My yoni is a healer.  She deserves to be honored.  My yoni is a Sacred vessel of unity and divine light.  The yoni is not only an object of devotion but she actually sends out a radiance of pure healing light.  During ceremony I am constantly pulsing my yoni for it is this act alone that sends a powerful message of love.  I find that if I just focus on my breathing alone and I do not contract my yoni muscles my partner simply does not feel the full benefit of my healing touch. 

We consciously send forth powerful love pulses with each simple contraction.  Must a Goddess be  breathtakingly beautiful in order for a man to feel her sacred healing vibe?  This is confusing to many men who simply have no idea what a tantra ceremony involves.

Tantra is a portal of honoring the Sacred other.  The more we learn to accept and honor all forms of beauty the more open our hearts become.  We as goddesses should not mock the work of our sister goddesses nor should we steal or copy or plagiarize their unique styles.

The yoni is a vessel of rebirth and so many emotions are experienced during a tantra healing.  First there is the emotion of fear and nervousness.  It is not easy to bare your soul or share your sacred sexual energy with another.  If you have gone without genuine tenderness for months or years and you decide to invest in yourself and spent time and money on a tantra ceremony then you want to feel safe and you may want to feel you were listened to and you were genuinely cared for.  Sometimes we go through layers of hidden rage and you hold in that rage and never communicate with your healer but you decide to take out that buried anger by using the tactics of slander or outbursts to heal your wounds.  The yoni is a Sacred vessel and she might take you on a journey of fear and rage.  We have to let go of the rage and hurt to explore our inner magic.  If we have numbed ourselves to the point where we have not even cuddled another person the act of simply spooning someone is painful. 

During my many ceremonies I worked with men who were desensitized to the point where they could not feel their own energy circulating in their bodies.  They got discouraged after just one session but tantra uncovers all your layers and there is no quick fix to years of pain.  Talk therapy along with tantra is wise.  If there are buried energies inside your second sexual chakra you have to somehow release that pain and let it out through the throat chakra and other channels. 

When the time is right you will naturally want to let go and release and relax.  The yoni is the Sacred mother … the Sacred Womb and the Sacred Birth place. If you send out so much anger at your healer you are only sending out misdirected anger at your childhood.  None of us had the chance as young children to fully verbalize all our needs.  We had no voice …we could only cry if we were hungry or scared or discouraged or uncomfortable.  Now as adults we do have a voice and we can release in a very healing and positive way.  Tantra is an exploration of honoring your Divine feminine even if you are a born a male.  All women and men carry the spark of God and Goddess energies equally.  This is called the yin and the yang.  All our organs are either yin or yang and we attract and repel.  If you can send unconditional love to all aspects of your personality then you are in touch with your unique gifts.  It takes a lot of work to love your weaknesses and to forgive those that sent cruelty your way.  If you encounter anger when you meet your teacher step back for a bit and ask yourself what is it about this person that scares you?  If you are simply not ready for the journey of self discovery then you may wish to hold off the ceremony for a future date but if you plunge in and you work with your healer then you can uncover some shaky truths and work on your foundation.