The Throat Chakra… The bEaUtY of speech is you truly do not have to say anything to be heard but if you choose to use your throat today turn the speech into MaNtRa ♥ the Goddess of speech is Sakti. what motivates speech? Are you speaking because the silence makes you feel uncomfortable or are you speaking because you wish to draw attention to your Being and attract more energy to you? Someti…mes we are afraid listen and we chatter aimlessly because we are afraid of what we might hear or we might hear something that does not go along with our belief system. Therefore you must ask yourself why you choose to speak. Are you trying to justify your actions or are you trying to motivate or collect pity from others or are you trying to entertain others and make someone think or laugh and relate a story that binds both of you in shared laughter. When you choose to use your throat chakra are you speaking loudly or are you barely audible. Is your speech barely a whisper due to passive aggression or are you simply afraid of being heard and or offending someone and afraid that your speech will cause someone distress and they might not act kindly to you anymore if they heard you above a whisper. Sometimes I work on people and even though I am highly keen on healing them and guiding them I still need their input, their feedback their voice to guide me on their delicate energies so I know if I have to do less of something or more of something to activate or lower their energy and shift with their body in a loving way. You have a voice. Choose to use your voice to defend yourself and your boundaries. Choose to use your voice to soothe something or someone. Choose to share your anger and your outrage if you feel you are being violated and grossly misunderstood. Take time to silence your voice and gently withdraw your energy when it becomes time to listen. Your voice has power so use your intention to guide your speech and taste of all delicate meats raising the volume and amplifying the energy like toys in a playground ♥See More