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Let’s Define what Tantra truly is

#tantra is #yoga We include breathwork, energy work, #somaticrelease, emotional release, intentional touch, co creation of #sacredspace #soundhealing #chakrabalancing and techniques for expanding pleasure

People experience waves of bliss when #kundalini is activated

You will experience tingling, warmth โœจ vibrations It’s a perfect way to increase mental clarity & activate your 3rd eye #Ajna #pinealgland #reiki is included #chanting & #mantras all used to activate, awaken & heal the trauma stored within the cells of your body & reproductive organs

I’m a licensed and certified tantra educator and I’ve been active in my field for thirty years and still have a great passion for healing people ๐Ÿ™ and co creation of sacred space despite all the challenges I’ve met in recent years. I even made myself fully available for old guests and new clients during the pandemic when other people in my industry chose to retire or go online instead of offering healing touch in person.

Being sensitive is part of living on this planet ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒŽ Learn how to establish boundaries while have fun at the same time….
Being more open will definitely make you more vulnerable but you will be in alignment with who you truly are— not what people expect you to be….

I’ve always maintained positivity despite the hatred, bullying and cruelty from my peers. I could care less what others think of me or how they perceive me. I’ve stayed strong and grounded because I have an understanding of how energy works and how to create a sacred space within me.

If you feel drawn to my offerings please read through my website

Subscribe to my YouTube channel #Tantrabutterfly and enjoy some short videos I’ve created to help define what tantra is. Just keep in mind tantra is yoga and we must take time to breathe deeply during our time together โค to help enhance your body’s ability to process energy, pain and emotions.

Hope to see you soon

312 339 7707 ๐Ÿ•‰

Goddess Diana Tantra Butterfly ๐Ÿฆ‹

As we honor the Yoni we heal & love ourselves

Yoni what does this word invoke within you?

Yoni is directly affiliated with #GoddessShakti She is a #HinduGoddess she is the #divinefeminine she is the Womb and Birthplace & flower

#tantra invokes honoring the Divine essence within us all

We all have within us the God/Goddess spark of Consciousness

#Tantra is #yoga we practice tantra to honor the divinity within ourselves and others

if you can not honor the Divine force that exists within you; you will have trouble respecting the Divinity in others.  if you can’t respect and love yourself unconditionally you will not be able to consciously express love for another Being.

I have set up a code of Ethics for myself and others who come to see me for my #chicagotantra ceremonies.

You would be surprised at how many texts and calls I receive from prospective clients who refuse to honor my boundaries by fulfilling my Verification process.

I request a first and last legal name and deposit before we work together.  This is the bare minimum and should be easy and drama free

In order to be qualified for my Goddess worship ceremonies you should read ๐Ÿ“š up on Goddess energy first by purchasing reading material beforehand and understanding that healing the #Yoni is not for Entertainment purposes only or your Self Gratification

When new students are intrigued about Goddess healing they must understand that yoni healing involves mutual respect ๐Ÿ™ and kindness…

I have sessions that are specifically geared towards male honoring and relaxation therapy to help align and empower the Divine Male Essence and I have Goddess Worship Ceremonies to help men honor and heal the beautiful Goddesses in their lives.

It bears repeating that Goddess worship is meant to help heal and release trauma found within the yoni.

We tend to store shame, pain, guilt and trauma within our genitalia, our pelvic cradle and our psoas muscles. Yoni and pelvic massages are used to help gently awaken the sacral chakra with kind, loving touch and positive intentions.

Yoni honoring or Goddess Worship is not meant to gratify your sexual desires. You are offering your goddess unconditional love and support while helping her release stored pain and trauma.

You are invited to visit my main website here

After reading my site send me an introductory email and tell me more about yourself and your interest in tantra.

Please include your legal name, profession and background if any in alternative healing ๐Ÿ™

What are the main reasons we should receive a massage?

All forms of massage whether it’s gentle and light or more aggressive like deep tissue and trigger point will definitely help increase your circulation, help rid your muscles of lactic acid build-up and create positive feelings of euphoria to help you deal with stress.

If you suffer from depression, chronic pain, insomnia or overall fatigue a full body massage will increase your metabolism, help lower your cortisol levels and help you achieve a good night’s sleep.

My favorite type of massage to receive is a combination of trigger point release, myofascial release and chakra balancing.

Your physical body affects your mental frame of mind and your psychic ๐Ÿ”ฎ body or aura.

Being around too many people or experiencing negative situations will definitely deplete you of your energy and sour your mood.

Full body massages which include hand and foot reflexology also target all organs in your body because all our nerve endings end at our extremities so when you focus on the reflex points of the hands and feet you are helping to stimulate the body’s endocrine system, your sinus cavities, your stomach, kidneys, lungs, liver, reproductive organs and central nervous system.

Receiving thoughtful, healing, nurturing touch is essential for all human beings to experience especially if you are a caretaker or if your job is physically demanding.

We all become touch starved when we lack a comforting hug or word of encouragement.

Massages help ground your energy ๐Ÿ™Œ and keep your heart โค open and your outlook positive.

If you give and give and give and have a mental block regarding receiving energy you should definitely book a healing session for yourself soon!

My website is informative and entertaining so please read it first before contacting me….

Whether you book me for reiki or authentic tantra massage I would be delighted to help you work through any energetic blocks and trauma that no longer serve you.

Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly ๐Ÿฆ‹

3312 339 7707

Why you should book a paid coffee date w/me if you are shy

I’m not a shy person; but I do understand and empathize with anyone who is hesitant about embarking on a new journey โœจ when they barely understand what they are committing to.

I offer paid coffee consultations for couples and singles who are interested in tantra but never had prior experiences in energywork or sexual wellness.

My tantra ceremonies focus on full body well-being and healing. The focus isn’t just your sexual energy; it’s an organic experience that helps you understand your own body better and amplify the latent energies already stored within you.

I will help direct your focus on being fully present in the moment by guiding you with breathwork and visualization exercises. The chakras within your body respond to touch, sound and breath. If you’ve never had reiki or alternative healing before then all these techniques are going to seem esoteric to you.

A coffee consultation will give you an opportunity to digest all this information beforehand and you can ask me any questions you wish so I can alleviate your concerns and make some suggestions based on your goals and budget.

Please visit my website

Let me know more about you by sending me an introductory email ๐Ÿ“ง

Once we meet in person and become friends instead of strangers the process of self awareness and self healing becomes much easier.

I can help you make life changes, introduce you to new activities, develop more meaningful relationships and find the courage to become fully alive in your life.

A paid coffee date with me is like no other. I am an expert in alternative healing and have studied and practiced massage, Tantra, and meditation for many years. I can provide you with healing techniques and beneficial services that do not involve a physical touch. My recommendations and advice will help you to make better decisions and live a more balanced, fulfilling life.

I believe that everyone deserves healing, rejuvenation and empowerment. Through my paid coffee dates I can help you remove blockage, create new paths and adopt a better lifestyle. During our few hours together, I will guide you through spiritual healing processes and provide you with the tools to take responsibility for your life.

Booking a paid coffee date is your chance to learn from an experienced practitioner and start a new direction in life. Whether youโ€™re shy, anxious or simply looking for something new and different, I will be there to support and guide you towards a happier and healthier version of yourself.

Let me show you how to move forward and

The Sacred Bath Ritual as a prelude to your tantra ceremony

You aren’t required to add a #tantra #bathritual to your session but it will definitely enhance your time with me.

if you want to prepare a bath ahead of time for yourself in your own home before working with me it would definitely help me work with your energy.

the seasalt bath is composed of baking soda (a half box) and seasalt (1 or 2 cups).

This is all you need to clear and cleanse your Aura so whether you choose to hire me for the bath ritual or you bathe yourself in your own home this is a perfect start to any tantra ceremony

I include seasalt scrubs and massage the salt scrub over all the major chakras in your body when we’re together and we will be breathing in synchronicity harmonizing the #bijamantras and amplifying your energy prior to your #tantramassage

if it’s within your means and budget please allow me 24–48 hours and a substantial deposit so I may procure a beautiful suite with jacuzzi for two.

You are always encouraged to Read my website first prior to calling or emailing me.

Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel #Tantrabutterfly and get to know me from the videos. I post frequently and upload fresh content and flash sales and offers there.

Please introduce yourself via email

or call me directly to schedule a tantra ceremony when you’re ready 312 339 7707

All new students of tantra are welcome to try my beginner’s level offerings and more experienced students may book advanced level tantra.

I welcome men, women and couples and look forward to meeting you for a unique and blissful escape.

Choosing a tantra healer for skillset rather than physical appearance

Many people who’ve never had #tantra before honestly don’t know what to look for when choosing the right #tantragoddess because they lack experience and don’t see the red flags.

I’ve personally been mistreated by men who didn’t think I looked like the gallery images on my website.  Instead of politely declining and just offering me a cancelation fee they chose passive aggressive and abusive behavior.

So many men only equate beauty for kindness and intelligence or worthiness. They refuse to open their heart โค to any teacher who doesn’t look like their ideal vision of beauty.

By being unkind to your Goddess you basically block positive flow of energy and seeing the Divine Seed of a love in a stranger which is actually the purpose of tantra yoga and tantra massage.

Most men choose their Goddess solely on chemical or physical attraction which negates the ideal that we are all worthy of love and adulation no matter what physical form we chose.

New students of tantra are at a huge disadvantage because they don’t have prior experience and don’t have anything to compare with regards to what is an authentic tantra healing or a fluffy rub down.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeding your Soul need by hiring an attractive and aesthetically pleasing Goddess. If you know bodily perfection is an absolute deal breaker for you then be honest with yourself but if you end up using your funds on the ultimate beauty but never learned the basics of tantra then don’t blame your provider.

Thanks for following my blog.

If you want a deeper understanding of tantra, breathwork, alternative healing and kundalini Awakening have a look at my tantra website

Introduce yourself to me via email ๐Ÿ“ง and or call me directly to be considered for a ceremony in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

Couples Tantra in Chicago’s Gold Coast by Goddess Diana

A Question to ponder ~>
Are all relationships Equal? 
When you find someone you feel a strong affinity for do you feel Butterflies ๐Ÿฆ‹
In your belly when they enter the room?
Do you feel crushed & devastated when they break plans with you? ๐Ÿฉบ๐Ÿ’”

One person may love  more than the other… The individual who gives more to the relationship is going to get hurt the most.

I see this ALL THE TIME when new couples reach out to me. It might be married partners or dating couples but I can always tell who is more committed and devoted to solidify the bond.

When one partner acts wishy washy and or hesitant about working with me it’s typically because that individual isn’t 100% committed to the relationship.

I remember a female CEO reached out to me last year around this time. She was gung-ho about scheduling several hours with me and said price wasn’t a factor and that her husband had been engaging in extramarital affairs but she still adored him, they had 2 kids and she felt comfortable with me and wanted to bring renewed excitement into her marriage.  It was worth it to her.
She was determined to book a #couplestantra ceremony with me–but guess what? Her husband wasn’t ready…he decided it wasn’t worth his time and there you have an answer

He was ok with how things were in their marriage.  He could indulge in affairs, remain married and continue on his path.  His wife I’m sure was crushed or maybe they found someone else to work with. I’m going to safely assume she was the Giver in the relationship.

I’m not suggesting all relationships are like this but most of the couples who end up not working with me chose not to because one person in the relationship didn’t want to progress and they were happy with everything as is because they didn’t have to work hard to please their partner.

My prerequisite before working on couples is very basic
I want the full legal name & professional background of both partners for verification purposes

I want to know the goals of each partner (separately)
I’m working on two different people so I need twice as much information

I want 24 hours & a substantial deposit

I’m doing most of the work and trust me I do get drained after teaching new students of tantra all the basic fundamentals of chakras, breathing, yoni worship, lingam honoring, sacred spot massage and therapeutic couples massage.

All couples must read my website thoroughly

After carefully reading my website please send me an email ๐Ÿ“ง and or schedule a paid coffee โ˜• consultation or paid phone consultation with me to discuss anything you wish.

As always I welcome everyone to book a tantra ceremony with me whether you have a partner or not.

Couples tantra requires much more energy and attention to detail so there will be a considerable price difference.

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ“š my blog and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel #Tantrabutterfly to learn more.

What exactly happens during a Couples Tantra ceremony

What actually happens at couple tantra sessions? Will having a 3rd person in personal space eventually lead us to a threesome?

Profile photo for Diana Grossman

Diana Grossman

Tantra Master, Massage therapist, Reiki Master

Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹ I find myself to be extremely โœจ helpful here because I’m a leading tantra educator and tantra practitioner in Chicago, Illinois.

I just received a call from a very deluded man who assumed if he hired me for couples tantra all three of us would be engaged in a sexual threescore.

I myself am celibate and never engage in sexual intercourse with my students.

During my couples tantra massage I teach both partners how to breathe properly during the art of giving their lover a tantra massage and help them access kundalini energy.

I focus on reiki, nurturing touch, Lingham..honoring, yoni worship and balancing of the Chakras. I do not want to witness these couples engage in the sexual act of kama sutra nor do I offer it to my clients.

Tantra is about aligning all your chakras with your partners, eye gazing, unconditional love and boundaries. Tantra is not about wild sex or engaging in orgies. Tantra involves the co creation of sacred space โœจ and honoring the divine within yourself and your partner.

I ask you to refrain from contacting me if your intentions as a couple are impure in nature. I’m not interested in watching the two of you engage in sexual intercourse in front of me. I’m also not interested in getting involved in a threesome.

I’m a tantra massage therapist and teacher. I’m not a kama sutra coach.

Read my website if you’d love a list of options and by all means please send me an email if seeking an opportunity to learn couples tantra massage

Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel #Tantrabutterfly

Empowerent via a Tantra ceremony

Did you know #tantra is the quickest route to access and take back your personal power?

There are no short cuts to Good Health but I’ve had clients tell me one session with me saved them trips and visits to a psychologist. I’m not bashing the mental health field; but I’m saying that how you view yourself affects your physical well being.

For instance if you suffer from chronic gut issues it indicates an imbalance in your 3rd chakra (solar plexus).  You would need to understand how to send positive healing messages to your belly to help heal whatever is going on in your gut.

During my #chicagotantra ceremonies I employ breathwork, sound healing, Aromatherapy and nurturing touch.  I help you activate any trapped energies encouraging your kundalini to awaken which is used like medicine ๐Ÿ’Š for your body to heal itself.

You are encouraged to send me an introductory email ๐Ÿ“ง 

if you wish to explore your energy in a safe, non judgmental setting

Please visit my main website ๐Ÿ™ for a full list of possibilities

Contact me directly 312 339 7707 to book either a session or paid coffee โ˜• consultation

Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly ๐Ÿฆ‹

#chicagotantra empowers you

Tantra teaches us to establish boundaries & be honest with ourselves

When I first started my career in this industry I was a huge people pleaser. Other people’s needs including my client’s and friends always came before my needs.
I wasn’t one to cancel a promise or a date unless I was DEATHLY ill.
I didn’t realize what a huge disservice I was doing to myself by putting myself last till my physical well being and emotional frame of mind deteriorated.
I’d stifle and store up my pent up frustration and disappointment till I’d explode breaking those bonds with friends and clients irreparably.
Now I temper and pace myself and I’ve aligned myself to attract clients who understand and respect my limitations and boundaries.

tantra will Give you your backbone back

Your chakras will be activated and you will have no choice left but to find your own voice and use your intuition instead of relying upon others to make these choices for you.
It’s #Martinlutherkingday and I’m here available to help set up and co create #sacredspace with you if you want the opportunity to clear out what doesn’t suit you anymore– whether it’s intolerable living conditions, a stale job, or unhealthy toxic relationships.

You shouldn’t spend your days walking on eggshells ๐Ÿฅš

chicagotantra ๐Ÿ•‰ invokes empowerment

Never forget who you are
Endeavor to protect those who haven’t found their voice.

Do you feel a connection to what I write โœ

Do you feel comfortable working with me based on my blog and my YouTube channel Tantra Butterfly ๐Ÿฆ‹

If you are ready to choose me as your tantra guide please follow the link to my online Chicago based tantra website here—>

Send me an introductory email to

Please include your full legal name and profession for Verification purposes

Send me a few links to your social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Google and give me a brief synopsis of your goals, expectations and budget.

I accept new students and couples seeking a solid and unique journey of the Chakras.

It’s Martin Luther King Day