All energy healings deal with balance of the chakras and learning to make progress not only on  a psychic level but a spiritual

level.  It is not enough to walk away from a tantra healing or a reiki session and keep up with your old negative habits like a

lack of exercise or eating too much sugar.  As you learn to evolve psychically your body naturally wishes to let go of these old patterns which opens up the potential to keep getting more fit on a physical level.

More and more I am seeing evidence of people who want to give up certain food groups because they have noticed their stomach reacts differently to the old food choices.  For instance I recently decided to give up my addiction to sugars  and breads and pastas because it felt as if my stomach was burning on fire after my bread and sugar consumption.  I avoided all meats, dairy, sugars and breads since this past Easter and I feel so much better and lighter.  My body is preparing me for a major shift and the planet is receiving new energies so our bodies are going to need to be prepared to receive the new energy so we can be better channels and better able to evolve.

Who wants to go to bed feeling achy inside?  Why continue on the same path if you feel so good after your first reiki healing or tantra healing.  You want to maintain that level of lightness and euphoria for as long as possible by practicing the breathing exercises daily on your own or sharing the exercises with a close friend or partner. 

Now that the sun is out take advantage of these warmer days and go outside to enjoy the light without guilt.  Take your work with you and do your work outside for a change.  Be active, listen to your body because now that you tasted what it is like to feel complete bliss it’s wise to keep up the maintenance on your own and to schedule small sessions in intervals maybe once every three to four weeks. 

There is nothing like body wisdom to teach you what you really need and not what you crave.  What ever you decide to do immediately after any kind of tantra or reiki session you must drink a full gallon of water to flush out any toxins your body was holding onto.  Let that old toxicity go.  Feel what it’s like to have a pure, healthy and light physical body and if you notice certain food groups are creating pain or a heaviness in your solar plexus then make a note to yourself to substitute your old foods that were more acidic with a more alkaline diet.  Alkaline foods are fresh fruit and vegetables.  See how easy that is for you to remember?  Meats are highly acidic and so are certain types of sugary deserts especially ice cream.  At least figure out how your body reacts to certain types of foods and help your body heal by picking those foods that do not cause your digestive tract any stresses or strains.

It’s good to feel vital and infused with energy.  All good reiki sessions and tantra massage sessions will make you feel lighter and better able to concentrate for longer periods of time.  Keep up your new level of happiness don’t let yourself go back to square one.  Now it’s up to you go enjoy reiki circles so you can receive energy and practice with others.

I am available to support you in your ongoing process and progress. Don’t be discouraged or hard on yourself.  Sometimes it takes tiny bites of pure energy work to make a huge difference in your outlook.

Goddess Diana of