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Tantra massage in Chicago

About Diana offull-image-for-tantra Tantra Butterfly

Many of my prospective clients ask me the all important question:

“What exactly is Tantra?”

My initial reaction is to pause and think to myself if I were a new student to this tantric path what would make me wish to continue or begin this new journey? If I were a new student to Tantra what would make me grasp this concept and take this belief system from its place in the esoteric realm to a more solid level of my own understanding? What would I gain in experiencing a tantric healing? Does Tantra simply mean sex? Will the study of this practice heal my old wounds or would it take me into a scary place I do not wish to explore? Of course all new students of Tantra may share these fears and some new students might even fear it will be a shallow or even disappointing experience. All these fears are valid and this is why I am now taking the time to explain a little bit about the word Tantra and what it is I do and the role I play as your tantric teacher and tantric healer.

The Word Tantra is taken from its ancient Sanskrit roots and simply means to weave and expand and just like the threads of a loom the threads join and intertwine with each other forming a beautiful and interconnected tapestry . The word Tantra in and of itself is a connective force just like the word “Akasha” which translated from Sanskrit means the collective primary substance out of which all things are formed. During the practice of Tantra we engage all our senses and acknowledge our unique male and female energies as complete halves of a whole. We acknowledge and honor ourselves as we acknowledge the Divinity in our tantric partners. During my tantric healings I focus on your needs and my goal is to keep you present in the moment with me as your shamanic guide. A true tantric is one who follows the path of simply “being”. So many times we are so lost in thoughts that we are not experiencing the moment. We dwell on the past which we can not change or we worry about the future which we do have the potential to change if we simply live for now in the present. Our future is affected by how we treat ourselves and others with the time we have NOW.

My intention as your tantric guide is to keep you focused in the present and give you the opportunity to experience all aspects of your nature not just a part of your persona. My personal responsibility is to take you to the edge and to challenge you and give you that unique opportunity to change so you can manifest greater joy in your life and not just daydream about it! Just imagine if you could step out of your normal zone of comfort and take this spiritual journey with me expanding your energy and awareness so you can become more aware and awake.

Do you have additional questions? Your questions can be answered if you directly follow the link to my website

My website is explicit and directly to the point. In the event you have issues understanding the tantra verbage then I advise you to schedule a one hour coffee consultation with me and your consultation fee acts as a deposit towards your future tantra massage here in Chicago.

Goddess Diana of http://www.tantrabutterfly

Tantra massage in Chicago is geared towards your specific goals.

Tantra massage in Chicago aides in your ability to stay focused in the moment and be fully present to receive healing energies.

Your chakras will be fully accessible and activated during our tantra ceremony here in Chicago.

Kindly read all the information on my tantra massage services here in Chicago or if you are already prepared for this healing journey and process call me directly at 312 339 7707 and let’s share positive energies.

I don’t like hypocrites don’t patronize me

Most people I meet here who are true native Chicagoans don’t make sense to me at all.

I’ll give you an example. I was at chiya chai in logan square over the weekend and this random female stranger with her friend knew my name and sat down beside me so excited because she said she’s a “HUGE fan of mine”.

She said she watched and appreciates my YouTube videos because she’s deeply interested in tantra.Yet when I asked if she personally subscribed to my channel she said No.
She is a licenced massage therapist who works In Chicago and said she sees me everywhere and she just invested $6000 of her money towards an online long distance course so she can be certified in sexual energy work.
She said part of the course required her to hire and receive sexual healing services from a trained professional yet she admitted she’s getting people she knows off the internet who aren’t truly trained but who are obviously excited about these studies so they are all working on eachother for free as trades yet not one of them is formally licensed yet.
She said she was THINKING of hiring me but she hasn’t supported my public Facebook pages nor has she subscribed to my channel nor has she called me to discuss the possibility of booking a session for herself. Oh and furthermore while she’s actively enjoyed my YouTube channel she hasn’t ever brought herself to actually hire me. Here’s the funny part though; she strongly suggested I contract her massage therapy services but isn’t that solicitation?  In other words I should hire her but I’m not professional enough according to her standards to be hired for my knowledge of traditional tantra massage and yoni healing.
She admitted to me her mother recently died leaving her with money and this woman is my age and definitely doesn’t take good care of her physical health because she definitely didn’t age well yet she’s deeply desirous of obtaining a degree long distance online yet not interested in hiring a trained professional to work on her– yet I’m supposed to believe SHE’S A FAN WHO ADMIRES ME!?

oh yeah so then she offered me a free passcode into her online course illegally so I could take the course instructions for free and cheat this school?!

I’ve learned a lot in my lifetime…mostly that my peers are hypocrites.

They claim to be admirous of the work I do yet they aren’t keen on hiring me, nor liking my Facebook pages, or referring me to friends or even subscribing to my channel. For some odd reason I’m viewed here as an oddity or a stigma.

I’ve nothing more to contribute today…

I’m tired of trying to understand what motivates people into deceiving themselves and others.

One thing I truly hate most though are liars and hypocrites.  If you can’t support fellow healers by OPENLY liking their public pages or YouTube channels then you’re not a TRUE FAN.  When you decide I’m simply not good enough to hire for private reiki or tantra healings then don’t profess to be my fan.

I hate lukewater people. You either decide to forge ahead with a session to give their services an honest try for yourself or you’re deceiving yourself.

Sex workers should support eachother.  I’ve been following my true passion for 25 years and if my own Native Chicagoans can’t fully honor my convictions and my skillset then don’t profess to be my fan or ally. You are neither.yQlt5q0FaVzNpY4iYTFzNqBJZy9