If you have not already engaged in your first tantra massage or sensual massage here in Chicago I would be honored to have you try your first session of sacred healing touch with me soon.  I have been a firm believer all my life that heart healing, nurturing touch and erotic massage is essential to help you feel more alive and creative.  I have lived in Chicago most of my life and I try to get at least one deep tissue massage a month for myself since I am doing physical work.  All forms of massage are good for your productivity and feeling of completeness.

My sensual massage and tantra massage sessions here in Chicago will include a thorough cleansing of all your CHAKRAS,  sound healing,  lomi lomi massage, deep tissue trigger point massage and Tantra Yoga.  Have you visited my site yet?  I specialize in erotic and sensual healing in Chicago and my primary site is http://www.tantrabutterfly.com .   I have articles on the subject of Tantra Yoga,  a page full of testimonials,  gallery photos I have taken since 2005 and videos you might find interesting.

My techniques in alternative healing is always evolving.  I never want all my sessions to be duplicates I want to get to know you and your unique journey before we even have our first session together so I always encourage new guests to fill out the contact form on the front page of my website http://www.tantrabutterfly.com.

I want to know what you are expecting from our first Tantra massage experience together and I want to know if you are passing by and are visiting Chicago or if you consider yourself a permanent resident.  I welcome all genders and I feel better having an in depth conversation with you over the phone so I can meet your goals.

Of course energy work is a form of healing personal trauma and I do have a lot of experience working with men or women who¬†have been victimized as children.¬† I suggest investing two to three hours of your time with me if you wish to try a traditional tantra ceremony with me here in Chicago because I’d love that extra time exploring who you are and it takes¬†a couple of hours for you to simply relax and let¬†go.

I¬†am a patient teacher but I do have my boundaries so before your initial contact with me email me here –> tantragoddessdiana@gmail.com or¬†here —–>¬† butterflyshadows@aol.com

Let me know your real name,¬† your occupation,¬† what drove you to my website,¬† what goals you wish to accomplish and your time constraints and budget.¬†¬† I am on linkedin, twitter, facebook and Google.¬† I have definitely been around for a long time and earned a Certificate from Source¬†School of Tantra up to Level III.¬†Even though I am a Certified tantra educator I have a long history of being a sensual muse since age 23 and I have never lost my enthusiasm for maintaining my healing practice.¬† I want to continue on this path until the day I retire and I’d love to be available as a personal tantra coach here in Chicago and other cities when I take my travels and tantra elsewhere.

I want everyone to try a sensual exploration at least once in their life and I will not limit you to just sensual touch I will expand your capacity to feel greater love for your own sensual power.  When two people are engaged in sacred touch or intimate healing there is a positive flow of energies that circulate from one being to the next.  Once you find your inner core and your own ability to heal your body you become a healing vessel for others to appreciate touch.

Come join me for Tantra Education and¬† Couples Tantra Coaching here in Chicago,¬† O’hare and Schaumburg, Illinois while I am still here.¬† We can plan a couple hours or a full day of sensual massage, erotic massage, tantra yoga and reiki that will leave you¬†feeling fed and nourished.

Do not forget to visit my website first  http://www.tantrabutterfly.com.  My tantra website has been written by me solely and it is an ever evolving process during my career as a healer.  I wish to attract thoughtful people with open hearts who just want to experience a profound change energetically.  Changes come slowly.  So many people think that just one session will determine how they view tantra.  It is not sound to put all your eggs in one basket.  If you are overweight and out of shape tantra is one way to rev up your metabolism and get your chakras in balance but tantra DOES NOT REPLACE exercise and sound eating and drinking choices.  One tantra session is a tool or a gateway for you reach inside of yourself and start moving forward in a positivedirection but you must also engage in daily breathing exercises by yourself and practice tantra massage with your friends or lovers or partner.  You should not just enjoy one tantra massage a year or keep jumping fromone person to the next.  If you really trust someone stick with that teacher and practice daily by yourself or with a partner.  If you expect one session to heal all your old wounds you will be grossly unhappy.

Always keep trying to work on yourself and expanding your energy in a positive direction.  We all regress and we all go through periods of self doubt or challenges.  Use your challenges to strengthen your character and explore new realms of healing.

Goddess Diana
Tantra Educator in Chicago and many other cities within the United States
Contact information

View my site first
Fill out my contact form and send me an email about yourself and your goals
Call me when you have decided on a session and if you have additional questions AFTER perusing my website carefully.
If you are a MARRIED COUPLE and you are indecisive I do offer phone consultations at $50 for an hour of my time over the phone or a meet and greet in person over coffee so you can take your time.  If you know you would love a session as a couple a deposit is a good way of securing the exact time and date of our first tantra session in Chicago.  All couples sessions will take place in YFB_IMG_1526324100371

OUR home, condo or hotel.

I hope I have answered all your questions and that you are encouraged to have a true tantra massage or sensual massage in Chicago with me soon!  Sensual touch and Tantra is NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY.  You will see a difference in your body.  You will have a glow.  You will react to the energies.  Your chakras will respond to sound, sight, smell and touch.  I use the highest grade of organic essential oils and you will feel completely different afterwards so drinking a lot of good water is strongly recommended after our session is over.  Your body will continue to process energies for days afterwards and you will need to drink more water than normal to flush out your body of toxins and lactic acid buildup.  You want to drink distilled or Spring water and no less than eight servings of water each day so you do not feel sluggish after our session is over.  You are fully responsible to take GOOD CARE OF YOUR BODY after we part ways.  Water is especially important after Reiki, Tantra Yoga and chakra balancing has taken place.

Goddess Diana of http://www.tantrabutterfly.com
Sensual Healer honoring Individuals seeking a Sensual and Sacred Journey and Couples who seek intimacy and understanding
Certified Therapist, Energy worker and Tantric Educator
A Specialist in Unconditional Love*

Journey with me
Cellular Contact : 312-339-7707

The following paragraph is a Disclaimer:

I DO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE as part of my Tantric practice with any of my students. I have a deep respect for other men and women in my field who do offer the full Kama Sutra experience; but I myself choose to remain celibate as a means of extending my own energy and integrity during each of my sessions. I practice a combination of toning exercises, deep breathing, eye/soul
gazing, and Tantra massage but I am not an “escort” service. I can create an ecstatic and harmonious experience for you during our shared time as we Co create Sacred Space but sexual intercourse is not included during our ceremonies.