The title should be apparent that I prefer to offer my tantra massage services as an outcall therapist available to visit you in your home, Airbnb, and hotel.

Please take note that I am not a professional Courtesan nor am I a Nuru therapist or a GFE. If you are truly seeking the services of a Professional prostitute then you should definitely do a thorough search on the internet specifically for those key words.

I also offer half day and full day tantra spa journeys and retreats that I can set up for you anywhere in the city of Chicago with an advanced deposit from you to cover the cost of the spa space I pick out for our ceremony together.

If you choose to pick out the space ahead of time we can discuss all the details over the phone or in person over a paid coffee consultation.

There is absolutely nothing complicated about arranging a session.  If you already are visiting the city of Chicago you are encouraged and welcome to contact me the day of your arrival or a day before and I’ll visit you at your Airbnb, Corporate residence or hotel with everything needed to create a perfect tantra massage ceremony.

You can hire me multiple times during your visit or block out a specific portion of time with me and I’ll accommodate your free time. If you are a Chicago resident and already have a home base here in the city you can have me visit you in your private residence or we can book a special day together away from your home to keep your private address discrete.

I am focused on separating my private space from all tantra ceremonies.  If anything changes I’ll keep everyone informed.  For now I truly enjoy designing a cozy haven in your space or hotel so you can completely relax and enjoy all the positive energies we shared together and you don’t need to travel to another destination.

If you have the desire and budget for a half day or full day of tantra I can arrange a beautiful space with an advanced deposit and a firm date based on our availability.

The title of this article should make it clear that your session will be including a traditional massage, sensual touch, breathing coaching, edge play, mutual cuddling, aromatherapy and anything included on my website

I’d love to be given the honor and opportunity to be your future tantra guide and outcall massage therapist here in Chicago.

Tantra is extremely nurturing, nourishing, relaxing and invigorating.  Your needs will be met within the boundaries stipulated on my website.

Tantra promotes full body sensory awareness and a greater ability to be more psychically aware.  Tantra teaches you about setting healthy boundaries with yourself and your partner.  You can become more centered and communicative which will definitely help you attract healthier sexual partners and opportunities for self growth.

Chicago outcall tantra massage is ideal for everyone seeking a blissful escape from work.  So many of us become distracted or over stimulated during a work day.  Some people have such a difficult time letting go of their thoughts and worries.  Tantra and proper breath coaching helps you release all that background noise going on in your mind. I will keep you in the moment and help your body unwind.

For further information please introduce yourself to me via email or by phone.  You may also fill out the contact form on my website them call me directly at 312 339 7707

Please be aware you are always welcome to call me the day of a session if you already have a place for us to meet. FB_IMG_1567482489742