Hello! My name is Diana Lynn Grossman , shapeshifter 🐼 playful muse   reiki master, and psychic, alternative healer for over twenty five years and proud to be a part of the sexual industry.

I have a sweet tooth, adore my cuddly pets, am playful, and strongly passionate about working with a select few of incredibly sensitive and consciously aware individuals who accidentally find my website http://www.tantrabutterfly.com while seeking a tantra massage in Chicago!

Lately the government has passed a new law which has shut down many adult oriented websites such as Backpage, the massage sections of Craigslist, cityvibe, foxylist, the erotic reviw in the united states and many others I may have left out.

This new law will criminalize any adult message board forum or certain adult content advertising portals and hold them legally responsible for sex trafficking!

I am strongly against sex trafficking but now sex workers have lost a viable and safe option for advertising their services online indefinitely unless you the general public decide to get involved and pass laws decriminalizing sex related fields and finding new healthier options to keep escorts and sex workers educated, safe, regulated and legalized.

I propose any woman or man who is truly excited to teach sexual education or offer healing massages or escort services be screened for mental and physical health including a criminal background check to see if they are emotionally prepared to create sacred space for their potential clients.

Potential clients will also be pre screened by the government prior to a sensual encounter and they will also go through the same rigorous testing to make sure they are disease free and of sound mind before being eligible to hire a sex worker.

My proposal will benefit everyone creating mutual rules, boundaries and self respect.  Sex workers will be regulated and licensed with free health insurance benefits and increases in salary based on their client’s feedback and positive reviews.

Clients who act harmfully or disrespectfully towards any escort or sex surrogate will be penalized and subject to counseling until they are deemed harmless to any sex worker they choose to employ.


Sex workers must take classes in alternative healing, abnormal pychology, classes in tantra yoga and traditional massage therapy modalities.  Sex workers will take new classes every  year and earn more money based on their increased skill set rather than their good looks and youth.  The younger, more inexperienced sex workers first starting out will earn less but they will have the potential to grow income based on good reviews and the willingness to take on extra classes in alternative healing and traditional bodywork like chakra balancing.

Each month, sex workers will go through a health check preventing any unforeseen illness or STD.  Every sex worker must also pass a drug test to ensure they are clear headed and emotionally fit to heal others.

Every sex worker will have gracious tax deductions for being independent contractors and their tax dollars will go to their retirement fund and health insurance because they are providing a needful service to anyone who is touch starved or going through marital challenges.

As the sex worker ages he or she will go through a fully subsidized retraining program meaning they can now be trained to become sex educators in schools, lead tantra yoga retreats or go into a completely brand new career with free housing until they are fully capable of embarking on a brand new career path.

Does this sound fair and comforting to all of you? Would you like to see these new ideas being implemented soon?  Please support your sex workers and fight the new bill that has been passed.  Sex workers typically love what they do!  Let us be respected, honored, adored, educated and legalized so we can finally be protected by the law rather than violated and raped by law makers who have not given this new law serious thought.  We want to protect our civil liberties not destroy what we have fought so hard to uphold!

Get in contact with Congress and legalize sacred sensuality 🐦large