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Let’s Define what Tantra truly is

#tantra is #yoga We include breathwork, energy work, #somaticrelease, emotional release, intentional touch, co creation of #sacredspace #soundhealing #chakrabalancing and techniques for expanding pleasure

People experience waves of bliss when #kundalini is activated

You will experience tingling, warmth ✨ vibrations It’s a perfect way to increase mental clarity & activate your 3rd eye #Ajna #pinealgland #reiki is included #chanting & #mantras all used to activate, awaken & heal the trauma stored within the cells of your body & reproductive organs

I’m a licensed and certified tantra educator and I’ve been active in my field for thirty years and still have a great passion for healing people 🙏 and co creation of sacred space despite all the challenges I’ve met in recent years. I even made myself fully available for old guests and new clients during the pandemic when other people in my industry chose to retire or go online instead of offering healing touch in person.

Being sensitive is part of living on this planet 🌏 🌍 🌎 Learn how to establish boundaries while have fun at the same time….
Being more open will definitely make you more vulnerable but you will be in alignment with who you truly are— not what people expect you to be….

I’ve always maintained positivity despite the hatred, bullying and cruelty from my peers. I could care less what others think of me or how they perceive me. I’ve stayed strong and grounded because I have an understanding of how energy works and how to create a sacred space within me.

If you feel drawn to my offerings please read through my website

Subscribe to my YouTube channel #Tantrabutterfly and enjoy some short videos I’ve created to help define what tantra is. Just keep in mind tantra is yoga and we must take time to breathe deeply during our time together ❤ to help enhance your body’s ability to process energy, pain and emotions.

Hope to see you soon

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Goddess Diana Tantra Butterfly 🦋

As we honor the Yoni we heal & love ourselves

Yoni what does this word invoke within you?

Yoni is directly affiliated with #GoddessShakti She is a #HinduGoddess she is the #divinefeminine she is the Womb and Birthplace & flower

#tantra invokes honoring the Divine essence within us all

We all have within us the God/Goddess spark of Consciousness

#Tantra is #yoga we practice tantra to honor the divinity within ourselves and others

if you can not honor the Divine force that exists within you; you will have trouble respecting the Divinity in others.  if you can’t respect and love yourself unconditionally you will not be able to consciously express love for another Being.

I have set up a code of Ethics for myself and others who come to see me for my #chicagotantra ceremonies.

You would be surprised at how many texts and calls I receive from prospective clients who refuse to honor my boundaries by fulfilling my Verification process.

I request a first and last legal name and deposit before we work together.  This is the bare minimum and should be easy and drama free

In order to be qualified for my Goddess worship ceremonies you should read 📚 up on Goddess energy first by purchasing reading material beforehand and understanding that healing the #Yoni is not for Entertainment purposes only or your Self Gratification

When new students are intrigued about Goddess healing they must understand that yoni healing involves mutual respect 🙏 and kindness…

I have sessions that are specifically geared towards male honoring and relaxation therapy to help align and empower the Divine Male Essence and I have Goddess Worship Ceremonies to help men honor and heal the beautiful Goddesses in their lives.

It bears repeating that Goddess worship is meant to help heal and release trauma found within the yoni.

We tend to store shame, pain, guilt and trauma within our genitalia, our pelvic cradle and our psoas muscles. Yoni and pelvic massages are used to help gently awaken the sacral chakra with kind, loving touch and positive intentions.

Yoni honoring or Goddess Worship is not meant to gratify your sexual desires. You are offering your goddess unconditional love and support while helping her release stored pain and trauma.

You are invited to visit my main website here

After reading my site send me an introductory email and tell me more about yourself and your interest in tantra.

Please include your legal name, profession and background if any in alternative healing 🙏