• It is YOUR responsibility not anyone else to hold sacred your truth and to clearly express yourself.
  • What exactly Would you like to share with others?  In a room full of vibrant people how do you make sure

that your needs are being met in a reasonable and sound way so that your unique voice can be heard in the din?

  • Well being a Leo I have absolutely no issues in sharing my beliefs or LOUDLY exclaiming my feelings no matter how loudly I must shout.  I call this my LEO primal scream. And Yes I have been known to scream if my needs are clearly being ignored.  We all have a right to clear our throat chakras and if someone is blatantly taking advantage of you either through the written word or through verbal abuse you have every right to heal that imbalance and set the karma in motion for a complete healing to manifest.
  • Some people are very very comfortable being in the spotlight.  They have no innate fear of being noticed or being heard.  Others are more hush hush and they will never dare to confront you (ever) yet the minute you have left the room they will of course share their meaty quips and slights against you with others.
  • And how does that behavior serve anyone?  The answer is that is SERVES NO ONE and it is not only completely selfish not to share your truths with others but silence cuts off all functions of the throat chakra and if you silence and shut down this chakra for too long not only will YOU NOT have your needs met but in time your body will indeed suffer from throat congestion and then of course this malfunction of the throat chakra will bleed into all the other chakra systems.

So how do I deal with inequality?  I share that inequality with as many people as I please because we are all affected by karma and a twisted lie here and there bleeds into many aspects of your life and livelihood.  Creating false information and slander about a person displays not only a strong lack of character but it is an unfair and inhumane way of creating chaos and an inequality that blocks love and blocks fairness.


So when I hear something incorrectly I ask someone I am listening to to please either speak up louder, explain what they are talking about or explain to me exactly where there are coming from because not everyone is gifted with words the first time around.  Clear communication sometimes takes skill and practice.  Clear and loving communication with the purpose of healing and not destroying is also challenging especially if we are annoyed with something or someone.  How can we enable our throat chakras to radiate light?  How can we heal a wrong?  It’s difficult when we know some that some diluted people go out of their way to deceive because they delight in cruelty so if it comes to defending yourself like a tiger then in my opinion there is nothing wrong with reestablishing the balancing point.

When you catch someone in the act of lying –do something about it immediately.  Question the person’s motives.  Could there be misinformation about a matter or is the person purposefully and willingly drawing attention to themselves by knocking down someone elses credibility?


Here is how I heal my throat chakra: I sing, I chant, I breathe, I rage, I scream bloody murder and I write.  Yes writing activates the throat chakra because writing is one of the deadliest weapons you can carry especially if you have a wide audience prepared to understand and prepared to re read and think for themselves.

I have my time for singing and chanting when I am in ceremony and I have my time for quiet reflection and writing when I have a seed of truth that needs to be shared and clearly expressed in a wider forum.  Information can be a dangerous thing when it is in the wrong hands.  Blindly believing everything we read is equally dangerous.  You need to engage all your senses as you read.  You need to tune into your own heart chakra and your own throat chakra and carefully listen to the words to see if this is YOUR truth or someone elses story or hysteria.

By all means speak up and clear the air.  Visualize clear white, bluish light enveloping your throat and beaming from the inside out until your throat becomes a neon sign pulsing out to the Universe.

Do not be greedy share your voice with others.  Share your burdens and concerns and questions in a clear, slow and definitive way.  Be an example to others as you share yourself in a calm, healing, refined manner.  If you are disappointed don’t pretend otherwise.  Your throat will only benefit as you share your truths.  In this way you are helping to Open up your throat chakra.  Once you are used to an open throat chakra (you might never want to go back)!  Be well ~~~> Express yourself with others and share the karma http://www.tantrabutterfly.comImageGoddess Diana http://www.tantrabutterfly.com

Clearing the Throat Chakra and Balancing Karmic Debt with Panache ♡♥

If someone helped or healed you in any way….Let that person know

If someone misunderstood you or did not communicate with you in a loving way LET THEM KNOW