Misconceptions about Tantra and Delightful side effects of the healing process of tantra massage ceremonies

Well I haven’t been inspired to post for a while because I ran out of ideas; but last Thursday I met a very lovely Indian Ceo who provided me with an exciting outlook on his experiences during our two hour tantra ceremony.

I’m a believer in the healing powers of sacred touch and I make the time to receive at least one type of bodywork per week just for myself and to heal my mind and decompress.

I have not been busy unfortunately since last Thursday because everyone calling me was either extremely rude, very shy or misunderstanding the purpose of tantra massage. I tend to turn people away who are not in alignment with alternative healing and tantra yoga. I’d rather work with new guests who would appreciate my offerings and enjoy subtle energy and bodywork.

Last Thursday was different though because I noticed my new client knew exactly what he wanted– an opportunity to let go and receive vital energy.

During our time together he told me he saw a black tree in his mind’s eye πŸ‘ and that beautiful colors of white, green, and purples were surrounding the 🌳 tree’s branches and flowers πŸ’ gathered everywhere. I let him go into great detail of everything he saw and felt. He shared that most of the energy was pulsating around his heart and torso during his kundalini Awakening.

He had no idea why all these colors were everywhere so I explained that when our chakras are aligned and activated you can actually see the colors affiliated with each major chakra body. Seeing the color green means your heart ❀ chakra is open; seeing white and purple πŸ’œ lights signifies your crown chakra and Ajna have been activated. Our crown chakra is our connection to our higher selves and pranic..energies such as Chi. When our crown chakra is activated we can see beautiful white and purple lights and have a stronger more vital connection to Source or God energies.

You see you simply can’t learn about tantra yoga by reading a book or scanning information on YouTube or online on Google. Tantra is a legitimate and viable form of yoga that heals parts of your Soul, aligns your energy bodies (chakras), speeds up your metabolism, detoxifies, and opens up your intuition (ajna).

My new client got up to use my restroom frequently during our time together too because all forms of massage and energywork encourages waste product to move out of your body. He said he felt lighter like he had lost weight which obviously is a positive side effect of tantra yoga and massage therapy.

Tantra isn’t just about receiving a sensual massage. Tantra isn’t a fluffy experience where I merely focus on your pleasure. My tantra sessions are a unique journey of the chakras where I implement sound healing, breathwork coaching and deep tissue massage on your tight muscles. You will definitely feel lighter, more grounded and centered. You will feel tingly and the world 🌎 around you will be more rich and colorful.

If you are seeking compassionate and nurturing touch please visit my main website first–>


Read my website and then simply call me directly 312 339 7707 or email πŸ“§ me for a faster response here



You don’t have to write me a novel in your email but do include your goals, your full legal name, your profession, social media about yourself online and how many hours you’re seeking. I’d love to work with you if you are trying to achieve full body kundalini Shakti. If you are extremely sensitive to energy you will appreciate my offerings.

Hope to see you soon in Chicago’s Gold Coast ✨

Goddess Diana

certified tantra educator

certified reiki master

certified massage therapist

Available for paid coffee β˜• consultations and phone consultations

Couples tantra is available and tiny workshops in groups of three couples are welcomed if interested 🌟

Testimonials make me feel fulfilled πŸ‰

There’s nothing more satisfactory than meeting new tantra guests who are open to giving me a chance and an opportunity to work with them and introducing them to authentic tantra.

There are many tantra goddesses here in Chicago now all with different skill sets, techniques and unique gifts

Every Goddess has preferences including a special rapport with clients who are extremely receptive and responsive to energy work.

If you accidentally found this blog online please πŸ™ go directly to my main website http://www.tantrabutterfly.com it’s taken me years to perfect my craft and my techniques are always evolving to suit the needs of my clients.

Running a blog and a website brings me such pleasure and the reason why I continue to create fresh material πŸ™Œ for my readers is because I wish to attract the right guests who will appreciate my combination of tantra yoga, chakra balancing, trigger point massage, reiki, kundalini activation and aromatherapy.

New Testimonials also help me align myself to the best audience seeking a journey of the chakras. I always appreciate new Testimonials so if you’ve seen me in the past please consider sending me a couple of thoughtful πŸ’• paragraphs describing your experience and simply include how the energy made your body feel. I do reward guests with discounts towards a future session for well written reviews. Send one to my email πŸ“§ account tantragoddessdiana@gmail.com and your confidentiality will be assured if you prefer to use an Alias instead of your legal name.

Here’s an example of a review that was recently sent to me this Sunday afternoon–>

My experience with goddess Diana was such a blissful experience! I was quite nervous in the beginning, even during booking the appointment. However, the anxiety lifted the minute we spoke on the phone. I felt like I had known her for years, and I’m very introverted so this was a big deal for me. She was extremely helpful in suggesting what sessions would be best for what I was looking for and made me feel more comfortable asking questions.

My actual session was just incredible! Although I did bring a bit of those nerves with me upon initially meeting her, she quickly dissolved them with a relaxing series of breathing and connection exercises. I learned how to remove those walls that I tend to naturally put up with in meeting new people and learned to simply just be! I felt so relaxed and relieved by the time our session ended, that I am already looking to book another session with my new Goddess!Β 

As you can see my client’s legal name hasn’t been revealed nor his email address. I would be so grateful if any of my old or new clients would take some time out to write ✍ me a testimonial so I can help people understand the value of alternative healing, breathwork and kundalini activation.

Don’t forget to Breathe!

It’s so easy for us to forget to breathe; and yet our central nervous system relies on proper oxygenation to keep us vibrant and in our best most optimal physical & mental health.

As we breathe deeply we send life affirming messages to ourselves that we are here for a purpose, we are worthy and we are deserving of love.

We don’t always receive love from others but we can give it to ourselves through the act of deep breathing.

As you fill your diaphragm with a focused breath, you send a positive affirmation that you are sacred, worthy and loved.Β  Keep remembering to do this daily and nightly as a means of maintaining a healthy central nervous and relaxing your muscles.

Shallow breathing leads to panic attacks and a slower more sluggish metabolism.

Can’t remember to breathe? Book me for a #reiki treatment or schedule a 90 minute #chicagotantra ceremony and breathwork coaching, chakra balancing and energywork is included within your #kundalini activation.

More information is found on my main website
and feel free to subscribe to my blog

312 339 7707
introduce yourself to me here:

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Book me for a paid phone consultation or coffee consultation if you’re shy and or just have tons of questions and goals.

sound healing and deep breathing exercises by Tantra Butterfly πŸ¦‹ in Chicago’s River North

Chicago tantra to soothe you during Mercury Retrograde May 10, 2022 πŸ§Ώ

Chicago tantra massage ceremonies by Tantra Butterfly πŸ¦‹ 

Chicago tantra massage ceremonies by Tantra Butterfly πŸ¦‹  with Tantra butterfly

Chicago tantra massage ceremonies by Tantra Butterfly πŸ¦‹

My unique tantra ceremonies are a landscape of  reiki, sound healing, breathing lessons, chanting, intuitive touch, aromatherapy, deep tissue trigger point massage and kundalini activation.

You will leave your tantra ceremony coming away with knowledge about your own body and how your chakras work. Your lips, fingers, toes  and skull will tingle with warmth and your heart ❀ will be more open and responsive.

Another wonderful benefit of tantra yoga is an increase in your self awareness and intuition.  Your crown chakra will be more receptive to Universal Chi giving you a feeling of reassurance and being less alone.  

As we breathe together and focus on increasing your sexual energy you will feel an expansion of your Auric field.  As your aura expands you will be more aligned with your purpose ✨ and more receptive to the opportunities around you to achieve your goals.

Your sexual energies will travel from the base of your spinal column all the way up your vertebrae to your stomach (solar plexus) and  heart chakra. As your kundalini is awakened you will feel a tingling sensation within your fingertips and toes all the way up to the top of your skull πŸ’€ (your crown chakra).

If you are unsure about which ceremony would suit your needs or you’re confused about my offerings please feel free to schedule a paid coffee β˜• consultation with me this month.  

All men, women and married couples are encouraged to schedule a multi hour journey of alternative healing, sound healing, therapeutic massage and authentic tantra yoga.

Call directly for additional information 312 339 7707

or introduce yourself via an introductory email πŸ“§ to Tantragoddessdiana@gmail.com 


Don’t be caught off guard during our upcoming Mercury Retrograde which starts tomorrow (March 10) and lasts till June! During Mercury Retrograde expect last minute travel snafus, arguments, breakups, miscommunications and internet issues to occur.

It’s so important you distance yourself from the “drama” by realizing you do not have control over all these challenges. You should focus on relaxation, being centered and engaging in peaceful communication. Whatever you do, don’t sign new leases or contracts during a Mercury in Retrograde. Be mindful with the words you use; whether it’s verbal or written communication.

Book me during this Mercury Retrograde for an adventure of alternative healing, chakra balancing and kundalini activation. Once your body is fully relaxed you will be fully able to conquer any challenges that get thrown your way. Just focus on self care ❀ and I promise you this Mercury Retrograde will be a breeze!

Chicago tantra in the Gold Coast by Tantra Butterfly πŸ¦‹

Support your local tantra Goddess in Chicago, Illinois

Maintaining a website is expensive and I’d love to receive monetary support in my efforts to add future photos πŸ“· and develop a more smartphone friendly site.

If you are a client of mine please consider writing ✍ me public 5 star 🌟 reviews on platforms such as Google, Alignable and LinkedIn. More people need to learn about the healing aspects of receiving energy work and authentic tantra massage here in Chicago, Illinois.

I’m a small independent female business owner and like all businesses I rely on positive reviews, word of mouth and the testimonials you write me.

Booking a session with me once a year is not enough to maintain the positive results you’re seeking especially if you’ve experienced a Kundalini Awakening and you are eager to continue onto a higher vibration.

If you aren’t quite sure you’re ready for tantra you are encouraged to book me for a paid phone or coffee consultation. You will be able to ask me questions and get to know me as a friend rather than a stranger online.

If you would like to sponsor the growth and expansion of my tantra practice and main site http://www.tantrabutterfly.com please send me an email to tantragoddessdiana@gmail.com or Butterflyshadows@aol.com and introduce yourself to me. Your donations and or loyalty keep me afloat during very challenging times.

I like to think of myself as a healer which is why I address myself as a “Goddess”. I started learning reiki at the age of 19 but I always had a strong connection to the paranormal ever since I was four years old. I’m extremely sensitive to energy which is the main and only reason I continue on the tantra path.

Sound healing, chanting, breathing, chakra balancing, reiki and intuitive touch β™₯ is so essential to experience a balanced Kundalini activation. People don’t realize tantra is a form of yoga and these sessions are enhanced when your tantra practitioner has a natural affinity for energywork and alternative healing.

If you wish to offer a donation or book a session please tell me more about yourself and why you are drawn to the art of tantra. Please be detailed with all your goals and include more about who you are and where you’d like to be. If you prefer to remain anonymous I am open to receiving your donation but in order to book a future tantra retreat or ceremony with me I will need your full legal name and social media links.

Hope to meet you soon and always keep your heart open to receiving energy. Once you ignore and neglect your needs your heart ❀ tends to shut down. Once your heart shuts down it leads to a chain reaction subsequently leading to disease, emotional distress and challenges with your prosperity. I chant mantras and listen to hertz frequencies daily and nightly. I make sure to include weekly bodywork as part of my routine so I never run on empty. I can’t be of service to others if I’m run down and on edge. Nurturing touch is vital to maintaining good health. Never short change yourself especially if you’re a caretaker.

Chicago Tantra Massage by Goddess Diana ✨

Chicago Tantra is a Portal for opportunities & healing πŸ™

My intention as your tantra muse is to keep you focused in the present and give you theΒ opportunity to experience all aspects of your nature not just a part of your persona. Tantra teaches you about stillness and connecting and listening to your body and its unique needs.

My personal responsibility is to take you to the edge and to challenge you and give you that unique opportunity to change so you can manifest greater joy in your life and not just daydreamΒ about it!

Imagine if you could step out of your normal zone of comfort and take this spiritual journey with me expanding your energy andΒ awareness so you can become moreΒ aware and awake.

I’m a master at teaching people how to open and awaken their untapped kundalini energies. I never make solid promises; but the majority of men and women who see me for an authentic tantra ceremony definitely feel intense heat and pulsing electricity running throughout their body after kundalini is released.

Other people might find it more challenging; but each person is unique and the physical body will always react to energy differently and only when it’s ready to receive kundalini.

I absolutely enjoy teaching new students of tantra how to properly breathe and receive nurturing touch. I’ve practiced reiki since the age of 19 and always use it to open my client’s chakra bodies so that sexual energies flow more easily.

Each chicago tantra ceremony of ninety minutes in length or longer will include layers of alternative healing, chakra balancing, sound healing, breathwork, trigger point massage, light sensual touch and kundalini massage.

Please visit my main website http://www.tantrabutterfly.com for a complete list of all my options. If you are shy or confused or simply wish to get to know me first before committing to a session then you may book a paid coffee β˜• consultation with me for $100 and use the fee as your deposit if you decide to see me within that same day or week towards your first Chicago tantra massage ceremony with me.

Men, women, gender fluid and all couples are encouraged to schedule tantra retreats or ceremonies with me for educational purposes, deep healing and nurturing touch.

chicago tantra ceremonies by Goddess Diana ✨

Please introduce yourself to me via email πŸ“§ Tantragoddessdiana@gmail.com


My mobile number is (312) 339-7707

When you are ready to schedule a ceremony with me please include your full legal name, profession, social media presence and let me know your goals and budget. If I think I can help you it would be my pleasure to introduce you to healing touch.

How to expedite the process of booking a #chicagotantra ceremony with me w/o Drama β€

So you’ve been viewing and visiting my website http://www.tantrabutterfly.com for quite some time now but you don’t know how to approach me and you’re not sure πŸ€” or clear about what you’re seeking. I get it; my website can be convoluted and I love to write ✍ in stream of consciousness because that’s how my mind works. Chances are you’re going to be drawn to my offerings if you love sound healing, breathwork, intuitive touch and energy work.

I’ve worked with scientists, atheists and agnostics and they leave my space feeling energy has definitely moved through out their entire body. Sometimes people tell me they see lights and colors ✨ have filled their mind’s eye.

I understand many people are wary of meeting up with a complete stranger and be in a vulnerable position of complete surrender and trust. Because some guests are reluctant I do offer in person coffee consultations for a nominal fee. You can take your time sharing your fears, goals and desires with me and hopefully warm up to the idea of eventually enjoying a personalized tantra session that will be focused on your goals.

People initially contact me directly over the phone (312) 339-7707 or by email πŸ“§ at Tantragoddessdiana@gmail.com. If you are going to call me I’d love to know how you found out about my tantra ceremonies. Perhaps you found me because we have a shared network of Facebook friends or LinkedIn acquaintances. Maybe you came across my youtube channel or Instagram account.

Make it easy for me by volunteering your name and how you came across my website. I’d actually prefer an email so you can open up a bit about yourself and share a couple of your goals, your budget and social media links so I get a chance to get to know you. The more you tell me about yourself the more I can be of help. If I feel I’m not the best person for your needs I will refer you directly to other people in my field who might be a better energy match for you.

If you’re genuinely not doing well financially put these healing services off till a rainy day. I can’t afford to offer extreme discounts during the pandemic. I have a lot of struggles myself so when your life is in a more stable place definitely reach out to me again!

If you love the thought of a full body Kundalini activation and you enjoy trying new things that will help you move energy and hopefully invoke a creative spark within you then definitely give my services a try.

If you book a session and I’ve turned other business opportunities away I will expect you to commit to your time with me. You can always change your mind and pay me a cancelation fee if you feel awkward. Bring cash πŸ’Έ with you for a cancelation fee and when you are in a better place emotionally you can book a future session without any judgment from me!

If you are genuinely conflicted about a journey of the chakras just book me for a phone consultation or coffee β˜• consultation.

I appreciate people who are open minded, honor energywork, genuinely want to heal and are excited to work with me. You don’t have to have any prior experience in tantra massage or tantra yoga. I teach beginning students of tantra as well as advanced guests who just want a tune up.

I always hope to attract the right people who value and respect women in my field. If we get along over the phone chances are good you will appreciate your time with me. If however you seem nervous I will feel these vibrations and decide against working with you. Don’t be upset if I turn you away over the phone. I’m extremely sensitive to voice vibrations and if I turn you away as a client it’s because I absolutely don’t feel we would match energetically. I don’t wish to turn away potential business opportunities; yet at the same time I don’t want you to be disappointed with our time together if we aren’t resonating.

Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel Tantra Butterfly. I upload bits and pieces of information on a weekly basis. Everything I share comes from my heart ❀ and my personal experiences. If you don’t resonate with me over YouTube you probably won’t like me in person because I’m extremely transparent and expect you to be honest with me when we meet for a tantra session.

Tantra is about co creation of sacred space. I need my clients to meet me in the middle ❀ and be open to sharing energy. Clear communication between the two of us will be extremely important and your complete trust will assure you the best experience ✨ that may potentially alter your reality and create a healing space for you to heal from trauma or just become more aware of your own untapped energies.

Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly πŸ¦‹

Clients you should avoid if you’re a certified tantra educator & healer

Unfortunately in my field I do attract potential clients who misrepresent who they are and what exactly they are seeking. A few of these clients have stolen my time and taken my money πŸ’° by issuing a charge back with their banking facilities.

I do need to warn #tantra healers in my industry to avoid these characters and so unfortunately I do need to publish the name of one such individual who took complete advantage of me and issued a charge back with his credit card company this afternoon.

His fake legal name is DaVinci Beltran (Musician Trey Sazon) from San Juan, Puerto πŸ‡΅πŸ‡· Rico and he contacted me on December 9th seeking a session.

He currently is a musician who resides in Chicago, Illinois near Logan Square. His personal telephone number is [removed for legal reasons] for your reference. He spent a full hour with me on the phone and had an additional full hour of my undivided attention to ask and inquire about my ceremonies when he met with me in person.

I did not solicit him and he agreed to send me a deposit for a same day appointment. I even turned other people away because he made it clear to me that he was fully committed to a session.

Trey Sazon Musician

He came to my space promptly at 3:30 pm and spent another full hour chatting with me then decided against the session because he felt he was somehow betraying his girlfriend by seeing me for a tantra ceremony.

I explained to him that he spent two full hours of my time first over the phone and then here in person with me and that I needed a cancelation fee if he didn’t feel comfortable proceeding with an appointment.

He acted unstable like he was having a panic attack and agreed to pay me a small cancelation fee for canceling our session which barely covered the cost of the time he took from me and the fact that I declined another person who actually wanted to see me for a session.

Davinci Beltran (Trey Sazon) betrayed my trust by disputing the deposit fee he had given me with his bank. His number is [removed for legal reasons]. He is not listed on LinkedIn but you can find him on Google and Facebook under the name Trey Sazon.

When he met with me using his fake alias he stated that he’s in the music industry in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He lives in the city of Chicago now full time and if you look up his name online there is absolutely no job history but he’s most definitely a con artist and not someone you should trust. He acted very strangely in my presence like he was having or feigning a panic attack.

If you take DaVinci Beltran (Trey Sazon) as a new client there is a high chance he will attempt to steal time and your money back from you. I will enclose a screenshot of him here so other people in my field will be warned and advised against working with him.

He has no respect for women in my industry and is not to be trusted.

When I include the name of a former client here on my WordPress blog it’s because I definitely don’t want an individual to continue to take advantage of other women in my field.

It isn’t fair to charge back money from a provider especially if you’ve committed to a time and especially if you stole their time by asking questions. Regardless of whether you go through with a session a provider took time out of their day to accommodate your schedule and they turned other people away to see you!

How to reap all the benefits of a healing tantra massage or reiki treatment β€

Welcome to my WordPress blog! If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel please search for Tantra Butterfly and enjoy the content.

I try my best to create informative and meaningful short videos regarding #tantra and alternative bodywork for my audience.

My intention is to introduce myself as sensitive being who loves the paranormal, alternative healing and chakra balancing and to hopefully make my new potential tantra guests more comfortable about meeting me for a session.

Receiving any type of massage can be a rewarding and transcendental journey so you may as well be informed on how to get the most out of your future #tantra ceremony or deep tissue massage.

My guidelines are extremely simple and if you heed my advice you will thoroughly enjoy your experience whether you book me for a tantra retreat or book another therapist for reiki and or energywork.

Rule number 1 is to completely avoid drugs πŸ’‰ and alcohol 🍸 prior to your massage.   These substances rob your body of minerals and water.  You want to be hydrated not dehydrated.

Drink large quantities of water πŸ’§ before, during and after your massage services are administered.

Make sure you’re well rested and take a relaxing shower a few hours before your massage not directly before your massage.

Be vocal to your therapist right before your session begins.  Let them know what type of pressure you prefer and any problem areas where you tend to carry the most stress in your body.

Let your therapist know if you’ve had any injuries and what part of your body you do not wish to be addressed.

If you are sensitive to certain types of oils and Aromatherapy scents please let your therapist know before you enter the treatment room.  If you tend to get migraines certain scents can aggravate your body further.

Give feedback during your massage.  If something feels wonderful πŸ‘ be sure to communicate this to your therapist and if anything is too rough or uncomfortable simply give your therapist that information so they can adjust the massage to your needs.

Be sure to drink copious amounts of water πŸ’§ after your massage because you want to get rid of all that lactic acid buildup and the water will flush it out of your system completely.

Please read my main website carefully prior to scheduling a session with me.


If my site confuses you you may schedule a paid coffee β˜• consultation or phone consultation with me and we can discuss your questions in person or via Skype.

You may introduce yourself to me via email πŸ“§
Please include your full legal name, your professional background, your social media presence, and the best number to reach you.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and feel free to make a donation to support my growing channel.

312 339 7707

Remember receiving a massage is an investment in your health. Receiving regular massages and reiki treatments boosts your natural immunity, reduces stress in your life and enhances your mood and sense of well being.

You can’t give of yourself if your own Vessel is empty. Caregivers like mental health professionals, medical doctors, teachers and parents will find value in any type of alternative healing service. Being touched is healthy for your outlook, your metabolism and your inherent ability to be creative and expressive.

Massage tips by Goddess Diana ✨ of Tantra Butterfly

Several reasons to schedule a Tantra ceremony β€

What would you think is the most popular question I’m asked by people who call me for the first time? It’s always a twofold question and the average person who found me randomly on the internet doesn’t even know what tantra is or why they should partake in on of my chicago tantra ceremonies.

I do have a beautiful website I started in 2005 so please go directly to my site here if you’d love to read articles I’ve written about tantra and a comprehensive description of all my services and alternative healing offerings. My website is http://www.tantrabutterfly.com and yes I realize there’s a ton of information to digest so if you are genuinely interested in scheduling a session with me but don’t know how to navigate my website you can always book a paid phone or coffee β˜• consultation with me. I promise once you meet me in person or chat with me over the phone you will gain a greater understanding of how my sessions will benefit you.

Now let’s go over the healing aspects of what I offer my clients. The main reason why anyone should book a tantra massage is to enjoy nurturing touch. Human contact is so important not only for your mental well being but to help your body heal from trauma and to get rid of all the tension and lactic acid build up from your physical grind and poor posture habits.

My tantra ceremonies are a landscape of reiki, sound healing, breathing lessons, chanting, intuitive touch, deep tissue trigger point massage and kundalini Awakening. You will leave coming away with knowledge about your own body and how your chakras work.

Another wonderful benefit of tantra yoga is an increase in your self awareness and intuition. As we breathe together and focus on increasing your sexual energy you will feel an expansion of your Auric field 🌟 and you will feel your sexual energies traveling up to your heart, your spinal column, your fingertips and toes and into your crown chakra at the top of your skull πŸ’€

You will feel tingling waves and a surge of energy which is freeing and electrifying all at once. I absolutely love helping people connect to their core and reach heights of Ecstasy and a sense of being above their own physical body.

Did you also know that tantra sessions can also speed up your metabolism? It’s definitely not uncommon for you to be extremely hungry after one of my ceremonies because we spent a lot of time expanding all your chakras and breathing deeply together. You will definitely have a work out and all the cells within your body will be vibrating and properly oxygenated.

Tantra is a form of yoga and you will feel grounded yet completely floaty afterwards as if you are walking on a completely new and different path. Your face will glow and years will come off your Aura!

I definitely hope that if you’re inspired to try one of my tantra retreats and private tantra ceremonies you will introduce yourself to me via email at Tantragoddessdiana@gmail.com and also call me directly at 312 339 7707.

I’m always excited to introduce new students to beginner’s tantra and couples are welcome too!

Goddess Diana of http://www.tantrabutterfly.com

Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly πŸ¦‹