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Join Goddess Diana in New York July 23~>July 30th ❀ Tantra muse

My sessions will revitalize you, reawaken your consciousness, reintroduce you to your body and create passion in your body! Lack of passion and sensuality can hinder you from creation. In order to create we have to realize that our bodies are delicate and a lack of rest and play time leads to disease and numbness to life.

If you find yourself working 24/7 and following the same rituals on a daily basis you leave no room for personal growth and play. When was the last time you tried a brand new activity? Do you find yourself enjoying the same sensations, traveling the same circuits, enjoying only your favorite foods with no chance for variety?

Let’s work on shifting your energies this week! Join me by yourself ready to receive and heal. Let’s start out by joining hands and simply opening up your heart chakra using some sacred sounds and words. When we acknowledge our bodies in sound and sacred touch we open ourselves to change which leads to passion and fiery creations.

During our bathing ceremonies I will place a lot of attention on your heart chakra. I will apply gentle pressure on your breast bone and massage and pump your heart with oils and salt to cleanse and help renew your energies. The stomach is a place that is often affiliated with our creative potential and holds so much tension and stress. The term butterflies in one’s belly comes to mind when we think of our tummy folding into knots. The bathing ceremony is likened to returning to our time in the womb. My goal will be to create a sanctuary for you — a place where you can go deeper into repair and back into your cocoon. It is very similar to a rebirthing ceremony and I will hold your chakras in hold you in stillness in the water with me as I cleanse and bathe your chakras stimulating you with sound, salt and aromatherapy oils.

The second stage of healing will be the tantra chakra massage where again special deep tissue and trigger points will be released as your energy is allowed to flow. Sensual energy helps heal you. The sensual energies that are trapped in your second chakra will be explored, honored, released and healed and used as powerful medicine to open up all your other chakra bodies. You will feel intense vibrations or tingling as we have our tantra ceremony.

I love to use crystals, special chakra oils, sound, flute music and bathing rituals to enhance our sacred tantra ceremony. I hope to see you here here in New York ready for play, laughter, rebirth and genuine passion.

New York city has always been one of my favorite places to wander. Here you will find a variety of beautiful art and architecture, vivid beauty, tempting foods to eat, beautiful jewelry, street festivals, burlesque competitions and passionate artists. I always visit New York city during my birthday week and the moment I land I always feel at “home” here. But sometimes the stimulus here is overwhelming to our senses and that is where tantra yoga can play a significant role in rebuilding the fire and the passion within you. Take some time out for yourself this week. Work can wait. Your body can not wait. Join me here in New York city for a half day or a full day.

Goddess Diana

Opening up your heart wider to open up opportunities ♡

Sometimes opportunities are seconds away and we don’t even know it. You can find yourself in a long long line at the airport and accidentally meet up with important people that forever change your view point and if it had not been for those series of incidents that lead up to all those delays you might not have heard or received that important message.

Next time you find yourself with flight delays or missed schedules just be thankful and open your heart up even wider. If I find myself slumping too much I catch and correct my posture because by caving in my rib cage too much I am somehow without meaning to sending a signal to my heart to protect itself. I know it seems odd but sitting up straight instead of slumping is sending a very strong message out there to the Universe that you are available and free! If you send out a message that says your heart is cloaked and hidden you find lost chances, lost opportunities or cancelled chances.

If you still can’t fathom the idea of opening your heart go on a hunt and seek mission. Every so often I love to collect odd colored stones or stones that are unusually dark and shaped as massage tools. I find these stones on my walks and then cleanse them, bless them under moonlight and sun and they heat them and use them on my chakras. I align each stone with one of my chakras tuning into my body and placing the stones where they feel comfortable. The bastalt stones are good at trapping in heat for longer periods of time so try and find those that are black so the heated affect will last indefinitely. Get into this practice and force open your heart center with heat and pair it with heart opening music –music you feel harmonious with.

Also remember for every delay you receive your body is resonating to a certain pitch and you will attract situations that resonate with your sound. Do you feel elated? You will attract pure joyousness! Do you feel anxious or worried that you will not receive what you deserve? If you have a tendency to worry ask yourself are you happy with the work you do? If you are extremely passionate about your job ask yourself a different question. Are you bored living in the same city? Are you tired having the same daily ritual? Maybe switch it up a bit…wear your hair differently. Try a new way of dressing. Visit different food shops or join a club you really did not even know existed. As you change your environment your brain and heart is triggered and forced to open up to these new choices and new set of circumstances.

Goddess Diana

One of my passions in life as you can probably tell is writing. I have been writing fiction and non fiction since the age of three and I tend to write as a forceful way to open my heart wider. Find your passion and play a bit!

Here is another passion of mine–photography
and this photo is entitled “Curls”

by Diane Arbus—–

photo by Diane Arbus

photo by Diane Arbus

Learning when to cancel a session GRACEFULLY ❤

Blue Dog MishkaWell I really hate to cancel sessions especially if someone is new and they have not had a tantra healing in a very long time. I hate to say no and sometimes I realize all too late I am not a Super Power and my body has its limitations.
I accidentally missed a session because out of no where my monthly cycle hit me while in my sleep. I am one of those lucky few who have no signs or symptoms other than a voracious sweet tooth so since I never cramp or feel any discomfort I really can not plan on my cycle.
I went to bed pretty early with my phone right next to my pillow and slept through it ringing from 3 a.m. all the way up until noon. It was a fitful sleep and probably just what my body needed but I wish I had stayed awake long enough to cancel my upcoming session knowing my cycle had hit. I was abnormally tired and sleepy this weekend and I accidentally missed the chance to work because a new person wanted to see me but I never heard my phone ring!

I guess this taught me that I need to listen to my body’s cues better and the first indication of my moon cycle I need to postpone work because sometimes one’s body has plans of its own. I read somewhere that if you don’t plan enough private healing time your body will take a time out on its own and prevent you from moving forward. This was an example of one of those times where I had no control and was so sleepy I could not hear the phone on extra loud even though it was right near my ear.

I see some play time is needed and as a healer it is really hard to say no and not want to work especially when my work brings me so much personal joy and satisfaction. I guess I learned I have limits!

Happy July 4th to all of Chicago land ♡❤

Marilyn monroe 4th of july

Have you ever wanted to try something new but you told yourself NO? Have you been delaying your first Tantra journey because you feel out of sorts or out of shape or you have been running yourself ragged and are so exhausted the thought of doing something relaxing never even occurred to you?
Well I am guilty of those sins myself. I remember not wanting to hire any of my Reiki Usui masters for a healing simply because I felt like isolating myself. I was tired, cranky, depressed and just negative. I finally called one of my favorite healers and when he spent quality time with me to help open up my blocked chakras I told him the truth about not wanting to be TOUCHED by anyone because I felt so depressed and fatigued. He paused and giggled a bit and said “WELL that’s what I am here for!!! That is the time when you should be calling me–when you are NOT feeling well!”

Yeah shame on me. Sometimes I get caught up on healing others and my true delight is to work with a few people who have a deep desire to heal. I feel good about myself when I can put someone back into “the game” but for some reason I seem to ignore my own body’s needs.
Well this is a time for healing and July 4th tends to be a very joyous occasion for many but not necessarily a fun time for people who need to retreat or fade away because of all the fireworks and fan fare. How can you just hide away from the world when Kaboom noises are everywhere and almost every event you wish to attend is filled with lively people screaming and in long lines?

Save a little time for yourself if you have to. Designate just a bit of “me” time into the mix and I think you will be okay. If you are always in the company of others and you don’t have enough time to do just “be” you are going to be resentful so store away some of your energy and DO NOTHING or get a relaxing massage or spend some time in nature.

Everyone have a safe and soothing July 4th Weekend!!!
Love Goddess Diana of