Define Goddess! What does it mean if a man yells out on the street to a gorgeous woman and says GODDESS !! Of course you would take it as a compliment right? I certainly would not mind if one of my clients honored me in a session, smiled at me with a genuine smile and told me he thought I was a goddess!
Goddess has so many meanings to different people though and sometimes a man might wish to hire a tantra professional and expect her to have the true qualities of a Goddess but his definition of goddess might be his personal opinion based on his belief systems and expectations.
For instance does goddess simply mean supernatural beauty in all aspects? Does goddess mean she must be tall, lean, statuesque, white or black, asian, oriental, arabic or harem like in all her aspects?
Does she have to be perfectly mannered or poised? Must she be perfectly manicured and have her hair long, wavy and in a cascade of curls or stick straight?

The more narrowly you define your goddess the more close minded you are becoming and the more close hearted you are to receiving the energy of the GODDESS.

Now why am I capitalizing the word Goddess? If you can’t see the divinity and spiritual beauty of any woman you are shortchanging yourself. You are now giving yourself a strict wish list by which to judge all women and you are missing the point of Goddess worship.

Goddess worship is the honoring of all women despite their physical appearances and attributes. If you are only seeking a physically perfect woman to give you instructions on tantra yoga you are never really going to understand the true meaning of tantra yoga which is the teaching of honor the divine SEED in everyone no matter how short, fat, tall, lean, awkward, clumsy or attractive your partner is.

When you partake of tantra yoga workshops, unless you yourself take your own partner you will be paired up randomly with someone you might not be physically attracted to and this in some way will challenge you to learn about unconditional love as you stare into your partner’s eyes for indefinite amounts of time and breathe together and chant.

Sooner or later you might find yourself in a group situation where you do not choose your partner but does this mean you can’t learn to honor her for certain aspects of her personality that might make you fall in love with her goddess energy? Can you let go of your expectations of what is true beauty and just allow yourself to fall in love with her smile or her laughter or her healing hands?

The term Goddess is used often. Some people confuse the title Goddess as a female dominant. I receive phone calls from men who think I am going to enslave them or gag them or punish them in a BDSM scenario. Yes there may be trouble makers out there on the internet who group me in with Masters and Slaves and Submissives but that is because they are not doing their research. They don’t do the reading on tantra yoga or the meaning of Goddess and how the energy of the goddess is akin to healer or shamaness.

I like to define the word Goddess as a benevolent being who is here, confident, ready and proud enough to show you your higher power. A goddess is like a teacher someone who is not here to judge you but not afraid to let you know what boundaries are and educate you on how you can share your love with your partner by being mindful, fully present and gentle when you speak or touch your lover at home.

If I were to gently correct you and educate you would you be able to step aside of your own ego just so you might learn a gentler way to be loving to your partner at home.
Just because I am a Goddess does not mean I am super human. I make mistakes all the time and sometimes my good intentions are confused for rudeness. I think listening and setting up safe boundaries are essential for any tantra session. If I am faced with prejudice even before our ceremony begins I then do not feel as comfortable or safe to do my part in honoring anyone who is a guest in my home or sacred space.

In Ancient Greece and Rome a Goddess is a Supreme Being who possesses supernatural powers and she can create rain or storms or sunlight. She can turn a man into a stag and she can ride a chariot across the skies. These are all fanciful stories that make up our archetypes and create mythology but a Goddess is a human a frail human that can only try and attempt to heal you if you are open and vulnerable enough to receive her for all her flaws and imperfections and healing abilities.

If you can honor any Goddess no matter what race, religion, creed and color and accept her as your friend, wife, mother and lover then you are ready to receive the Love of the Goddess and better able to heal the important women in your life that matter most to you.Image