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What does the title “goddess” trigger in you?

Recently I received a set of questions from an adult sexuality blogger in Australia.  I was given a series of thought provoking questions as part of her interview process to help her readers better understand what tantra yoga is and the ultimate health benefits of a tantra massage.

First let me explain what Tantra can do for your emotional and physical well being.   Our goal (our mutual goal) is to exchange mutually loving, healing, soothing, non judging energies between both of us.  If you decide to try my goddess worship session because you wish to master healing a woman with unconditional love then you have elected to learn how to process energy, breathe properly while healing the goddess, and touch with only loving intentions.  You are not touching for your personal sexual pleasures or self gratification; you are learning to heal and empower a woman’s chakra system and yoni so she can feel love surging through her from your sacred, healing touches.

I serve as a physical model teaching you about my sacred body and my boundaries so that when you leave our space of learning you feel confident and you have the healing tools and techniques and knowledge to share more loving touch with your partner.   I would always encourage a session of at least two to three hours in length so that you have enough time to ask me questions and learn the subtle nuances of carressive, unhurried strokes.

Men in general have a very powerful approach to sexual energies and women are very yin in nature tending to withdraw more and being more inwardly focused.  Men and women react differently to touch and this my goddess worship sessions have !ore to do with goddess honoring rather than goddess domination.

I am not a dominatrix by trade and my intention is to help all men learn about safe boundaries using sexual energy as a healing medicine rather than a weapon.  When I use the phrase or term goddess I am implying that I am using my natural abilities as a healer and as a shaman to help you understand energy work better and I will be your guide always infusing you with hopefully essential, laughter and positivity while we together co create a cocoon of sacred space.

A Goddess 🌹 is a giver of life forces.  She renews your energies and helps take you on a sacred and meaningful journey reuniting you with pieces and fragmented parts of your lost selves.  She invites and invokes more creativity in your approach to the mundane.  Who needs average when you can have Access to hidden parts of your intuition you may forgotten to use.  Goddesses are mythological beings with supernatural powers but really we all have supernatural powers as we learn to be limitless and learn the art of being present for ourselves and in the moment.

The universe has a sacred rhythm and the goddess has her seasons of renewal, death and ultimate rejuvenation.  Our bodies go through cell death and cellular rejuvenation daily and we wake up completely different from who we were yesterday.  Nothing remains in stasis forever as we react differently depending upon how threatening or welcoming our environment is at the present time.

A goddess is a mother of unconditional love who reminds you of your worth and your potential.  Goddesses heal and help you recapture your innocence and your innate sense of play which is the building block of trust, creativity and every new endeavor.  A Goddess helps you shed your layers so you are free to be your authentic self.  🎈

When you contract my time you are allowing yourself space to replant new seeds and new sides of yourself.  I give you the opportunity to regain your magic, your trust and your natural ability to be in bliss.

Now that I am here in Chicago I invite you to play with me and heal your shadows.  We all have darkness and light within us and we are all powerful healers with unlimited potential.  My work and commitment as a Goddess is to show you how limitless you truly are!

Please enjoy my personal website and once you’re there take the time to read my articles, testimonials, services section and chakra page.  My site is always a work in progress and so are you and so am I!  I learn from my students and there is always room for growth and new experiences to savor.  You are welcome to call me directly at 312-339-7707 with additional questions or contact me by email at

My goals are to bring you to a state of complete trust, ecstacy and a feeling of weightlessness.  Tantra brings you so much bliss your cup is full especially with all the concentrated touch and warming energies that will be graciously and generously explored between us.



Tantric Love Making The Art of Traveling without Moving

Tantric Love Making Traveling without Moving

Subtle touch also known as “water touch” is the most healing and powerful form of shifting your partner’s energy. Everyone feels safe and if you remember that the aura is the opening portal to sexual energy then you can allow your heart and good intentions to set the right mood to heal your lover.

The physical body responds to sound, touch, taste, sight, ether and smell. We are sentient beings so powerful in our responsiveness that even the gentlest of touches can shift our well being.

Have you ever stepped into a room full of tension and chaos and just felt your neck muscles tighten up or your belly contract? These are all normal responses that your body reacts to based on the energy waves and patterns of your environment. Just like a sweet ripple effect the sound of laughter is so inviting and intoxicating that you would naturally wish to be a part of that joyous energy and you will enter and partake in that playful energy willingly almost like a healing balm.

Energy is free. If we learn how to breathe in this energy purely and deeply enough we need never feel a lack of. And if you have nervous tension or if you feel you have too much nervous energy that is not yours all you need to do is realize you can take in some nurturing deep breathes into your heart and your body naturally wishes to heal itself of drama and trauma.

All you need to remember before healing or touching your lover is to take in some nurturing, healing and loving deep breathes into your own heart chakra so that you can open up to more love in your heart space and be aware of all that loving and free energy from the Universe. Once your heart chakra is fully activated and pulsing with vitality you can then begin to sweep gently over the aura of your partner without even touching their body. Just by hovering over your lover’s body you are smoothing out their auric body caressing and making love to their aura their gentle energy imprint.

Our bodies are more yielding to a gentle non invasive stroke much like wind which gently moves a the tender and delicate wings of a butterfly. So sweep your lover’s energy body first and take your time playing with their energy almost as if you were tickling their energy with a peacock feather.

Using Sage or Sage wands is another perfect example of nurturing your lover’s energy bubble and sweeping out any chaos or debris or excess nervous energy from the day’s events. Make sure of course you leave the window slightly cracked open to allow the smoke to depart and allow the old energy to leave your home.

Aromatherapy is a delicate and mood enhancing elixir and all you need to do is carry some key fragrances such as lemon, lime, grapefruit, vanilla, lavender and any citrus scent to offer a selection and variety to your lover so they can choose which scent they intuitively need as a healing balm. We all gravitate towards certain “comfort” scents so some may prefer flowery, some spicy and pungent, citrus and astringent or bitter and robust. Have a variety of incense sticks and scents so that your lover feels comforted and more open to receive a healing and your touch.

Prepare the room in such a way that enhances calmness, serenity and beauty. If you choose to decorate the room or sacred space with fabrics and feathers choose colors your lover prefers. This is their ceremony so choose colors they gravitate towards. If you wish to use candles try and stick to one color only as this enhances harmony and simplicity. Set the stage for play and make it highly personal. Ask your partner beforehand if they have candle scent preferences and or colors and fabrics that make them feel comforted and not overwhelmed.

Use your voice in a soothing pitch and feel free to sing and hum into your lover’s body. This is called toning and the chakras and energy bodies respond to sounds so sing away and breathe and blow gently on your lover’s body before even laying one finger on their physical being.

Using all senses be creative as you introduce a variety of spices and foods that your lover might want to taste. You might want to have them bite into delicate spices or sweet delicacies as part of their tantric love making adventure.

Tantric love making should involve and engage all the subtle energies in the body before you even decide to engage in physical touch. Just close your eyes and breathe in all the possibilities. Each Sacred Ceremony is a chance for you to reconnect with your inner child and bring you closer to your intuitive divine seed.

What unfolds for you A DAY OF UNFOLDING BLISS ♧♣♡

What unfolds for you this Day of unending bliss
by Diana Moon Cycle on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 4:23pm

Can one practice tantric yoga alone? Can you find inner peace in your own solitude and just focus

solely on you to raise your own Kundalini energy and Awareness?

I have to say that I dabble between two worlds. I consider myself to be a very very private person. I treasure the company of other people in fact I allow myself to feed of the laughter of a crowd and any time I see a group of people smiling I definitely want to be a part of that Circle.

And then there are the Winter Times. I call this the Retreat Time and I go into my Cave and Hide for a while mulling over what could have been what Might have been What Shall I be? I have this urge to thing and these times are necessary and yes they can be healing. But if I find myself dipping into the Cave once too often I notice my energy changes and shifts into a potential not for Healing but for


At this point am I a healing Vessel unto myself or am I in danger of falling deeper into this state of dwelling and not accomplishing a Higher Vibration of Energy.

We can say We are are thoughts and we Manifest more of What we are but I do not like to call these shiftings of Energy something so simple when it is more complex than all that.

Being alone can be a healing tool. Our bodies and our minds need some private time so we can recapture and learn from our Experiences.

But in the end we need people and I always recommend everyone new to Tantric Yoga or any Energy Practice to have a partner because you can learn from that shift of back and forth energy and once you practice playing ENERGY BALL and throw the Energy Ball back and forth You can understand how to make an Energy Ball by yourself (if you have to).

There is nothing wrong with a party of one but We are not Islands we are Social Beings and The power of Manifestation is more Profound in groups of Two or more.

Playing with any type of Energy whether it be Sensual or Strictly Reiki or Internally Meditative is a Practice of Love and Makes you open your heart energy more and helps ground you. We can lose sight of the Play if we only Surround Ourselves with our Selves. It is not good to be too Selfish and horde all the energy for yourself. When we Circulate energy back and forth from our heart to our partner’s heart center We Create an Arena of Abundance and Yielding.

All our Chakras are in alignment with our partner’s Chakras and good or bad energy it is a flow and our body’s will intuitively know what is good food for our soul and what food might be a bit toxic. Our chakras are a Miraculous Power Center of Energy constantly spinning closed and spinning open in a state of Constant flow and flux.

Our Chakra Systems know how to balance themselves and they will close off for a while protecting their functions or they will open up more when the Energies are particularly Delicious to the Taste.

When you are with your Tantric Partner share in your Delicious Energy Meal and Vocalize in a loving way what you need more or less of .. this is Co Created Sacred Space and your Playground should be endless and not self limiting ❦♡❤