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My Goddess Eyes a Key to Tantric Love Making by Goddess Diana ☉☀

The simplest thing you can do on your way to improving and enhancing your love making is to create
a safe Mirror and Haven for your lover to gaze into.
Have you ever stared into a newborn’s eyes? Have you ever watched the way an infant just beams and gushes over with complete glee and complete trust — no holding back —no posturing just complete infinite infantile joy at the very presence of you as you capture their interest.

This is how we were born and this is what we need to remember and emulate on our daily journey to becoming the infinite Healer and Boundless Tantric Lover.

Remember that Phrase “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”? Have you ever been in a room and locked eyes completely mesmerized with a complete stranger someone you think you might really get to know.
The eyes begin the flirtatious stage of play and getting to know you.

And if the Eyes are the Mirror of Our souls what greater and powerful magic can we manifest just by allowing ourselves to deeply lock our gaze without any inhibitions or sense of self consciousness.
What can we do for our lover when they feel unloved or confused? Have you ever seen a mother bending over her crying child and lifting his/her chin cupping it delicately in her hand and lifting the child’s face so they can have eye contact?

All we need to do is remember we are simple Beings. We need to be acknowledged for our gifts, our Power, our Beauty and our Divine Grace.

Are you afraid of looking directly into your lover’s eyes because you do not feel worthy of being loved? How often do you stare into your lover’s eyes and without looking at their style of dress or their disheveled hair or their wrinkles or freckles just stare without judgment and stare as if you had never gazed at anything so beautiful as those eyes before you.

When you find time this week just take time to sit across from your lover and do nothing but simple be in the moment taking this hour as a unique opportunity to open up that portal of unconditional love.
Hold hands and breathe in eachother’s divine Essence and gaze into their eyes as if you had never never encountered any art work more profound than the eyes you are blessed to gaze into.

If you can be in this moment of bliss together you are performing a ritual known as Tantric Love making. So many people overlook that the love begins in you and you have that power and ability to heal someone’s wounds just by acknowledging that Star Seed they carry and silently greeting them in a locked eye gaze as if to say “I see you God/Goddess I see the God/Goddess in you.

One thing that attracts me most are the eyes. Some women might say they are attracted to good hair or teeth or a strong, muscular and lean body build. For me it has always been and always shall be the eyes. The eyes hold mystery to me. The eyes are like balm to the Soul and the Eyes are a Dream Pool of fantasy and Reality as we can not hide who we truly are when we take time to “see” without boundaries and judgment.

Can you yourself stare into a Mirror and look upon yourself in awe? Can you see the Bright being you truly are and how very lucky you are to have the power of Manifestation and Beauty right before you? We are born with complete trust not tasting the bitter seed of prejudice, or mistrust or cruelty. We only learn this behavior as we age and as we grow in our environments. But children SEE through unclouded vision. They simply are Beings of light and the Beam that Miraculous light back to us as we can’t help but stare into their Open souls.

You can captivate an Audience through direct Eye contact. You can mesmerize the man/woman of your deepest desires when you let your barriers down and send them a pure and sincere gaze. You can tell the difference when someone is being themselves and at ease just by the way they lock eyes with you but you can also tell when someone is disinterested in you if they look away almost as if to say you are not worthy of their time.

Try this the next time you have an interest in someone. Just lock eyes with them not in a threatening or confrontational way but in a way that sends comfort and peace of mind.

We make love through the eyes. Be mindful of how you use your treasured Jewels today.

Goddess Diana of

What unfolds for you A DAY OF UNFOLDING BLISS ♧♣♡

What unfolds for you this Day of unending bliss
by Diana Moon Cycle on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 4:23pm

Can one practice tantric yoga alone? Can you find inner peace in your own solitude and just focus

solely on you to raise your own Kundalini energy and Awareness?

I have to say that I dabble between two worlds. I consider myself to be a very very private person. I treasure the company of other people in fact I allow myself to feed of the laughter of a crowd and any time I see a group of people smiling I definitely want to be a part of that Circle.

And then there are the Winter Times. I call this the Retreat Time and I go into my Cave and Hide for a while mulling over what could have been what Might have been What Shall I be? I have this urge to thing and these times are necessary and yes they can be healing. But if I find myself dipping into the Cave once too often I notice my energy changes and shifts into a potential not for Healing but for


At this point am I a healing Vessel unto myself or am I in danger of falling deeper into this state of dwelling and not accomplishing a Higher Vibration of Energy.

We can say We are are thoughts and we Manifest more of What we are but I do not like to call these shiftings of Energy something so simple when it is more complex than all that.

Being alone can be a healing tool. Our bodies and our minds need some private time so we can recapture and learn from our Experiences.

But in the end we need people and I always recommend everyone new to Tantric Yoga or any Energy Practice to have a partner because you can learn from that shift of back and forth energy and once you practice playing ENERGY BALL and throw the Energy Ball back and forth You can understand how to make an Energy Ball by yourself (if you have to).

There is nothing wrong with a party of one but We are not Islands we are Social Beings and The power of Manifestation is more Profound in groups of Two or more.

Playing with any type of Energy whether it be Sensual or Strictly Reiki or Internally Meditative is a Practice of Love and Makes you open your heart energy more and helps ground you. We can lose sight of the Play if we only Surround Ourselves with our Selves. It is not good to be too Selfish and horde all the energy for yourself. When we Circulate energy back and forth from our heart to our partner’s heart center We Create an Arena of Abundance and Yielding.

All our Chakras are in alignment with our partner’s Chakras and good or bad energy it is a flow and our body’s will intuitively know what is good food for our soul and what food might be a bit toxic. Our chakras are a Miraculous Power Center of Energy constantly spinning closed and spinning open in a state of Constant flow and flux.

Our Chakra Systems know how to balance themselves and they will close off for a while protecting their functions or they will open up more when the Energies are particularly Delicious to the Taste.

When you are with your Tantric Partner share in your Delicious Energy Meal and Vocalize in a loving way what you need more or less of .. this is Co Created Sacred Space and your Playground should be endless and not self limiting ❦♡❤

Tantric Yoga the Art of Loving Without Conditions… ❤☟♡

When was the last time you were satisfied deeply and profoundly satisfied with the person you see in the Mirror?

Yes we all have our flaws and some of these flaws can not be changed but we can change our outlook and feel a

deep deep compassion for the beauty and the gifts we do have.  In essence this is called Gratitude and in deep gratitude we can practice the Grace of Mindfulness for the Beauty of this world the Beauty of the Bodies we were given and the knowledge that our Beauty our soul is unique and we have no right to be jealous of what someone else has because we have our own unique grace and Karma to fulfill.

I woke up this morning eager to log onto my face book account only to find out that because I posted one nude photo of my body face book deactivated my account without any warning they just did.  I lost my beautiful short stories and my beautiful poetry including a number of people I have grown fond of.

Am I angry?  No but I am a bit miffed.  I will not look at this from a different perspective.

All the beauty that I did share was released into the Universe and all the stories and lines of poetry that was released and set free is somehow echoing and carries with it some of that strength I so deeply wanted to share with people who do not know me personally but

who I grew very very attached to.  Perhaps there is a message here.  Perhaps I was feeding the wrong plants and spending so much of my time on face book was an unhealthy activity so now my prime focus is steering me here onto this blog and making me realize the true ultimate connection can not be shared so much on the internet in a world of complete fantasy but should be shared with each beautiful being I have the good luck to meet on my

daily walks in the sun or my daily meditations.  Yes the internet is a source of connection but have you been neglecting the stranger on the sidewalk streets that do not know you personally but would love that chance to get to know your Unique Beauty.  We are all Unique we share our innate feeling of wanting to be admired and appreciated.

Tantric Yoga is an expression of Free Will to Co create with someone else and share their energy.  It is a Sacred and Treasured Dance of Co Divinity and we Salute the very essence

of our Higher Selves each time we see that Seed Star of divinity in someone else.  Yes I can walk around today muttering to myself about my huge loss but I think maybe in some way because I am a Student of Tantric Yoga and because I do teach of Unconditional love I would rather forgive myself for my mistake last night since I posted a nude picture of myself that I thought my face book friends would enjoy.


Yes this is sad but we are living in a strict age where we are always being monitored and some photos that I think are beautiful might be misconstrued for smut or filth or pornography but I have the good sense to know that my body is beautiful no matter what face book thinks no matter what others feel no matter what my relatives think of me I am a Healer I am a Shaman.  I believe in the Power of the work I do and I believe that in Unity we were created to be Beings of Light and Inspiration for each other and if this is the path I am destined to continue to follow then I must accept that my imperfections are the only means that will enable me to Shine on a Goddess.






See Beauty in Yourself first So you Can see Beauty in Others ☼☀☌☉

You know that saying? Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder? We can only see Beauty in others if we see Beauty in ourselves. When I dated certain men I like to call my Beloveds I know or knew something is SERIOUSLY WRONG with their egos or they upbringing if they become outraged and self conscious with my stares. If I am with my Beloved what an honor it is to gaze forever on their perfect face…. Yet I must be honest with you so many men I loved saw only their flaws and sometimes they would lash out at me and point out my flaws. Like isn’t it time my nails were done or maybe I should stop bleaching my hair so much or maybe my eyebrows should be darkened yet you can make all these steps to please someone else and they are still unhappy? Why are they so sad? Why are they so discontent with you? Because they can not see how Beautiful and unique and loved they are. and yes I had Sister Goddesses lash out at me with the same Story and the same Condemnation? Why Goddess Why is it you can not see the Goddess in yourself? I smile my Cat like smile and I do not care if someone wishes to diagnose me as being a huge NARCISSIST BECAUSE IF YOU DO NOT LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY IT IS SO HARD TO LOVE THE PERFECTION IN OTHERS AND YES I WANT TO SEE THE WORLD THROUGH FUZZY VISION IN FACT I WAS BORN WITH FUZZY VISION BECAUSE THE IMPORTANT THING IS OUR AURA AND YES WHEN I REMOVE MY READING GLASSES OR REMOVE MY CONTACTS ALL I CAN SEE IS THE PERFECTION AND THAT ANGELIC HALO AROUND OTHER BEINGS. So see only the beauty in yourself even if you have to remove your perfect vision do not focus on your freckles or your pimples or your frown lines or your tummy or your less than perfect profile. YOU are so beautiful you can only imagine what bright light is echoing to other stars sending and shooting an endless trail of blinding light. AND NO I DID NOT TAKE ANYTHING THIS MORNING TO SAY ALL THIS. I DRANK SOME WATER AND HAD A SLICE OF BREAD. see the beauty in yourself first AND THEN SIGH AND THINK HOW FREAKING LUCKY YOU ARE TO BE ON THIS PLANET AT THIS TIME WITH ALL YOUR SO CALLED WORRIES BECAUSE IT IS AN ILLUSION AND A HUGE PLAYGROUND OF TOYS AND BEAUTY AND OTHER BEINGS FOR YOU TO PLAY WITH … YOU HAVE ALL THE TOOLS TO COPE YOU HAVE EYES TO SEE EVEN EYES WITH POOR VISION SEE CLEARLY…have a beautiful wondrous day and MANIFEST BEAUTY!See More

The Throat Chakra Her function is to state boundaries in a Loving Way ☆★

The Throat Chakra… The bEaUtY of speech is you truly do not have to say anything to be heard but if you choose to use your throat today turn the speech into MaNtRa ♥ the Goddess of speech is Sakti. what motivates speech? Are you speaking because the silence makes you feel uncomfortable or are you speaking because you wish to draw attention to your Being and attract more energy to you? Someti…mes we are afraid listen and we chatter aimlessly because we are afraid of what we might hear or we might hear something that does not go along with our belief system. Therefore you must ask yourself why you choose to speak. Are you trying to justify your actions or are you trying to motivate or collect pity from others or are you trying to entertain others and make someone think or laugh and relate a story that binds both of you in shared laughter. When you choose to use your throat chakra are you speaking loudly or are you barely audible. Is your speech barely a whisper due to passive aggression or are you simply afraid of being heard and or offending someone and afraid that your speech will cause someone distress and they might not act kindly to you anymore if they heard you above a whisper. Sometimes I work on people and even though I am highly keen on healing them and guiding them I still need their input, their feedback their voice to guide me on their delicate energies so I know if I have to do less of something or more of something to activate or lower their energy and shift with their body in a loving way. You have a voice. Choose to use your voice to defend yourself and your boundaries. Choose to use your voice to soothe something or someone. Choose to share your anger and your outrage if you feel you are being violated and grossly misunderstood. Take time to silence your voice and gently withdraw your energy when it becomes time to listen. Your voice has power so use your intention to guide your speech and taste of all delicate meats raising the volume and amplifying the energy like toys in a playground ♥See More

The Shaman The Tantrica The Butterfly who Expands Consciousness in Others

Tantra Kundalini: Union of Shiva and Shakti

It is my personal understanding that Tantra is a weaving of male and female energy and the weaving is a natural act of nature that unifies our spiritual bodies and connects all of us in a common thread of cosmic consciousness. In Tantra there is no division or disconnection between you and me because we are all weaved from a common thread of a common loom and it is our natural inclination to have this desire to connect, exchange energy manifest our desires and create bonds both pleasurable and sometimes harmful based on our need to relate to others. My understanding is that energy is free to all and as a student in the art of both tantra and Reiki I understand my need to harness as much free, usable energy or Prana as I can consume so my power as a channelor or conductor of this energy is strong enough to sustain me and the person I am healing.

In essence we are all manifestors of energy and we are all playing a role in cosmic consciousness on a daily basis.   The Akasha for instance is considered the substance out of which we are formed.  Both the words Tantra and Akashi are sanskrit words and they coexist in their fundamental meanings in which both words involve a weaving similar to a tapestry and the weaving of spirit.  The Akasha was the first manifestation of the crystallization of spirit and it is highly sensitive to the slightest vibrations such as our collective thought forms.   It is indeed true what we feel can give birth to a living and breathing entity so be careful what you believe for your belief will have an effect on the delicate fibers of the Akasha or collective consciousness. I understand the importance of affirmation because of this; and I know if I send my body loving and healing messages my body will become the manifestation of “heaven on earth” but if I send disturbing messages I will indeed manifest “hell on earth”.

According to the study of Tantra there are two entities that have created our Universe.  One entity or God is known as Shiva and Shiva represents the male deity but Shiva is immovable and represents the unmanifested consciousness so Shiva can exist but can not manifest or change.   The other entity is Shakti the female Goddess and she is the Mother, the creator and the divine priestess.  It is from the Goddess that all things are formed and born, hence the term “yoni” means womb or birthplace and other translations of the term yoni is lotus flower and creation because the Hindus understand that without the Mother or the Shakti energy we could not be.  Tantra is therefore a religion based on the belief that the Goddess is the creator of all things and therefore celebrations or Pujas take place in these Ancient Rites celebrating the Goddess and the honoring of the yoni as a way of showing devotion to the Goddess.   The union of Shiva and Shakti gave form to this world and it is the beauty of this union which creates the potential for deeper understanding of our own male and female energies that are united in our own bodies.   Each of us inside is a manifestation of both male and female and it is this delicate interplay that balances our own ability to create and live a more powerful life if we learn to recycle and balance our own male and female energies within us.  In other words we are our own universe or power house of energy!

Shakti is called Kundalini and she is the Snake Goddess that resides at the base of our spinal column; a sleeping and coiled snake with the potential to awaken and release our latent abilities to realize our own God or Goddesshood.  When Kundalini energy is awakened by conscious meditation either through the practice of white kundalini yoga or conscious tantric sex we have the ability to become our own higher power and to get a true taste of the connection between our physical body and our spirit body.  We can see things more clearly, hear things more profoundly and it can be as subtle as a vibratory awareness of our own spirit body leaving our physical body or a buzzing or humming coming from our ear drums.  I have worked with a few gifted clients in my personal practice who have awakened these latent abilities either through a physical trauma or a personal crisis like the loss of a dear family member.  We can awaken Kundalini energy simply by grieving profoundly for a beloved because the intensity of the grief or the shock will awaken this sleeping goddess energy and create sensations in your body akin to a feeling that you are part of the ether or spirit world.  There will definitely be a feeling of greater closeness and this feeling that spirit and physical form intrude upon each other,

For example, two months prior to a great tragedy known simply as 9/11 where our country was bombarded by savage attacks and violence my body went through some very profound but unhealthy changes.  I had my Kundalini energy awakened at a very young age during a near life and death experience.  Since I was a child I could recollect spirit entities that took on the real physical form and it became a part of my own natural reality so I naturally assumed that all people could see these spirits or hear voices just as easily as I could.  As i got older of course I only see these images during times of extreme stress or extreme pleasure!  Nonetheless I have always had a hard time keeping focused because I can see the potential of positive and negative like two fishes swimming against the stream or away from the stream.  My body went through some powerful changes prior to 9/11 to the extent I could feel spirits touching me and my own aura or force field of protection around me became thinner and thinner to the point where there were holes like a piece of holey Swiss cheese forming in my esthetic field.  I no longer felt I had boundaries around me and so I could interact with these harmful entities and feel cold electrical feelings in my body that did not make me feel safe or loved.  I can tell you not all kundalini awakenings are pleasant in nature and some people might even be frightened into believing their own sense of reality is so skewed that they are indeed in need of anti psychotic medications.  Because I was blessed with my early kundalini awakening I can differentiate the belief systems I might have and know that a new golden door or pathway of ecstasy awaits me once I can calm down my mind or ego and just “experience” these delightful feelings or vibratory electrical impulses that can become triggered at random moments in my life.

I have a very fond memory in my life that I wish to share with you.  It is my first hand knowledge that when Shakti or Kundalini energy is awakened fully she will not only take you on a powerful bodily journey but she will become your own Divine priestess or personal Shaman.

When I was in my early twenties I decided to finally live on my own away from my parents and embark on the journey of finally becoming an “adult”.  I was fearful and excited but when I slept alone in my new bed in my beautiful new loft apartment in a section of Chicago known as River North I suddenly felt flooded with oppression and depression hit me in such a way that I lay down on my bed upon my back and with my eyes barely closed I silently wished I could just die.  I felt so powerless and alone in the world.  I didn’t have the inner faith that I could live without anyone supporting me and I didn’t know if I could earn enough money to support myself so I just lay there and sent a clear message to the Universe or God that I was tired and that I wished so deeply for someone to just take me physically out of my body and let me be at peace.   Before I closed my eyes fully all of a sudden my body became paralyzed and I was unable to open my eyes or close them completely.  My hands and arms felt like lead but I felt a surge of electricity both scaring me deeply and nurturing me as if I was a moth soon to become a butterfly.

I call myself a Dakini but can it also mean VAMPYRE?

HMMMMMM YOU SAY DAKINI but he says (vampire)? Yes I was told that women who heal others sacred sexual energy are to be called dakinis yet when I mentioned this to one of my Indian students he laughed at me and said that in HIS language and in his folklore Dakini means vampire. Yes he might be right. There are varied dialects in the Indian culture so why shall I argue with him. If he thinks that Dakini means vampire what is the essence or nature of a vampiress? Do we feed off the ether and pranic energy off the sexual energies conmingled during our shared sacred space? Or are Dakinis mistresses who are similar to ghouls as we prey and have a feeding frenzy getting drunk off the male or female energy of our pupils. Without me mentioning names of other Dakinis I once heard a tale from one of my “clients” and he said his last session with a Dakini made him feel as if she were stealing his energy. He grew weaker after their time together and felt as if he were in a trance and had no power. Hmmm I say. Was he tired or was he just pleasantly relaxed and more or less aware that time had passed in good company. Are there Dakinis or Dakas that have a keen interest in feeding off the energies of their partner and they do so for magical purposes. Well it’s all about intent I say. Where your intention is focused is part of the fun and play of alchemy. Someone I studied with a long time ago before I even know what tantric yoga was explained to me the power of energy and how I must use my kegels and support my kegels and think of an egg coming from my yoni so I can develop my female strength. He was someone I loved but he was 20 years older than me and he considered himself a mystic. He used the word adept to me frequently and said I am a natural and that I know how to use my energy naturally for what I wish. Throwing these terms into a different light shall we then say Daka and Dakinis know how to use the elements and play with air the ether and wood and metal and earth and space much like a magician would claim to harness these elements to set something or some cause in motion? I do know I have a tendency to dissuade certain beings from seeing me especially if they use a frilly word like ESCORT in reference to my healing work. I am not saying I ride above the mess of all this economy nonsense we are all coping with but I do say I syphon energy and I may purposefully not wish to taste of someone’s energies that are not like mine. Have you ever felt so uncomfortable being in someone’s aura only to find they are either your mirror reflecting things in yourself you would not wish to confront? Have you ever walked into someone’s aura and stepped back repulsed but you don’t really know why? So getting back to the theory that Dakinis and Dakas are just energy vampires . I have copied and pasted an article or brief passage regarding the term we use DAKINI from www.…. and I have copied this passage verbatim

(The Worldly Dakini


The enlightened dakini is the spiritual guide of the Buddhist but as we know, there are cultural and historic precedents. Dakini-s first became known to us as envoys of the Indian Goddess, Kali. As such they perform both divine and worldly tasks in often terrifyingly dreadful ways.


Willis found Martin Kalff’s “Dakinis in the Cakrasamvara Tradition,” (Tibetan Studies, M. Brauen and P. Kvaerne, eds. Zurich: 1978) in which he refers to the worldly, and also rakshasi or ghoul-like beings, as “pre-Buddhist.” These last were described in Eva Dargyay’s German dissertation on Mamo from which Kalff translates: “Some of them ride on birds and they scream. In their hands they hold the lion’s emblem of victory. Some of them have one body and ten faces. They eat intestines and hearts.”


The unenlightened dakini is termed “worldly” because she is trapped or caught in the cyclic existence that is samsara and like most beings, is subject to suffering, death and rebirth. Some words used to refer to the more frightening kind of dakin include sprite, witch, imp, and ghoul.


Also, as an unenlightened or worldly figure, she can be in thrall to a god or other being, and can act as a trickster, a messenger or guide, and especially a “psychopomp” — one who conducts the dead to the Underworld.


In that dismal form, the dakini is related to the valkyrie of Teutonic and Norse mythology. [Old Norse: falkyr] ~ maidens who carry heroes from the battlefield to Valhalla, abode of the gods. Richard Wagner composed a famous theme for their entrance in the opera known in German as Die Walkure which forms part of the 1852 cycle, The Ring of the Nibelungs. This well-known melody was used to herald the arrival of Sikorsky helicopters in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 film about the evils of war, Apocalypse Now. )


so there you go?! The more I read of the topic Dakini the more I realize that fables, mythology, Ideology and sacred Mystique play a key role in the allusion and illusion and elusiveness of our The gifts and alchemy of Dakini and Daka ♥