When was the last time you were satisfied deeply and profoundly satisfied with the person you see in the Mirror?

Yes we all have our flaws and some of these flaws can not be changed but we can change our outlook and feel a

deep deep compassion for the beauty and the gifts we do have.  In essence this is called Gratitude and in deep gratitude we can practice the Grace of Mindfulness for the Beauty of this world the Beauty of the Bodies we were given and the knowledge that our Beauty our soul is unique and we have no right to be jealous of what someone else has because we have our own unique grace and Karma to fulfill.

I woke up this morning eager to log onto my face book account only to find out that because I posted one nude photo of my body face book deactivated my account without any warning they just did.  I lost my beautiful short stories and my beautiful poetry including a number of people I have grown fond of.

Am I angry?  No but I am a bit miffed.  I will not look at this from a different perspective.

All the beauty that I did share was released into the Universe and all the stories and lines of poetry that was released and set free is somehow echoing and carries with it some of that strength I so deeply wanted to share with people who do not know me personally but

who I grew very very attached to.  Perhaps there is a message here.  Perhaps I was feeding the wrong plants and spending so much of my time on face book was an unhealthy activity so now my prime focus is steering me here onto this blog and making me realize the true ultimate connection can not be shared so much on the internet in a world of complete fantasy but should be shared with each beautiful being I have the good luck to meet on my

daily walks in the sun or my daily meditations.  Yes the internet is a source of connection but have you been neglecting the stranger on the sidewalk streets that do not know you personally but would love that chance to get to know your Unique Beauty.  We are all Unique we share our innate feeling of wanting to be admired and appreciated.

Tantric Yoga is an expression of Free Will to Co create with someone else and share their energy.  It is a Sacred and Treasured Dance of Co Divinity and we Salute the very essence

of our Higher Selves each time we see that Seed Star of divinity in someone else.  Yes I can walk around today muttering to myself about my huge loss but I think maybe in some way because I am a Student of Tantric Yoga and because I do teach of Unconditional love I would rather forgive myself for my mistake last night since I posted a nude picture of myself that I thought my face book friends would enjoy.


Yes this is sad but we are living in a strict age where we are always being monitored and some photos that I think are beautiful might be misconstrued for smut or filth or pornography but I have the good sense to know that my body is beautiful no matter what face book thinks no matter what others feel no matter what my relatives think of me I am a Healer I am a Shaman.  I believe in the Power of the work I do and I believe that in Unity we were created to be Beings of Light and Inspiration for each other and if this is the path I am destined to continue to follow then I must accept that my imperfections are the only means that will enable me to Shine on a Goddess.