What would you think is the most popular question I’m asked by people who call me for the first time? It’s always a twofold question and the average person who found me randomly on the internet doesn’t even know what tantra is or why they should partake in on of my chicago tantra ceremonies.

I do have a beautiful website I started in 2005 so please go directly to my site here if you’d love to read articles I’ve written about tantra and a comprehensive description of all my services and alternative healing offerings. My website is http://www.tantrabutterfly.com and yes I realize there’s a ton of information to digest so if you are genuinely interested in scheduling a session with me but don’t know how to navigate my website you can always book a paid phone or coffee ☕ consultation with me. I promise once you meet me in person or chat with me over the phone you will gain a greater understanding of how my sessions will benefit you.

Now let’s go over the healing aspects of what I offer my clients. The main reason why anyone should book a tantra massage is to enjoy nurturing touch. Human contact is so important not only for your mental well being but to help your body heal from trauma and to get rid of all the tension and lactic acid build up from your physical grind and poor posture habits.

My tantra ceremonies are a landscape of reiki, sound healing, breathing lessons, chanting, intuitive touch, deep tissue trigger point massage and kundalini Awakening. You will leave coming away with knowledge about your own body and how your chakras work.

Another wonderful benefit of tantra yoga is an increase in your self awareness and intuition. As we breathe together and focus on increasing your sexual energy you will feel an expansion of your Auric field 🌟 and you will feel your sexual energies traveling up to your heart, your spinal column, your fingertips and toes and into your crown chakra at the top of your skull 💀

You will feel tingling waves and a surge of energy which is freeing and electrifying all at once. I absolutely love helping people connect to their core and reach heights of Ecstasy and a sense of being above their own physical body.

Did you also know that tantra sessions can also speed up your metabolism? It’s definitely not uncommon for you to be extremely hungry after one of my ceremonies because we spent a lot of time expanding all your chakras and breathing deeply together. You will definitely have a work out and all the cells within your body will be vibrating and properly oxygenated.

Tantra is a form of yoga and you will feel grounded yet completely floaty afterwards as if you are walking on a completely new and different path. Your face will glow and years will come off your Aura!

I definitely hope that if you’re inspired to try one of my tantra retreats and private tantra ceremonies you will introduce yourself to me via email at Tantragoddessdiana@gmail.com and also call me directly at 312 339 7707.

I’m always excited to introduce new students to beginner’s tantra and couples are welcome too!

Goddess Diana of http://www.tantrabutterfly.com

Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly 🦋