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Reiki and Tantra Yoga are closely aligned during breakthrough energetic healings

For those of you who have tried Reiki healing at least once in your life you might have instantly felt yourself feeling lighter, less worried and less concerned about any immediate worries you might have been carrying before your session.

Reiki sessions tend to make you feel more secure, more balanced, less panic stricken and calmer in general.  A good reiki healing might in fact speed up any recovery process in your body whether it be valid, physical injuries or trauma or emotional depression or angst.

Reiki has proven to be a very valid tool that we can use to help aide our physical bodies in any healing process because the reiki opens up all your chakra bodies and unifies your entire body so you feel safe inside.  You might have rested better than you have ever rested before or if you were tired and fatigued maybe the opposite occurred and you felt so energetic and hopeful you went home feeling a rush of energy and decided to keep active the whole night without sleep.

Reiki tends to be that energetic teddy bear that instantly brings you a sense of deep peacefulness so you feel less afraid and less alone.   Tantra yoga concentrates on using your sexual energy as a healing tonic, a vital and potent life force that can heal any trauma or wound so you can move forward with grace in your life instead of constantly looking back at your mistakes.

Any Good Tantra instructor will teach you the basics of learning how to be at peace with yourself and being in tune with your body as you breathe and focus on each of your chakra systems.  We do not selectively leave out any chakra and so in this aspect a tantra healing is more encompassing and holistic in nature than your traditional reiki healing because you are instructed on how to clench your sexual muscles with the breath and you are instructed to hold back on the pleasure and include your entire body in these waves of full body pleasure and orgasms.

You learn how to become orgasmic through the symbiosis of breath, intention, focus, visualization and muscle contraction. 

To me I refuse to simply offer tantra yoga without reiki because reiki is a gift of pure energy and warmth we can use to help create a feeling of trust and safety in your body.  I am not giving you my energy but I become a pure receptacle of healing by opening up my crown chakra and using my body as a vessel for you to receive and become cognizant of the pranic energy that comes from Source.  Universal energy or Chi is free for all of us to use so I love to infuse all my tantra yoga ceremonies with pure Usui Reiki so you can feel a better connection to your physical body and your spirit body.

The goal of tantra yoga essentially is to empower you and teach you to be more intuitive, more graceful in your own body and to learn how to create safe boundaries for yourself when you partner up with someone sexually.  I become your partner and your close friend who helps guide you and make you aware of your own power and sexual capacity.

Tantra is beautiful.  In essence tantra is the organic connection you feel with yourself and Source.  You become more open to receiving love as you become a more skilled receiver of touch.Image

Heart Chakra awakening Ceremony for those who need Love❤♡

Welcome to my newest ceremony. I am pleased to announce my excitement to awaken your dormant heart. It has been a harsh and long winter here in the city of Chicago and I moved back to my home town because despite the cold weather here I grew homesick for clients I missed and I just missed walking through my old neighborhoods and enjoying the food from own home town.

The Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra in (Sanskrit) is one of the most important chakras in our auric body. The meaning of Anahata is Un struck and she plays a melodic chord which is the complete opposite sound of chaos…she is peaceful and in her more relaxed and open state she sounds out a strong message of unconditional love and complete acceptance.

When we have an imbalance in our heart chakra due to physical diseases, disappointment in love or stress our heart chakra closes up on us and we find it hard to breathe properly. You might notice phantom aches or chronic pain when you try and breathe fully into your diaphragm. You might suffer from panic attacks which are caused from the constriction of your diaphragm from not breathing fully into your lungs.

If you find yourself slumping over constantly and caving in your chest that is a strong indication that you are protecting your heart chakra from being exposed to hurt but as you are protecting your heart center you are also unwittingly closing off your opportunities and making it less likely for you to heal or open up to a new love interest.

Yes there are times when you should protect your heart. You learn signals from others and you can create situations where you no longer allow just anyone to enter your sacred heart space. We need to understand however that we are beings who need and crave and deserve love. It’s natural for the Heart center to constantly open and close so that you can open up to positive energies that enhance your ability to heal and grow as a creative individual and you also shut off any unwelcoming or harsher energy that is not for your higher good.

If you suffer from an imbalance of the Anahata you will KNOW. You might experience tightness of breath, chronic and annoying pain in our rib cage or your upper back and a feeling of uneasiness like a panic attack.

During the Heart chakra ceremony I will guide you into taking deeper breaths and help you honor and heal old wounds and negative patterning or negative self messages that no longer serve you on your journey of self healing.

All my ceremonies are shared journeys that WE co create to establish a safe haven of your self healing. Boundaries are learned and you are always encouraged to express your fears and talk out any negative memories that became STUCK in your physical and Auric bodies.

We will engage in Reiki, pranayama breathing, tapping exercises, the conscious cuddle and intuitive hand placements to awaken and heal any rawness that prevents you from fully feeling joy and warmth in your heart center.

If you suffer from heart disease I would never advise you to give up any of your traditional medications but I might suggest you continue with our ceremonies to instill a sense of self awareness and mindfulness in all that you do so this becomes a daily practice you can use in addition to your traditional medicine. The Heart is a powerful muscle and she can heal with a little bit of positive love and coaxing from you.
I will teach you how to administer self reiki on yourself and how to create a space of growth and self healing after you have left my healing space.

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