Well folks and this shall be the very last post I write on the matter of online predators and online fraud.

This woman who now calls herself “Stephanie” and at other times “Butterfly” and yet other times “Venus” now is advertising her services on thatmall.com   She continues to advertise on Citysource.com under the alias Butterfly and uses my website name in her account tantra.butterfly@gmail.com

Now I found her new advertisement on Thatmall.com and I have copied and pasted her advertisement for all

to see since she is of course using all three aliases to confuse the public. 

Venus of Venice ~ Your Goddess of Love

Please Note: Now offering a 2-girl / tandem massage.
If you would like to see my girlfriend, please visit her TM page at www.thatmall.com/abbie

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“Women who practice this [Healing Tao] massage give something that cannot be gotten any other way. All it takes is a man to be with them one time to find this out.” ~Hsi Lai
Did you know that sensual massage is rejuvenating for the mind, body and soul? Taoist theories support this concept! Erotic energy is the core of our vitality. The Taoists called this Healing Tao Tantric Massage. However you call it or coin it, it is the best of both worlds: therapeutic massage skills & sensual touch.
I enjoy giving pleasure and I am passionate about giving a beautiful massage.
Relax, unwind, breathe… a delicious full body massage is waiting for you.
Only quality organic oils and hot stones used during each session.
I do not rush anything during your session— it is my pleasure to make you feel wonderful, refreshed, and peaceful. Trained and certified in the healing arts, I am well versed in shiatsu, Esalen, lomi-lomi, Swedish, and jade hot stone therapy. I use my intuition, warm hands and kind heart. I am also a reiki healer and energy worker. I have been interested in the Eastern arts and philosophy for most of my life, and practice yoga, tai chi, and qi gong.
When we meet, you will find me to be down-to-earth, warm, and sweet. Yes, I’m pretty and lovely to look at, but something deeper and unique may captivate you.
I hope to give you that escape you so deserve, so I welcome you into my art & massage studio located in the artsy area of Venice/Abbott Kinney. This is my private art studio as well. I am proud to say I have built a strong clientele base of people I love to have in my life— film/music industry creatives: TV editors, screenwriters, studio musicians, directors, producers as well as CEOs, lawyers, and your work-a-day types that need a moment of stress-free relaxation and pampering.
I also offer tandem “double goddess” sessions with my darling girlfriend Abbie. We are both very happy to work together! You will find us both to be caring and sweet ladies with a sensuality that makes a sublime experience. Treat yourself to a four-handed massage that cannot be anything but pure bliss!
I offer incall appointments Monday through Friday, 10am-4pm.
Later times can be arranged by request.
Venus (310) 310-4666

So now you can see for yourself how people can continuously full the general public.

When she first saw my website she set up a fake account on gmail names tantra.butterfly@gmail.com

and she used a contact name of Butterfly and a contact number of 310-310-4666

I contacted CitySource.com but they have ignored all my emails.  I even contacted her several times

but she has not issued me one sincere apology (as of yet).  I was contacted a month ago by a man that

needed me to use him for a reference and he told me this woman who calls herself “butterfly” and used

the gmail account tantra.butterfly@gmail.com used my website gallery photos and my website link and conned him into thinking he would be receiving a session from me. Since she likes to play con games I feel it is my obligation to alert the public of her various aliases so that anyone out there can make better choices.


Yours Truly,

Goddess Diana of http://www.tantrabutterfly.com

ImageNotice how we look nothing at all alike (not me and the kitten silly)

me and the FAKE BUTTERFLY FORMERLY OF tantra.butterfly@gmail.com

now posing as Venus at thatmall.com beautydejour@gmail.com  Just be careful out there !!!!!