So you are on your way to meet your new Goddess healer or shall we say Dakini or shall we say Tantrika. How flippantly we use these phrases but do we even care what they mean? I have been in my field for over 15 years and thank Goddess I still look young but that is because despite what I offer my sessions are not about my needs they are my student’s needs but they exclude my body meaning when someone wishes to learn Goddess Worship I am very careful about the energies we share depending upon the motivations of someone who comes to see me especially the first time they see me.

Some people do not understand what Goddess worship is. They assume that Goddess worship means the Goddess honors them blindly and will do anything in her personal power to make him happy (no matter what). No that is not the meaning of Goddess worship.

Other people new to Goddess worship assume that a Goddess is a Domina and she is a dominant which means the student will blindly worship her and he will subjugate himself to his Goddess do anything she wishes which includes house chores, humiliation or a light spanking and whipping with a paddle… and No that is not Goddess worship either.

Goddess worship is the art of seeking to heal your partner’s scar tissue and deep emotional wounds. The pelvis or pelvic cradle does carry much trauma and deep emotional scar tissue from early childhood upbringing and or abusive sexual and or personal relationships one has had with their parents, or elders or past loves and lovers.

Goddess worship is best explored in the context of putting one’s selfish needs to the side. Goddess worship does not mean you are having your Goddess as a Dessert. Goddess worship is not blind groping and fondling of the Goddess in front of you for your selfish needs and desires. In fact if you are in poor physical shape and you can barely breathe properly into your own heart there is going to be limited ability for you to breakthrough and heal the Goddess or heal her yoni scar tissue.

In order to approach Goddess worship in the correct spirit and manner you must approach your Goddess with complete reverence and a very bad way for you to begin any Goddess worship ceremony with your new Goddess teacher is by insulting her on her choice of clothing or coming to her Sacred Space with judgements on her taste of decoration or going through her things without her permission. Some people feel that because they have paid for a session they are owed a certain sense of entitlement or privileges. This is not the case at all. Typically a prior conversation with your Goddess is the perfect time to address any issues you have with personal hygiene and or living space arrangement. If you know your hostess has pets are you prepared to offer a kennel fee in advance so the pets will not be in her space. Are you willing to take allergy pills beforehand if you have allergies to dander? Are you coming to her space fully awake and refreshed or are you going to be doing some light drinking or coming to her home directly after a dinner party? All these things are very relevant and important to discuss with your Goddess.

Are you calling your Goddess just fifteen minutes before 11 pm at night expecting her to come to your hotel room and give you a healing and pampering session yet you decide you want a Goddess ceremony for a shorter length of time because it is the end of the day for you yet you wish to honor her. Does that feel respectful to you? If you are not giving adequate notice and you are not willing to come close to her price requirements then you are probably not truly honoring the goddess you are taking advantage of someone’s kindness..

Compassion and an open heart are key tools to honoring the Goddess. If you contact your Goddess early in the day and you have agreed to the correct tribute that honors her energy then you are on your way to understanding the nuances of Goddess healings.
Goddess worship is not about taking advantage of someone’s kindness and pressuring her to show her special techniques to you upon command. If you have only had a handful of tantra healings yourself and if you are not practicing these techniques daily or following up on DVD’s or workshops for beginners then you are not being fair to yourself or your goddess. You must be honest with your Goddess and tell her how little or how much practical experience you do have with honoring Goddess energy. As a beginner you start with baby steps until you yourself feel enough self confidence to learn more intricate ceremonial offerings. You want to approach this type of work with reverence and not rush the experience.

If you are on a budget and all you can afford is a mini session once a month then at least you are achieving and working towards a goal. Goddess worship sessions are most ideal when you already have someone special in your life and you simply want your partner or sacred other to reap the benefits of your new found joy and knowledge of sacred touch.

You should always let your Goddess do all the leading because the Goddess you chose is a unique guide and it is her intuition and her inner voice that feels your energy and she will intuitively pick up on how ready and prepared you are based on your confidence or awkwardness.

No one likes to feel pressured into doing something that is against their free will. Each goddess is a Sacred Other and if you are in tune with her energies and her needs and you can simply slow down and let go of your needs and your ego and impulses then you can build your ability to tune into your own innate Divine Feminine energy which runs through you in the form of Kundalini Shakti.

We don’t try to conquer the Yoni we try to heal her and send her focused love with the intentions of having her awaken on her time table NOT YOURS.

Goddess worship is Sacred. Goddess Worship is a Sacrament. Each time we touch the yoni we have the unique opportunity to gaze upon her loveliness and feel her powerful energy as Sacred mother and Source. If we do not approach the yoni with reverence we only injure her and harm ourselves karmically. We can only build trust and love by going inwards and stopping ourselves in our tracks to give some positive reflection of what we seek when we seek to touch yoni.

If you are prepared to give a Goddess healing honor your Goddess. Bring her a special house warming gift. Bring her a piece of your genuineness and share your softness with her but do not be demanding or threatening or withholding because that will close off her yoni flower and the yoni is the most positive representative of Divine creator we have so she shall not be Squandered or dismissed.

Be aware that each time you breathe into your heart chakra you have the unique power to bless the sacred mother simply by being a present and conscious lover.

Goddess Diana Sacred Space Tantra Butterfly

The yoni is a Sacred Temple