so you want to know the secret to creating opportunities?  It’s not hard it is simple.  You create opportunity by learning to say yes

and not saying no.  You decide that when you elect to try something new if it seems like a bad idea you forge ahead and you try to the best of your ability to keep your mind unpolluted and see for yourself what the activity brings.  Just imagine if you feel just a tinge of nervousness and you don’t create time or space to make something occur.  Now that is an adventure you lost and you can’t retrieve it.  I keep my heart open.  I give people choices because everyone is allowed time to make up their minds to figure out what it is exactly they are seeking.

I am sure it’s not easy to say yes to meeting a complete stranger for the first time and try out for yourself what a tantra massage is like.  But if you let your nervousness get in the way or if you let your “expectations” of what a tantra healers must look like you might miss what it is you were yearning to experience.  It’s best not to judge people based on your fears but that is something that commonly happens.  Once someone schedule a session with me but he was very cold to me and at the end of the session I had asked him why he was behaving so cautiously and he explained it really had nothing at all to do with me but in a way I looked exactly like his first girlfriend who had rejected him brutally and parted ways with him without healing his pain of abandonment.  I tried my best to give this man a wonderful session but I can only perform to the best of my abilities as a healer when I am given complete trust.

Once in a while I get a weird gut intuition that a session will either be super powerfully infused with laughter and energy or I receive the strange feeling of a last minute cancellation based on an accident or a delay or cold feet from my new guest.  I try my best not to take these signs personally but being human and having tender feelings I have to wonder how much of this was fate or how much of these strange events were based on my new guest’s unfounded fears.  When you fear something you block love.  When you block love you block your ability to perceive change and heal and grow. 

If all you do is contemplate trying new experiences but you never make them happen you are dreaming away your life.  When you connect with your healer don’t second guess your judgements, your sanity or yourself.  You picked someone because they are a reflection of you.  Your mirror is nothing for you to fear.  If there are subtle blocks going on in your life your teacher or your mirror is going to reflect all those doubts and fears and energies right back at you and you have the unique ability to heal your wounds and resolve the subtle blocks by facing your prejudices and your fears head on.

I can’t stress this enough—do not turn away from the opportunity to rebuild your inner ego by having new experiences even if they are from people you do not typically meet daily during your work environment or within your inner circle of friends. 

Sometimes my favorite place to retreat to is my chair and my writing desk.  I find sanity here.  I can collect my thoughts and pause and reflect and try to make sense of people and sometimes I don’t understand why someone does not try to reschedule after a last minute set back but I feel it’s not within my power to judge or doubt I just have to allow chances to unfold and be here open and capable of being judgement free.  The only time I decide to turn anyone away is when there is a long term repetitive cycle of missed appointments or an established lack of trust either from my end or my new guests point of view.  Where there is a lack of trust there is no ability for the body to heal itself of older and more wasteful energies.

We are here to heal each other.  We are here to support each other.  We are here to be in our power and also be in our truths.  But if you are here in a stuck place the only one responsible for creating opportunities is your own inner and higher being.  Your higher being knows what is best for your evolution so go with your gut intuition first and carry out your original intentions so you can get to the other side of any hurdle.Image