moon today in beauty ❀

Come visit me here in Atlanta Georgia or host me in your city today. I offer healing one on one for individuals seeking a vast change and improvement in their well being and I am also available for couples and intimate group workshops for a small gathering. Please never be offended if I ask you politely to verify who you are. There is a bridge of trust that we can get over together. Let me share your unique journey with you and be open about who you are, where you want to be and what your goals are. We share sacred space together we are both equally responsible as Tantra Healers and Tantra Shamans for the Co creation of Sacred Space.
Namaste.. and in complete non judgement let me open sacred Tantra yoga for you.
Goddess Diana
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Tantra Atlanta Chakra Sage Burning Rituals ❤


My favorite ceremony to begin setting up sacred space is the sage burning ritual. The sage burning ritual his its traditional roots based in Native American Indian tradition. I first became introduced to this cleansing ritual by a Reiki Healer in Chicago, Illinois. When I first lay on his table he began by using a huge, sage wand made of pure white sage and he lit it and waved the wand of sage all over my major chakra bodies.

I began to feel not only soothed and safe but deeply grounded. It was the most relaxing experience I had ever had in my life. I watched the swirls of blue smoke escalate around me, and the scent put me in a state of calm and deep trance.

He explained to me that the sage helps keep old negative energy I am holding onto away from our sacred time together. At the closure of his reiki session he again began to light the Sacred Sage wand and he traveled all over my auric field using the smoke to erase any excess energies from our time together. That was my first induction into the Native American Smudge ceremony and I have been using it on a daily basis to cleanse my Sacred Space before, during and after all of my Tantra Ceremonies in Atlanta and each city I decide to offer tantra.

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Before we consecrate our shared Sacred space I offer all my guests the opportunity to use my sage wand or bundle and practice cleansing all my chakra bodies.

In essence this is a shared ritual and we will both have the opportunity to work on each other’s auras using the Sage ritual so that once you are home with your partner you will fully grasp what we have shared together in my home.

Sage can come in three forms as follows: White sage, cedar and sweetgrass. I personally prefer the clean smell of white sage because it does not lead to headaches and it is the least strong odor of the three forms of sage. During our smudge burning ritual I will use a huge sage wand initially and during our time together to sweep off any excess nervous energy you no longer wish to carry on you.

The purpose of this burning ritual is to cleanse not only you but our shared energy, our shared space, and to purify my intentions as your healer. This is a shared shamanic journey, and as we work together with all your chakras in a sensual and healing journey, the smoke from the sage will make you feel safer and will help you let go of the chatter in your mind or any energies blocking you from feeling sensual pleasure during our tantra session.

At the closure of any of my tantra ceremonies I will sweep you again with the sage smoke spending time where I intuitively feel you need to ground your energies and let out excess anxieties that no longer serve you. Some people find that the sage can break them of “bad” habits or negative thoughts and you can always bless your home throughout the day using the techniques I teach you during our shared sacred time together….

Goddess Diana visits Manhattan New York Explore Kundalini with me this week!


She is our latent sexual power.
So where is the seat of sexual fulfillment? If we activate our sleeping serpent what do we gain? We gain so much more than just sexual arousal we gain empathy, we gain compassion, we are clear channels or vessels for energy to run through us. If our kundalini energy is somewhat esoteric for us to understand let me tell you a simple way to envision her.

Our chakras are full activated and aroused by intention, proper breathing techniques, hand placement and pulsation. The easiest ways for you to awaken any chakra in your body is simply to clench your muscles tightly in that one major chakra system of your auric body.

You can tighten and unclench your buttocks and your sphincter muscles for instance if you wish to open up your first chakra or base chakra. If you clearly envision flushing this part of your body with a rich red hue and breathe with the intention of sending forceful energy and healing into this area of your body then you have started to awaken your Root chakra. So what do we gain by awakening our root chakra in this fashion? We gain stamina with our sex partners, we gain greater body awareness, we learn to separate our second chakra from our first chakra and help heal and refreshen our energies that may have lay dormant with numbness and we create a passage way to receive healing and abundance. If we activate and focus on awakening our base chakra we become more secure in ourselves and our decision making.

Activation is not always a smooth road to clarity however. In fact you might have issues with rage, pain, spasms, muscles that can lock up because you have not used them in years and a myriad of other growing pains. All of these obstacles are clearly good signs you are headed towards greater awareness and fulfillment.

The tail bone is where our Kundalini Shakti resides and she can either be full awakened or dormant and inactive. A more sensitive person–for instance someone who understands the complexities of subtle energy will be someone who was born with a full activated Kundalini center and for them they have an easier time seeing auras and feeling the sensations of intense energy. A person born with a fully activated Kundalini Shakti may experience intense emotion and might need to set strong boundaries so they can separate their energies from being bombarded from the energies of those around them.

For others they have a much harder time understanding the complexities of energy. They might be puzzled and think a bit too much rather than feel with their heart. If you have patience though anyone can receive the gifts of a fully awakened Kundalini shakti.

Let’s make the complex simple here.
A shortcut to helping you awaken Kundalini shakti is the simple act of using one index finger and firmly pulse pulse pulse that tiny spot of energy on your lower tail bone. Just breathe fully into your kundalini shakti slowly and rhythmically until you feel like you are falling into a slow trance. Be patient. Keep up the pulsing for a full 45 minutes if you feel you need to. If you are patient with yourself you will gradually feel heat sensations automatically pulsing in this area as you are going through your daily routine activities. You might feel her awaken and pulsate as you go through states of lucid dreaming when you are resting in your bed.

The key to arousing our sleeping serpent is focused intention and concentrated effort. Be kind to yourself always honor yourself and don’t question whether your end result will end in outstanding sex. Your focus should be on healing and opening up any trauma your body might carry.

Another short cut to Kundalini awakening is partnering up with a professional or a dear friend and when you feel the need for touch have someone you trust practice connecting your kundalini pulse point with all your other chakra systems in your body. If feelings of sadness or anger should occur bless that anger or that humiliation but don’t take it on. Let the anger leave you. Allow the pain if any to go through its natural course. Be the vessel but don’t take on the pain and allow it to congeal. We release energies that we don’t need through the vocal chords or throat chakra so if you need to scream or chant as you let go of sexual energy then scream and tone. Sexual energy is always released out of our throat chakras and our crown chakras so let that suppressed energy travel out of your mouth by emitting sounds to what you are feeling. If you feel bliss let out the bliss. If you feel pain put a vocalization to that pain.

Never second guess yourself. All feelings are uniquely your own but it is your responsibility to honor your feelings and realize they are not bad or wrong they are proof that you have been sleeping and now you are on a journey of wakefulness.

Kundalini awakenings are the goals of any tantra union. Our goal is centered so much on pleasure or orgasm or hot and spicy sexual union. Our goal is self awareness and self preservation with the healthy delineation of boundaries. All energy that you feel whether or not it translates into bliss or pain should be blessed and honored. There are no expectations and this is no race or competition with yourself or others.

One goal is to remember we want our Kundalini energy to reach our 7th chakra or our Cranium. Our Kundalini Shakti is in our lower tail bone or just directly above the perineum. This means any blow or major injury we may have incurred here can affect our ability to enjoy full kundalini bliss. But injuries and traumas can be healed. We don’t have to remain in a state of misunderstanding, denial and pain. We have choices and opportunities to explore our bliss in a safe place. If we try to awaken our sleeping energy we might feel the temporary pleasure and affects of arousal and enlightenment but the results might be fleeting or temporary.

If we are more patient with ourselves and we meditate on the breath and focused intention we can gain a more permanent state of bliss and this is when the transformational powers of Kundalini Shakti come into play. If we are stable and the energy running through us is more constant we can gain deeper insight and make profound changes in our lifestyle with confidence. In other words we become more Conscious Beings. We are more insightful and free once we have a greater command of our Kundalini Shakti.

Kundalini Shakti must reach upwards to all the higher chakras in order to help you open up your potential to be receptive to love and being in a state of bliss. If you were to only focus on your sexual pleasures and not attempt to carry it upwards into your heart chakra with concentrated breathing then you would not achieve the profound result of greater self awareness and heightened sensitivities. If you are following your bliss time will be warped. Several hours will feel like minutes to you and you will be in a state of trance bliss.

Now one thing you have to understand is this. We are all human. We all make mistakes. We are emotional beings but we have the capability of leaving the mundane and being more sensitive by practicing the art of compassion and imagining that with each breath we take we are pulling the energies of our sleeping snake slowly up her long journey from the base of our spine up till she reaches the tops of our skulls. Once you envision her ascent you want to pull her out of your Crown chakra and see that energy leaving your skull. Don’t make things more complicated than they should be. The easiest meditations lead the highest results and the small efforts you make each day are far more effective than rushing and forcing this process before you physically capable of receiving her in full force. We awaken her ascent with intention, compassion and gentle touch. We are all capable of being fully aware of our energies but it takes time and practice. These should be your guidelines in your practice of Kundalini Shakti and awakening Consciousness is the main goal and union of Tantra Yoga ♥

So bring a little bit of Technicolor back into your life.
Explore your Bliss.
Explore your rage
Break free of your numbness but realize you are in control of your own energy and you are full responsible for your own evolution ♥ You have a lifetime to explore your bliss so don’t rush it but don’t ignore it…!Image