Picture 5Happy Mercury retrograde 💓 I’ve always found this a challenging time personally in my career as a tantra guide because most of my days are spent communicating with the verbal and written word and Mercury retrograde can invoke miscommunication and even irritability.

I’m going to celebrate this retrograde by focusing on intentions and being more patient with people contacting me for the first time.  Be careful with how you phrase your words and my best advice is to be clearly honest before you speak or write to avoid arguments and confusion.

My sessions will benefit you in multiple ways but mostly you will leave my space being more open, more communicative, less inhibited and more empathic.  Empathy is the ability to place yourself deeply in someone’s situation.  You understand fully all the emotions of anyone whether they are content, confused, angry or despondent.  An empath can tune into the wavelength of a single individual or room full of people and feel that distinctive vibe as if it was their own emotion.

A natural born empath must be cautious not to confuse other people’s emotions as their own mood and so an empath is s psychic sponge able to soak up all the joy or drama of anyone they are close to.  Because of their strong intuitive nature’s they do need to protect their own aura by perfecting some grounding and self cleansing rituals so they won’t take on the psychic debris of people they have interacted with.

Tantra massage is an organic art and ritual which will include all the basics of helping you become more aware of your boundaries and better able to implement tools to keep your energy vibrant and cleansed.

Breathing deeply is the first step we engage in to activate our chakra centers.  I’ll change into your energy bodies and you’ll learn how to use seed sounds to cleanse, heal and activate your aura.  Each breath we take helps create a circular flow of positivity between the two of us and with just one session you’ll feel comfortable enough to share these breathing techniques with a good friend or your love partner so you can create a bond of understanding and trust with anyone you care about.

Many of my tantra massage sessions involve mutual cuddling and sacred touch.  As everyone knows human beings thrive on healing, compassionate touch and our moods improve as well as our  ability to learn about ourselves and others.  Touch is a gateway to understanding your limitlessness as well as your boundaries.  During our shared tantra ceremony you’ll be sharing your boundaries with me and we’ll be giving each other feedback on what feels comforting and loving or what feels threatening or unpleasant.  Your tantra massage is a time for you to grow but also a time for you to unplug and escape mundane concerns.

If you really wish to blow away your veil I’d suggest a three hour journey which includes a bath ceremony similar to watsu where I will be partially supporting your weight in the bouyant water and you will be guided in three dimensional breathing while I sing into your chakra bodies.  Your third eye or ajna in Sanskrit  will be gently coaxed into awakening.  Nothing will feel rushed to you as I chant into your body.  You’ll simply feel comforted and loved as your body vibrates to the bija mantra chants.  These are baby steps to awakening your intuition.  As your kundalini energy is coaxed into awakening your ability to see and feel emotions will increase your capacity to love without condition and potentially be more compassionate.

There is a difference between being empathic and having compassion for others.  Being compassionate involves actively seeking to create a better condition of mental well being for anyone who you see is suffering.  You are consciously activating your heart center and you are making a choice to help someone so you are using your gift of empathy but actively seeking to create a positive change in a being’s life.

When  you actively engage in energy exchanges you practice heart centered and mindful touch activating your heart chakra with the intention of sending unconditional love to your partner.  All your chakra centers are pleasantly engaged in compassionate touch and your intuition is at the forefront allowing you to take pleasure at the lightest of caresses to move the greatest energies.  You will learn the difference between subtle touch and baser more clumsy non sensate energies.


Visit my website http://www.tantrabutterfly.com for a complete understanding of what tantra massage and reiki can offer you!  You will have an opportunity to explore your aura and learn how to be an empath while exploring the sensual realms of kundalini Shakti 🐍 I can briefly summarize all your immediate benefits in my final paragraph.  Tantra enables you to be more present, more focused, more compassionate and more intuitive.  You will be both giver and receiver and you will be a student and teacher.  Your chakras will be cleansed, honored and rebirthed.  Your sense of inner calm will be restored as your core is centered and reawakened.  You will be calm but joyfully teased and aroused as we go from edge play to soothing breathing practices.  Your sensual energy will become your body’s restorative medicine and you will leave our shared space a completely different person.  It will be up to you to decide to practice this healing journey a little bit every day until our next session.  You will become more sensitive to your own energy as your intuition and empathy awakens within you.   You can return to being numb again or continue on this meditative path by joining tantra workshops or practicing with a partner.  Tantra yoga opens portals of pleasure, gratitude and self awareness.  We always attract exactly who we are as our mirrors so isn’t it wonderful to see through clear,  untainted glass?