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I am a Purist when it comes to Tantra Yoga Massage and YOU should be too ❀✿

I am a Purist when it comes to Tantra Yoga Massage and YOU should be too ❀✿

Dear Audience I posted a brief essay about not mixing and matching too many other services when it comes to exploring tantra massage with your clients. These are my opinions and it does not mean I am RIGHT but this is what is right for me so I feel good about myself at the end of the day. I turned down quite a few people today because I never felt any kind of personal energy connection with anyone who called me all day long. I certainly do not like to turn away work but if I feel someone is misconstruing the work I do for BDSM or fetish play I really do not want to offer any sort of bait and switch. There are many people in my field who do not mind using the new term Dark Tantra. They might have a true excitement mixing elements of role play or BDSM during their sessions because they personally enjoy a bit of domination or kink or role play in their own sexual encounters. I can’t really stretch myself too thin these days. I focus on what I know best which is reiki, aromatherapy, whole leaf sage burning rituals and therapeutic touch. I only know what I love best and I would prefer to share myself authentically while creating sacred space. I don’t know if I can handle people anymore who expect me to “entertain” or tittilate them for an hour or so without all the true essences of real energy work. Here is what I wrote just a bit ago. I value everyone’s work and I am sure for as long as a healer or sex worker is sharing themselves it works for the higher good of others.

Tantra is not BDSM. Clearly people are misconstruing what the term Goddess means. I like to advertise on adult websites because at times I will attract the most heart conscious male. There are many people out there however who are incorporating role playing and light domination into their tantra practice and using the term DARK TANTRA to entice men into their tantra practice.
I am not one of those tantra practitioners that wishes to learn role play nor do I have any interest in commanding anyone into any sort of dark fetish play. I do not mind a bit of fantasy for as long as we are not in a traditional tantra setting but that would be a fantasy session and not a tantra healing. You either wish to take your practice seriously or you are going to confuse people into thinking there is a sub category of tantra yoga. There is no such thing as Dark tantra. You either decide you wish to try a true authentic tantra healing for your own healing purposes or you decide to hire a BDSM professional to explore your need for fetish and role play. I do not mind light spanking and tickling during a sensual massage experience but since my main focus these days is the exploration of the chakra bodies and incorporation of sexual energy to heal your body I have no true desire to spread myself too thin and please everyone.
I know there are some tantra goddesses who offer Dark tantra and they charge a bit more money for these sessions and use bondage as part of the fantasy twist but it should not be offered as Dark tantra in fact kindly leave out the word Tantra here because tantra is the weaving of sacred energy. True tantra does not involve “toys” or pain or fetish. True tantra is the purest form of white kundalini yoga and a true tantra yogi will teach you how to retain and recycle your sexual energy so that you can re use it for creative purposes. Kundalini yoga massage involves the practice of engaging your 6 senses and using your entire body as a sensual playground but for increasing your sexual stamina with your partner and opening up your body’s awareness for pleasure to take place and healing to begin. If you suffer from chronic pain for instance you can use different forms of energy work to alleviate your pain to some extent and you might be highly pleased to know that Tantra yoga massage is a very valid way to heal emotional trauma, PTSD, chemical imbalances and phobias. All our traumas are stored in our body as cellular memories. Cranial Sacral massage, polarity, Usui reiki, lomi lomi massage and tantra yoga massage all have key elements that help you unlock these stored memories and they help you slowly release the trauma safely if you are using these modalities in small doses or increments. If you are unsure about the validity of tantra yoga you might wish to try a 90 minute session for yourself with a teacher you trust or a good friend who already studied tantra yoga. Tantra massage helps relieve stress, body aches, emotional blocks and headaches. Western science and Eastern science combined together with nutritional awareness and exercises all work together. I don’t like to employ bondage or role play during my tantra ceremonies. This is not me. I prefer to work with men and women who seek valid change in their life. I feel that panic attacks can be cured through a good support system and through yoga. Initially new people might be very challenged when they first begin learning tantra because it involves proper breathing techniques and you might not know how to breathe properly and fully into your diaphragm but with practice you can learn how to enjoy your sensual pleasure zones and how to breath properly while you are experiencing heightened peaks of pleasure. The whole purpose of committing to and engaging in a sensual journey of awakening is to get you to a point of complete bliss and empowerment so why would you even want someone to confine you in rope or blindfold you? I am not condemning BDSM I am saying leave BDSM out of your tantra ceremony if that is something you wish to explore but don’t mesh the practice of true energy work with any form of fetish because fetish and role play doesn’t really have anything to do with breathing or chakra healing. They are two completely different arenas of play. One creates fear and tantra massage creates opportunities for real emotional support and growth…

A Tantra Muse is a healer primarily who wishes to explore sacred space with you ♡♥

A Tantra Muse is a healer primarily who wishes to explore sacred space with you ♡♥

What is a Goddess? A Goddess is a Muse who inspires you, shares tenderness,
refreshes you with her laughter and Heals your Wounded Warrior.
Let me be Your Muse in Chicago, Illinois! I provide intimate and Sacred Tantra healing from my cozy loft just 7 minutes away from our Beautiful Lake Michigan. I am a Native Chicagoan so I am always available to you if you wish to explore the city of Chicago together as part of our tantra ceremony together.
As a world traveler I have lived in Brazil, Jamaica, New Orleans, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia.
During my lifetime as a healer I have studied Tantra both here in the United States and in Europe. I personally recommend and prefer to create sacred space from my own cozy environment so I can burn sage and make use of hot stones and heated oils to enhance our time together. I do not offer out call services unless you are willing to compensate me for any fees I incur traveling to and from your condo or hotel space. I am always excited to work with my repeat guests in their hotel space but I do need enough lead time so I can prepare for the out call ahead of time so we are both refreshed!

One thing that is unique about me is my warm, inviting personality, my natural gifts of intuition and my heat infused Reiki hands. I also prepare my own unique aromatherapy blends and I saturate them with natural ingredients like coffee beans for example. I use my own organic oils, safe for your skin, completely healing and for a purpose. If you think you deserve this wonderful opportunity to heal and be pampered then enjoy an hour, a half day or a full day with me. Longer sessions receive VERY generous discounts as I prefer to see Quality and not Quantity. Prior to your first session with me I will require pre verification and a “get to know you” conversation on the phone. If we feel the energies are a good match I would love to be your tantra Guide and healer. The key ingredient is a good connection on the phone. I do not like to be contacted late at night at the very last minute. I prefer for new guests to call me early in the day and let me know how their day unfolds so I can create a magical experience with plenty of lead time.
My legal name is Diana and I have been offering healing ceremonies for over 16 years in Chicago, Boston, New York, California, Florida, Washington D.C., New Orleans and Atlanta, Georgia. I am very open with little to hide so please honor me with your real name when you contact me. I want you to feel comfortable sharing your goals with me on the phone so I can decide if we are good fit together.
As a certified Tantra Energy worker I come with over 16 years of experience working with men women and couples. I am very passionate about playing with sensual energy and making mind body and heart connections with my new guests and repeat visitors. I incorporate and blend energy work such as Usui Reiki, Chakra Cleansing, sound healing, polarity, lomi lomi strokes, cranial sacral, and tantra pranayama during my unique presentation of tantra yoga. Each session is uniquely yours and I encourage anyone new to tantra to set aside a full 90 minutes or 2 hours so that we can accomplish a complete journey of bliss for you to explore.

The following are two excerpts from my testimonials section

My session with Diana was a magical exploration of sensuality in a sacred environment. Why the word sacred? Well, I struggled with that word when I first saw it, not knowing exactly what it meant to me, until one day, weeks after my session with her, I finally understood it well enough for me: it was a sacred space because it was free of pressure and expectation that fill our everyday space. I did not have to worry about what was right and wrong, or what was fair, as if sensuality were a type of commerce between two people— a feeling, unfortunately, that I often have, and that has kept me entirely focused on pleasing my partners, without taking the time to experience pleasure for my own sake. I know so many men with the same story– the pressure to please, the pressure to perform, the expectations of a partner, a sense of curious shame at our own desires! I have truly met a Goddess.

For quite some time I had been doing my own research and investigation into yoga and the fine art of tantra. Still, I had no real idea of what I wanted or needed from my encounter with the Goddess Diana. I knew I wanted authenticity, and not merely “an escort with a bottle of massage oil.” What I received in our time together was so much more than I could have imagined.

Goddess Diana C.T.E. (Certified Tantra Educator) 312-339-7707 Read my testimonials~> Goddess Diana

How to prepare yourself before a Healing Tantra ceremony with your Goddess ❀❃

I decided to write this essay for you because so many people who have never enjoyed a tantra ceremony call me wondering how they should prepare for a session and what should they wear or bring.  You contacted me for a special reason and only YOU know what propelled you to initiate contact with me for your first tantra ceremony so I want YOU to benefit from our time together.

If you really want to learn the basics of tantra be honest with yourself and take some time to write down a few basic goals for yourself in a journal entry or an index card.  Be creative and be easy on yourself because if this your first time you might not have a clue what is involved in a beginner’s tantra ceremony so if you really want to experience a more complicated session such as my Goddess worship offerings then please schedule a two hour ceremony with me or longer because this is a more intricate session and if you are a beginner without a strong background or history of reiki, yoga and or energy healing you might feel out of your element learning about my energy if you don’t first understand about the intricacies of basic breathing exercises and how to touch with intention.

If you can devote a few hours with me for your first session that gives you a solid foundation for increasing your knowledge gradually and you can start out your own private daily practice by now purchasing a few basic books on tantra yoga because if you are investing money in yourself you may as well get better at understanding the fundamentals of tantra and healing your body or you are wasting your energy and your money is not being well spent.  Just because you decide you may wish to visit me once a year or once in a blue moon does not make you an “expert” on tantra yoga and you need to realize you have to be very patient with yourself to see and feel the benefits of full kundalini shakti massage.  These sessions are pure energy work and not for entertainment purposes only.  You might find with daily practice that you attract new business opportunities to you or you might feel more energetic or more sensitive and emotional to the needs of others around you. 

The day before your first tantra healing write down just  a handful of important goals you wish for us to share together.  Share these goals with me before our session so you feel like you are more in control of your session.  I want you to feel like you understand everything we are doing and why we are breathing together or why we need to look at each other from time to time.  This is a connective and nurturing ceremony and the exchange of energy should be done when both of us are feeling good and both of us are at our optimal peak performance for healing.

I strongly recommend you drink a full gallon of good quality water the day before our session and keep hydrated because tantra yoga and tantra massage is a way to release toxicity in your body and you will need a well hydrated body not a body diluted with toxins and or caffeine or alcoholic beverages.  Think pure distilled water and drink it up the day before our session and the morning of our session because you want your body to feel good not tired!  Don’t worry about taking trips to my bathroom you can interrupt our session as many times as you need to to detox your body of anything it no longer needs.  Many people either get thirsty or need to use the bathroom frequently during our session so naturally if you schedule me for 90 minutes or longer I will add on extra time to your session to accommodate your needs.  Please do not schedule something for yourself immediately after our tantra ceremony.  You may wish to leave a gap of time so that you not “on the clock”.  Naturally if you have a deadline or a business meeting I will end our ceremony on time according to your needs but if you know you have some leisure time all for yourself it is wiser not to book something close to our session just so you can enjoy the energy we shared together and enjoy the “buzz” of kundalini shakti!

I love to use pure, aromatic essential oils like lime, tea tree oil, lavender and grapefruit so if you know you have allergies you must share your allergies with me.  Just because something is organic does not mean it is good for your skin if you suffer from certain sensitivities so share those sensitivities with me before our session even begins.  Try and dress casually to our session and bring a pair of spare clothes if you wish.  You are welcome to use my private shower if you need to get rid of any excess oils or scents prior to your return to work.  I do not mind your need to “wash off” after our session. 

So there you have it.  Eat well or try to eat healthy the day before our session eating foods that have a high nutritional benefit to you and that are high in water content.  Drink a lot of healthy fresh vegetable juices and or a gallon of distilled water so you feel “fresher” and more alert for our session.  Dress casually and bring a set of fresh work clothes with you if you are returning to work after our time together.  Most of all see me as your friend.  I want you to really get the most out of our shared time together.  If there are special requests you have of me or parts of your body you do not wish to be explored please tell me that before we even begin our ceremony.  Some people do not like to have their feet touched or their scalp massaged or their ears touched.  Share all that information about you before we begin.  I want you to feel nurtured and I want you to receive exactly what you wanted to learn but I can not read your mind so vocalize your needs to me before and during our shared tantra ceremony!

Most of all thank you for entrusting me with your energy.  I  want this to be a special experience for you so be sure to focus on exactly what it is you want to happen during our ceremony and if it is something I offer on my list of ceremonial offerings I will be delighted to share those goals with you!


Goddess Diana



Heart Chakra ceremonies and Heart Cocoa times in Boston, MA

Heart Chakra ceremonies and Heart Cocoa times in Boston, MA

Well it’s time for me to take a tour of Boston, Ma because I am long long overdue for a Tantra regrouping not just for myself but to get a bit of love and positive energy going and nurture my soul.
I just returned to the city of Chicago in late November and I established my tantra yoga practice in the West Loop making myself available for workshop opportunities, private reiki healings, one on one tantra yoga and aromatherapy healings. I chose to stay grounded here for the sake of my dog and I wanted her to feel safe here and not kennel her away.

Now I am ready for a bit of play time and I am preparing myself to set up sacred journeys, sacred sensual healing touch and couples massage training in Boston and Cambridge Massachusetts. I love being by the Ocean and I love working with all the wonderful and exciting people that travel through Boston on their daily ritual to go to work. It’s good to have passion in life and it’s good to meet new people so I try and travel to a brand new city each month but this time I have been landlocked in the city of Chicago determined to meet with my old students from the past and develop new relationships with visitors to the city of Chicago.
I do not work with everyone who contacts me but I make myself available to a handful of wonderful new students and repeat guests who really treasure the opportunity to learn tantra yoga and or be touched by a Goddess of tantra yoga.
I feel it’s very important for you to feel safe and comfortable with me and if I feel that you are too nervous to meet with me I gracefully decide that the time is not meant for you to try tantra with me but the time might be perfect for you to reassess and decide what you truly want from life and whether or not you can handle the energies of a true tantra kundalini awakening.
Tantra yoga should be peaceful not jarring to your energies. You can’t rush progess you just simply breathe deeply during a tantra session with the intentions of receiving free, vital energies or Chi life force from the Universe. It’s best to trust your tantra goddess completely. If you are nervous you block the natural interaction and flow and you are not allowing your body to receive the touch.
When you are calm and centered and nurtured energies just flow better during your tantra ceremony and your chakras naturally realign by themselves just like a natural spinal adjustment.
When you have had a good tantra ceremony you can see colors more vibrantly and your outlook on life is more positive and flowering for you.
During all of my longer tantra ceremonies which last between two hours to a full day there is going to be a lot of positive flow between both of us because a strong sense of bonding and trust will be developing.

Here is an example of what a full day with me might be like. I tend to love spontaneity more so than a planned out day that does not allow for creativity. We might start our day together inside and breathe together just stare into our eyes and connect without saying a word. Sometimes it’s best not to say anything and sometimes complete stillness and quietness will allow for complete healing to take place in your body.
We then might take a food break and explore outside of our sacred space because sometimes you just need to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective just to give yourself a chance to regroup and relax.
Breathing, tantra massage and connection exercises expend quite a bit of focus so it’s good to just unwind over a small salad or nibble on a bit of fruit.
I am going to be makings myself available to newbies, experienced tantra enthusiasts, same sex couples, traditional marriage partners and of course anyone coming by themselves for the first time with an open outlook and an open heart ready to receive this unique Tantra Kundalini activation ceremony.
so please have an open mind and an open heart
if you wish try my newest and latest ceremony the Heart chakra ceremony where the focus is opening the sacred space of your heart with intention, breath, reiki and loving care. Let me be your Tantra muse either in Chicago or Boston. I will travel anywhere with sponsorship.
My visiting dates for Boston will be this coming Sunday June 8 until June 15th so please try to empty your calendar and meet me in Boston next week!
Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly