Sensual Massage Offerings by Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly

Sometimes we just need to let go, surrender to touch and be allowed a few peaceful moments to ourselves. Sensual massage offers you the benefit of being truly touched,  truly recognized  and deeply healed without judgment,  self consciousness or the formality of a more conventional massage experience in  a public setting. During these sensual sessions I invite you to decompress and be in the moment of pure self indulgent sensuous touch and be nurtured back into a space of deeper peace with your own inner core and joy.  We all need to be in that space sometimes and these sessions are meant to be purely for you without expectations and without the need for talk if you truly just need to rest and be healed.

I now offer you the benefits of my healing touch and my sincere interest in your well being.  I offer you my vast knowledge of intuitive touch and  my intensive skill set I carry with me from my daily practice of TantRa yoga,  lomi-lomi massage and my Reiki hands.  When you schedule your sensual massage with me here in Chicago you will be indulged, catered to and you will receive a special session with your needs in mind.  I am not following a “recipe” because you are unique.  Your body will dictate what rhythm I follow and I will listen to your body as I lay my hands on you.

Some times we just need to be still and unlike my other Tantra massage sessions my sensual massage will heal you on a slightly different level without the Tantra breathing instructions offered in my other ceremonies.  Perhaps you are not yet willing to try that leap into Tantra so this can be our initial introduction to each other and a time for you to get to know me or know yourself better. I will blend pure organic essential oils in my carrier oil for you to enjoy and sumptuous music will lull you into a place of comfort, wonder and surrender We can spend our time in shared silence or shared laughter the choice is yours and I am here to help you integrate body,  mind and spirit in a space of beauty and healing.

If you are a novice to sacred touch you can let down your guard with me because I will not judge your body nor will I expect you to know everything about alternative healing and energy work.
I do know the healing benefits of soft, sacred, non invasive touch can move energy blocks in your body and help you to empty your mind of worries.  If you are personally going through a period
of grieving and you feel as if a massage is the last thing you need or want let me assure you that soft gentle touches can free you.  I will be focusing on your physical and spirit bodies as we pass time together and if you need to talk beforehand about a matter that concerns you I am a good listener.  I do have experience in grief counseling and I do know how it feels to lose more than one loved on within months of each other.  I can help you go through your period of grief or transition with grace.

Touch moves mountains and clears your mind.  As you relax and take in some of the smells of my essential oils you can let go and I will even guide you to take in an occasional deep breath and help you stay in the moment with me rather than allowing you to let worry take you over.  Sensual massage is just one modality that leads you to meditation and better health.
I would be honored to take you on that Sacred journey.

Goddess Diana of
Sensual Healer honoring Individuals seeking a Sensual and Sacred Journey and Couples who seek intimacy and understanding
Certified Therapist, Energy worker and Tantric Educator
A Specialist in Unconditional Love*

Journey with me
Cellular Contact : 312-339-7707
The following paragraph is a Disclaimer:

I DO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE as part of my Tantric practice with any of my students. I have a deep respect for other men and women in my field who do offer the full Kama Sutra experience; but I myself choose to remain celibate as a means of extending my own energy and integrity during each of my sessions. I practice a combination of toning exercises, deep breathing, eye/soul
gazing, and Tantra massage but I am not an “escort” service. I can create an ecstatic and harmonious experience for you during our shared time as we Co create Sacred Space but sexual intercourse is not included during our ceremonies.

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