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Throat Chakra Clearings ~>Vishuddha<~ Tantra Butterfly clears her throat Chakra


  • It is YOUR responsibility not anyone else to hold sacred your truth and to clearly express yourself.
  • What exactly Would you like to share with others?  In a room full of vibrant people how do you make sure

that your needs are being met in a reasonable and sound way so that your unique voice can be heard in the din?

  • Well being a Leo I have absolutely no issues in sharing my beliefs or LOUDLY exclaiming my feelings no matter how loudly I must shout.  I call this my LEO primal scream. And Yes I have been known to scream if my needs are clearly being ignored.  We all have a right to clear our throat chakras and if someone is blatantly taking advantage of you either through the written word or through verbal abuse you have every right to heal that imbalance and set the karma in motion for a complete healing to manifest.
  • Some people are very very comfortable being in the spotlight.  They have no innate fear of being noticed or being heard.  Others are more hush hush and they will never dare to confront you (ever) yet the minute you have left the room they will of course share their meaty quips and slights against you with others.
  • And how does that behavior serve anyone?  The answer is that is SERVES NO ONE and it is not only completely selfish not to share your truths with others but silence cuts off all functions of the throat chakra and if you silence and shut down this chakra for too long not only will YOU NOT have your needs met but in time your body will indeed suffer from throat congestion and then of course this malfunction of the throat chakra will bleed into all the other chakra systems.

So how do I deal with inequality?  I share that inequality with as many people as I please because we are all affected by karma and a twisted lie here and there bleeds into many aspects of your life and livelihood.  Creating false information and slander about a person displays not only a strong lack of character but it is an unfair and inhumane way of creating chaos and an inequality that blocks love and blocks fairness.


So when I hear something incorrectly I ask someone I am listening to to please either speak up louder, explain what they are talking about or explain to me exactly where there are coming from because not everyone is gifted with words the first time around.  Clear communication sometimes takes skill and practice.  Clear and loving communication with the purpose of healing and not destroying is also challenging especially if we are annoyed with something or someone.  How can we enable our throat chakras to radiate light?  How can we heal a wrong?  It’s difficult when we know some that some diluted people go out of their way to deceive because they delight in cruelty so if it comes to defending yourself like a tiger then in my opinion there is nothing wrong with reestablishing the balancing point.

When you catch someone in the act of lying –do something about it immediately.  Question the person’s motives.  Could there be misinformation about a matter or is the person purposefully and willingly drawing attention to themselves by knocking down someone elses credibility?


Here is how I heal my throat chakra: I sing, I chant, I breathe, I rage, I scream bloody murder and I write.  Yes writing activates the throat chakra because writing is one of the deadliest weapons you can carry especially if you have a wide audience prepared to understand and prepared to re read and think for themselves.

I have my time for singing and chanting when I am in ceremony and I have my time for quiet reflection and writing when I have a seed of truth that needs to be shared and clearly expressed in a wider forum.  Information can be a dangerous thing when it is in the wrong hands.  Blindly believing everything we read is equally dangerous.  You need to engage all your senses as you read.  You need to tune into your own heart chakra and your own throat chakra and carefully listen to the words to see if this is YOUR truth or someone elses story or hysteria.

By all means speak up and clear the air.  Visualize clear white, bluish light enveloping your throat and beaming from the inside out until your throat becomes a neon sign pulsing out to the Universe.

Do not be greedy share your voice with others.  Share your burdens and concerns and questions in a clear, slow and definitive way.  Be an example to others as you share yourself in a calm, healing, refined manner.  If you are disappointed don’t pretend otherwise.  Your throat will only benefit as you share your truths.  In this way you are helping to Open up your throat chakra.  Once you are used to an open throat chakra (you might never want to go back)!  Be well ~~~> Express yourself with others and share the karma http://www.tantrabutterfly.comImageGoddess Diana

Clearing the Throat Chakra and Balancing Karmic Debt with Panache ♡♥

If someone helped or healed you in any way….Let that person know

If someone misunderstood you or did not communicate with you in a loving way LET THEM KNOW


Online fraud (pt. III) by Provider 310-310-4666 Alias formerly “Butterfly”

Well folks and this shall be the very last post I write on the matter of online predators and online fraud.

This woman who now calls herself “Stephanie” and at other times “Butterfly” and yet other times “Venus” now is advertising her services on   She continues to advertise on under the alias Butterfly and uses my website name in her account

Now I found her new advertisement on and I have copied and pasted her advertisement for all

to see since she is of course using all three aliases to confuse the public. 

Venus of Venice ~ Your Goddess of Love

Please Note: Now offering a 2-girl / tandem massage.
If you would like to see my girlfriend, please visit her TM page at

 Please Click On Images To Enlarge

“Women who practice this [Healing Tao] massage give something that cannot be gotten any other way. All it takes is a man to be with them one time to find this out.” ~Hsi Lai
Did you know that sensual massage is rejuvenating for the mind, body and soul? Taoist theories support this concept! Erotic energy is the core of our vitality. The Taoists called this Healing Tao Tantric Massage. However you call it or coin it, it is the best of both worlds: therapeutic massage skills & sensual touch.
I enjoy giving pleasure and I am passionate about giving a beautiful massage.
Relax, unwind, breathe… a delicious full body massage is waiting for you.
Only quality organic oils and hot stones used during each session.
I do not rush anything during your session— it is my pleasure to make you feel wonderful, refreshed, and peaceful. Trained and certified in the healing arts, I am well versed in shiatsu, Esalen, lomi-lomi, Swedish, and jade hot stone therapy. I use my intuition, warm hands and kind heart. I am also a reiki healer and energy worker. I have been interested in the Eastern arts and philosophy for most of my life, and practice yoga, tai chi, and qi gong.
When we meet, you will find me to be down-to-earth, warm, and sweet. Yes, I’m pretty and lovely to look at, but something deeper and unique may captivate you.
I hope to give you that escape you so deserve, so I welcome you into my art & massage studio located in the artsy area of Venice/Abbott Kinney. This is my private art studio as well. I am proud to say I have built a strong clientele base of people I love to have in my life— film/music industry creatives: TV editors, screenwriters, studio musicians, directors, producers as well as CEOs, lawyers, and your work-a-day types that need a moment of stress-free relaxation and pampering.
I also offer tandem “double goddess” sessions with my darling girlfriend Abbie. We are both very happy to work together! You will find us both to be caring and sweet ladies with a sensuality that makes a sublime experience. Treat yourself to a four-handed massage that cannot be anything but pure bliss!
I offer incall appointments Monday through Friday, 10am-4pm.
Later times can be arranged by request.
Venus (310) 310-4666

So now you can see for yourself how people can continuously full the general public.

When she first saw my website she set up a fake account on gmail names

and she used a contact name of Butterfly and a contact number of 310-310-4666

I contacted but they have ignored all my emails.  I even contacted her several times

but she has not issued me one sincere apology (as of yet).  I was contacted a month ago by a man that

needed me to use him for a reference and he told me this woman who calls herself “butterfly” and used

the gmail account used my website gallery photos and my website link and conned him into thinking he would be receiving a session from me. Since she likes to play con games I feel it is my obligation to alert the public of her various aliases so that anyone out there can make better choices.


Yours Truly,

Goddess Diana of

ImageNotice how we look nothing at all alike (not me and the kitten silly)


now posing as Venus at  Just be careful out there !!!!!

ONLINE FRAUD (PART II) (310)310-4666

I have contacted this woman two years ago when I first noticed her email account.  I confronted her

left her two messages both at her gmail account which is and on her listed phone number which is (310)310-4666.

Now what she offers and what I offer are oranges and apples but what she is is a common thief because she

has been caught using my pictures from my photo galleries and using my web address in the body of her email account that she set up with gmail shortly after my website address was well known.

I established in 2005 and shortly thereafter found my url address hooked up with escort centers in Shanghai and cheap imitation bracelets from a store online located in Florida.  Now this.

Now I have to google up her email account and find her links on

I have contacted at least six times within the past few months and have not received one single

email back.  Initially this odd ball woman who uses the name BUTTERFLY told me this was all a complete accident and she decided to stop advertising on because she knew that I was going to hold her fully responsible for fraudulent business practices.

All you have to do is google up her account that she set up and you will now find her review on TER:

Review Of Butterfly from Los Angeles | Phone: (310) 310-4666 Email: | TER ID: 137854. Website:,,,,,

Now why is this so harmful?  Well if someone out there is trying to get a hold of me they might make an innocent mistake and not check her references.  They will simply assume they are seeing me and not realize I am the owner of the site and simply assume she or I have a California number.

I have been contacted three years ago from someone who actually does live in California and he called me

Butterfly rather than Diana. I always use my real name and my real face is never blurred on any forum yet this imposter who scams people into thinking they are scheduling time with me is allowed to run this scam on and she blurs her face so that you don’t know who you are going to be seeing.

She has used my pictures from off my website and she has conned people into thinking we are the same person so I think it is my duty to protect myself online even though I have already been slandered and even though my site name has been used in numerous forums without my consent or permission.

Since the fake Butterfly continues to use my site in the body of her email account I shall continue to alert the public that they need to be watchful and aware of online fraud and scams.

Don’t always believe what you read on message boards blindly.  If someone claims to be someone else meet with them first and if they look nothing like the pictures on the site and if they are using other sites and embedding other people’s sites into the body of their email accounts be kind enough to report their accounts and or alert the person that they are stealing contents from. 

I advise everyone out there to defend their rights and be careful of online fraud!

Yours Truly

The one and only Tantra butterfly

Yes my real name is Diana not Butterfly 😉

Please call me on my real number I shall be delighted to assist you in your tantric Practice

or on your general road to bliss and healing


Please do not interact with this other person expecting it to be me You shall be sadly


Goddess Diana Image

Online fraud by email account

Dear Audience and fans of all things tantric and Yoga like.

I have been fighting an ongoing battle and not receiving results or any response whatsoever

with therefore I am reporting their website for fraud and for allowing a woman

or rather a PROVIDER who simply goes by the name BUTTERFLY for impersonating me and

purposefully and knowingly using my website as part of her email address at

I don’t know her legal name but if anyone wishes to do a private investigation on her account that

would be most helpful to me and my cause.  I copyrighted my site in 2005 and I painstakingly took over 3,000 hours of classes in traditional massage therapy  and alternative bodywork

so I could share my knowledge of Reiki and Tantric yoga with anyone that might be interested in sharing energy with me. Unfortunately I was contacted this summer by someone who “claimed” they had met me and needed a reference on so he could become a paid member.  I found out that he hired this woman who advertises on and calls herself Butterfly. 

She hides her face (for very obvious reasons) and now she hides her contact number that begins with area

code 310 for obvious reasons because she is  a fraud.  If you contact this woman whose address is you are supporting a woman who is not only deceiving the public but she steals

pictures from off my site and continues to use my website as a form of bait and switch.  If you know this woman personally tell her to cease and desist.  And if you are the owner of the email account consider this a warning and that I will take very measure I can to make you legally stop from perpetrating fraud online and using my pictures without my consent and without my permission

love bullet points. They are so captivating and to the… point. • So set up your delicious session already! Deliciously,. Butterfly Email:

You’ve visited this page 3 times. Last visit: 6/17/12
This is where you can find her threads on all you need to do is google her email account which is
She is an escort please do not confuse the two of us ever.
Thank you for your time and thank you for reading my blog today
Namaste Goddess Diana

Slander and Imposters online who CREATE ONLINE FRAUD ❤

Yes my lovely audience. I have been the object of online slander, online fraud and numerous sites that have added my website link and embedded my website into the bodies of their sites and email accounts knowingly.
We who serve the Goddess have often been the object of scandal, slander, and of course blind hatred. But would I do this work if it were easy? I love my work and therefore I am sharing the following story with all of you about a (lady) who calls herself Butterfly.
Since 2005 my site has been established to help enlighten, entertain and be a fount of learning for anyone that might consider the Tantric Path. I have never never purported myself to be a guru I simply share my love of play, healing, breathing and reiki with anyone out there who simply needs human contact and compassion in a sane and loving shared setting where healing might take place.
Unfortunately this woman used my site and embedded it into the body of her email. During my last visit to Chicago an anonymous person needed me as a reference on a site known as I had no clue who on earth he was and had no idea why he fabricated this lavish story about how he and I met at the Sybaris Hotel in Northbrook, Illinois so I was outraged and left him a voice mail. Apparently he was duped by this woman named Butterfly who used to advertise on It appears he responded to an ad she had posted online and when he asked her for a website she sent him a direct link to my website. She also has reviews on a site known as TER or The erotic review. Anyway she used pictures from my picture galleries and sent him an email with my pictures included in her contact with him portraying and impersonating me so he would hire her for a tantric ceremony. He told me he was quite surprised at her appearance and that her voice in no way shape or form matched my voice. She had a very unhealthy face and string, mousey brown hair. Now why should this concern me? Because this woman is knowingly using my pictures, my site and using my website name in the body of all her emails and she goes by the name Butterfly. She lives in Venice, California and she is continuing to perpetrate fraud online or a bait and switch game.
This harms my reputation (as if I have not already noticed) and it disappoints people out there who might genuinely need a tantric yoga healing. This woman offered this client a (QUICKIE) BY POOLSIDE at the hotel and he paid her a total of $800 for a few hours and decided not to engage her for the overnight stay. He was confused since she did not prepare a session for him nor did she bring any oils because she is simply an escort service not a certified tantra educator with any background in healing. I have copied and pasted her profile for the general public to view.
I will testify that the following information I am sharing with you is not fiction but fact. I have contacted this woman before but she will not return my calls so at this point I have decided to include her in my blog posting to warn the general public that she is a con artist.

You can find her on city and her email contact
address is

Kundalini Massage ❤ The Contract of Bliss and the Awakening of your Sensual Powers ❤

So many of us wander this world in a state of deep contentment and so other people need to be in control of their immediate surroundings so they can feel a sense of center and calm in their environs.  Some people walk around in a state of satiation never asking why and dealing with upheavals and chaos as they should arise.  Other people ask the question why and must know each and every detail of a future meeting or interaction before they carefully choose to deal with a situation or a person.  What path is for you?  How do you compose yourself when you are about to encounter a new friend or a brand new city you have to explore? 

When we explore the potential for our bliss we can do so with complete confidence that any new situation will ease us into spiritual awareness or we might feel very uneasy and doubtful.  We might turn away from some very unusual and wonderful opportunities based on our prejudices and preconceived notions.  Yes it is always best to follow your first impressions and to allow your inner voice to be your guide but don’t let yourself be paralyzed in fear or you can do more harm to your development than good.

Why are some people drawn to kundalini energies and others shy away from it?  Are our actions based on trauma from our childhood or a bad experience with one practitioner of alternative healing that lead us to a very scary path so we are not as trusting and open to receiving further instruction?

How is kundalini massage different from a traditional sports massage?  Both forms of massage are essential to our vitality and help open up gateways to bliss potential but what makes kundalini massage an opportunity to heal our festering wounds and traumas?

During a kundalini massage special care and attention is placed on all major energy centers of the body because let’s be honest here the physical ailments of our bodies are directly related to our energy blocks and if we focus on healing our body’s physical pains surely our frame of mind is affected in a positive way.  Not only will be more flexible but we will be more focused and centered in the now.  It is hard to function when you are crippled in pain.  Likewise it is hard to judge our world around us when we come from a place of mistrust, fear and paranoia. 

Yes we all gain life experience from the lessons we learn as developing beings but if we continue to remain in a state of deep fear and if we feel so numbed out that we no longer feel a sense of our own bodies then we run the risk of disease and failed health.  Our physical body is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves and so a kundalini massage focuses on sending positive messages and affirmations of power into all our major chakra centers.

A practitioner of Kundalini massage is not just concerned with your body’s physical pain they are concerned with teaching you about proper breathing techniques and empowering each major energy center in your body so you can continue to grow spiritually.  A Kundalini massage can include moments of stillness where hands are placed on one or two more chakra systems as a way of balancing out your yin and yang or your polarity points so you can feel a communication of vitality taking place between two or more of  your chakras.  Color therapy or meditation can be involved and pulsing exercises and toning and humming into the chakras can help awaken deadened power centers that need to be propelled back into a fully awakened state.

Kundalini massage is an organic healing modality that gradually and safely awakens you and provides you with a state of deep metal well being and balance so you can come up with your own answers and simply trust your own decisions rather than constantly seeking approval from others.

Now on a more playful note Kundalini Massage need not follow a strict pattern.  It took you many years to self medicate and numb out your senses so take your time experimenting with different sounds and various chords of music.  We as sentient beings create a comfortable sense of our own realities so we can “function” or dim out the lights a little bit lower so we are not overwhelming all our senses too quickly.  It is good to baby yourself in the very beginning and it is not uncommon to feel slightly nauseous, dizzy and or light headed with the new breathing techniques you learn.  If you have been used to breathing shallowly for several years and now you are practicing deep breathing techniques go easier on yourself and take breaks in between each Kundalini massage session.  Be light hearted and playful with your practitioner.  It is good to feel intensity and passion for your new bright beginnings but if you rush you might be inspired to give up altogether and your body might rebel against these new sensations and you might be physically ill.

Be patient with your body’s needs and practice the chakra exercises by yourself each day rather than saving it all for your practitioner.  You can see small improvements in your chakra bodies by stating positive affirmations into each chakra on a daily basis.  This takes practice and this takes time.  So many times we don’t even realize how many times we go through “negative self speech” and so the chakras can contract and shrink up when we feed our bodies so much negative chatter.  Be aware of what you are telling your body at all time.  No matter how much Kundalini massage or reiki you receive you must carefully observe throughout the day what you are feeling and what messages you are sending your body.


Kundalini massage is a gateway for simple ascension and self discovery.  Use your Kundalini energy wisely and respect your body as a temple by feeding your temple a positive loop of unconditional love daily!Image



Proper Etiquiette for Seekers of Tantric Yoga By Goddess ☃ Diana

I have never shared any personal information on here before regarding proper etiquette but I think it is very very important for everyone reading this blog to know exactly how it feels to be trusted fully and exactly how it feels to be treated with mistrust.
I am sharing a very personal experience I have had today and for the days leading up to this day (today is Sunday a rainy rain day here in Atlanta, Georgia). I am a very firm believer that we each have strong, magnetic energies that can either contract or expand if we are trusted fully and or if we are in a place of synchronicity.
We can not always be in tune all the time. Sometimes people or situations can rub off on us the wrong way. What irks me though is if I choose to spend a delicious hour of good conversations with a new student on the phone and either never hear from that person ever again or this individual continues to come from a place of shame or mistrust.
Once I invest my time in someone’s potential for growth, shared pleasured pleasure and or relaxation I feel I have expended enough energy and I have shared myself fully. If someone has my complete attention for a 45 minute conversation and we are both in a comfortable place and in synch then there should (hopefully) be no doubt that our shared ceremony will be one of mutual healing and knowledge.
I decided though today that even though one can share a good conversation with someone there is no guarantee that the trust has been fully developed.
After today I realized that fraudulent names without a last name to go with it and fraudulent google phone numbers will no longer be accepted by me under any circumstance. Normally I love to be trusting and open especially due to the fact that some people still see tantric yoga as a new arena and they are confusing my services for those offered by “escort related activities”. Let me unconfuse the general public.
First of all there are many women who are self taught dakinis. They are “naturals” and there is no reason why you should not trust these very capable dakinis of treating your energy with gentleness, refinement and generosity. There are also women who are well read and they feel very comfortable with the idea of creating a more Kama Sutra experience for their students and they are very generous (with their bodies) and their time and their healing capacities. Then of course there are a group of women who are skilled at teaching groups, couples and workshops but they felt the need to begin formal training in alternative healing and therefore they felt compelled to invest their precious time and their money into certification programs with trained professionals in a professional workshop setting. These women felt the desire and the extra need to have the paperwork and the training to back up their good work. Some of these women work with men and women one on one and others simply decided to become couples coaches and lead seminars.
Other women have no training or experience at all and you can tell based upon the session you receive that they had no deep desire to provide you with a healing but they are merely playing at being a Goddess and playing guessing games.
Yes some of my students call me and have had extensive training with highly skilled goddesses and others are calling me randomly from an internet search and hoping and praying they have found “the right one”.

So if you hoping to meet your idea goddess here are some tips that will surely make this happen. Remember a healer can only do their best work if you come from a place of deep trust and few expectations.
When you contact a Goddess for the first time please realize that if they do have a web site it is for your knowledge and no one likes to be asked simply questions that can be answered in full if you had only perused the site at least once carefully and thoughtfully. If you must ask a question of the Goddess ask a question about a bit of terminology you might be unfamiliar with. If you truly have no clue what tantric yoga is or can do for you there are so many basic books I always recommend but a great book you can start out with is called “Jewels in the Lotus”. This book contains simple breathing exercises and if you take a bit of time to practice some of these exercises you will be in a better place to receive a better session with your goddess.
Please call from a non restricted number. There is nothing worse than answering a call from a blocked number or from a google number. Is there a reason why you wish to remain anonymous? Are you ashamed of your need to contact a highly skilled goddess to help amplify your energy? If you are ashamed to address these needs in a mature and adult way then save this experience for a rainy day and call from a real number. I decided after today I no longer will accept google numbers. I am not a call girl. I am not a hooker. There is no shame in what I have to offer and If I am able and willing to share my time and energy with you and communicate to you from a real number then I expect the same of you and there should be equal trust.
I can only do my best work when you place faith in me and the work I do. I spent a full hour cumulatively getting to know someone yet when they met me outside today they had even more questions for me. Sorry that is not only insulting it is just plain creepy. I try and separate myself from creepy energy and if you are seeking a healing then your standards should be set high and mine should be set even higher.
Fake names are for cowards. Fake and fraudulent phone numbers are for people who play games not only with themselves but with others. They do not trust themselves therefore they do not trust a good experience from a bad experience and they are seeking to either manipulate or control another person or situation which is not an exchange of equality but an exchange that debases the potential for shared trust and equanimity.
When you choose a Goddess are you choosing a Goddess for their physical attributes only? Are you choosing the Goddess for “entertainment purposes only”? If you are there is no shame in that none at all; but be fair to the Goddess in question and let them know the following:
(this is just an example)
“I chose you Goddess _____ because I find you cosmetically beautiful and you arouse me! I love your beautiful outfits and I love all your photos. I hope you look exactly like your photos because that has always been a dream or a secret fetish of mine. I truly don’t care about your skills but what is most important to me is just being touched and in the same room with someone that looks exactly like you !!!”

Now you are being fair to YOUR needs and to the needs of your future Goddess. Some people enter the realm of tantra for all the wrong reasons and some people just want to be touched by a living, breathing, beautiful Goddess and truly there is nothing at all wrong with that goal for as long as you are honest to yourself and the future Goddess who will be holding sacred space for you.
Other seekers of tantra truly could care less what their Goddess looks like so long as she has had formal training and she is sincere in her interest to help heal any issues that might be blocking someone’s bliss potential. The potential for bliss is always there. As goddesses we can not always promise a good result immediately nor can we promise that you will click with us with just one session. Not everyone is meant for everyone. There is no harm in sampling different energies and different practices. There are many pathways to reach your bliss but only you know which path is easier for you to trust and understand.
What I will no longer tolerate in my own personal growth and spiritual path is dishonesty. In fact I realized that when one person hides just a small aspect of their personality or hides their real name there is always discordance and stumbling blocks to bliss.
If I could give anyone good advice it is to share your needs fully with your goddess from the very beginning. Not everyone makes a perfect match but this is your session and you deserve to receive the very best. If you hide your truest intentions and or lie on the phone then once you do meet your goddess you can not go back and correct mistakes or lack of communication. Be a clear communicator from the very beginning. Share what is most important to you from the very beginning and share your true age, your true name and your true number because these are simply building blocks to trust and you will have all your needs met without conflict or drama.
Namaste— Now go after your Bliss!!!!

Goddess Diana Tantra Butterfly