I have been reading a lot lately about Shaktipat a Sanskrit word which broken down to its most base form means the transfer of Kundalini energy from one person to the next either by thought, touch,

mantra (sound) or even the gift of a flower of a piece of fruit.

Wow! I do remember one cold winter in Chicago and I decided I was going to explore Jamaica for

four months rather than suffer through another uninviting, bitter season so I signed up for a rainbow

exploration retreat for 10 days in Ocho Rios and I found ways to stay a lot longer on a meager $2,000 I had saved up in my bank account. I kept meeting friends of friends of friends and I was allowed to stretch out my 10 day trip to a full four months.

I met many interesting people during my stay and I enjoyed spending most of my time with the Rastafarians

finding their company the most relaxing and invigorating. I remember upon meeting each new person they would often present me with a piece of fruit namely an orange. I was puzzled of course and asked my friend Earl if he could explain this . He smiled and said it is what you present an “adept”.

I understood this to mean each person considered me worthy of receiving a gift and something like a piece of fruit represented chi or life force and it was an honor worthy of a God/Goddess to have a juicy orange presented.

Some people might take an inanimate object such as a mojo bag and they will use meditation, placing the bag near the heart chakra and they will invoke the bag with loving intent before giving it to their friend thus transferring their good intentions and their positive energy as a good will gift to the receiver.

At last I understand what Shaktipat is. Many gurus consider themselves as vessels. They are not the Source but they receive Kundalini energy activation from a higher power namely the power of the Divine Goddess. Shaktipats may consider themselves (accidental) transmitters of such divine energy and if they are properly humble they will see this gift as divine grace as they help awaken their students kundalini energy simply by focus, intent and or mantras.

The goal is to awaken the third eye the ajna and the gift is passed on from a guru to their disciple under the condition that the student is of an energy to be able to receive this gift. If the Master has a strong aura they can bestow their advanced kundalini awakening to their student but only if the student is open to receiving this powerful energy.

I believe each tantric session is a wonderful opportunity to open Kundalini energy slowly, sanely and safely. Shaktipat is broken down into simple words. Shakti is psychic energy and pata means (to fall) so if you translate this word you have energy that is bestowed.

There are many conflicting view points of Shaktipat but I wish to simplify it. If my intent is to help awaken my student then my intent can help open the opportunity for an awakening to occur. It matters not how evolved I am it is my conscious heart and my conscious mind and intent that sends that energy out there to the Universe for the Highest good that my student receives all the benefits from my teachings and my positive energy. I am sending out a radar — a clear signal the Universal Mother that I am willing to use my

body as open channel and vessel of healing for the greater good and that there is an equal exchange of energy between student and healer.

As I actively pulse my Yoni and as I send soothing nurturing air into my Heart Chakra I am activating my Chakra systems and amplifying my Shakti (female Goddess energy) so my student or partner is able to feel

the healing benefits of my chakras and potentially feel an awakening of their Kundalini energy.

If you can imagine that the Kundalini energy is a sleeping serpent coiled up at your tail bone waiting to be awakened you can envision her slow awakening and her slow ascent up each of your vertabrae. She slow uncoils and without harm she makes her slow journey up each Chakra system until she passes upwards to your sinus cavities reaching your third eye and filling your seventh Chakra with pure bliss and light allowing you to feel samsara a state of complete bliss and enlightenment.

If you can envision this for yourself then you can be your own Shaktipat and you can imagine and focus on all your Chakras filling with pure light and healing energy receiving all the Blessings from the Universe in your own time without pain and without a sense of rush.