IMG_20190417_172108_482When planning a session ahead of time plan on keeping your appointment as scheduled. If you repeatedly make a habit of showing up super early or late then consistently DEMAND that your practitioner accept your CHRONIC last minute changes you may find yourself without a healer.

This morning one of my longterm clients who suffers from self entitlement or what people call NARCISSISTIC tendencies showed up super early.

In a commanding and dominant voice he asked if I could see him at his now very early time. I was firm and polite and said he had arranged our time and that is the time we will stick with. He chose to punish me by canceling our session after I prepared everything and woke up early.

I fired him. He sent me numerous apologies via text. Again notice he doesn’t understand boundaries. He refuses to believe I won’t be issuing him anymore chances. He’s treated me this way before and he doesn’t respect other people so he’s been fired permanently.

He sent more messages but I’ll be blocking his number permanently.

When you commit to a time don’t continuously change the time REPEATEDLY then get angry at your healer for not complying. Everyone deserves to be honored and respected.

I’m all about flexibility and malleability but if a client is firm about a time and date then CONSISTENTLY makes a habit about showing up half an hour or 45 minutes early ALL THE TIME then that’s just irritating and annoying not to mention dishonoring because the only time table they seem to respect is their own.