I have been spending a full week here in Orlando, Florida offering my unique version of tantra yoga and tantra massage. Again I must emphasize how important breathing properly is if you are going to receive the proper energy for any tantra healing and it’s no different here in Orlando, Florida.

The best way to prepare for you first tantra or sensual massage healing in Orlando, Florida is to empty your mind of any expectations. NO two massages are alike and no two tantra therapists will present tantra to you the same way if their following their own inner intuition.

I think if you empty your mind of useless information like gossip amongst clients or videos you watch for personal use you will be better able to be focused on the moment and not worry about how you are performing based on other people’s opinions on what tantra can do for you.

During all my visits to various cities I will encounter various mind sets and I have to realize as hard as it is for me that there are going to be many new students who have no real idea what tantra is and they might have had a tantra session but not known any better about tantra so they think they had a genuine tantra healing when they did not learn the breathing techniques or even the purpose for breathing.

If you are not breathing slowly and deeply during your entire tantra session you are not allowing your body to full relax and surrender. In Orlando, Florida my only goal will be to reach out to a handful of prospective new students who really want to learn how to process energy and recycle their own creative vital forces through their own breath and conscious choice to surrender to the energy.

If we are in constant judgement and expectation we limit our ability to truly be in the moment and tune out. My goal is to work with you so you feel free to experience all the shifts of your energy levels and not be afraid of your own powerful kundalini shakti.

I hope to attract some genuinely excited new students of tantra who are willing to let go of their insecurities and fully express their creative and sensual side with me.

Please join me in Orlando, Florida this week so we can co create sacred space and learn how to harness breath and use our vital energies for creative expansion and creativity ✾
Remember during out time together we are focusing on connection, breath, healing touch and removing your needs for self judgement. I am available as a conduit or vessel for self healing to take place on your time frame. If your body and mind are ready for a transcendent experience I welcome you here in Orlando, Florida to share a bit of energy with me. ✾beautiful painting for my blog

Goddess Diana http://www.tantrabutterfly.com