So it’s the end of a very hectic and long aggravating work day for you and all you want to do is relax in your hotel space and not have to worry about leaving your comfortable room or having to flag a taxi in the rain or the sleet or the snow.  You just crave touch and you randomly find my website on your lap top or you ipad or your phone.  You really really need a healing NOW — not later, not tomorrow not the weekend but right NOW. There is only one major flaw in this missing recipe and special ingredient…you have made no prior plans or attempts to reach out to me during your hectic day not even a warning call to advise me that you have a deep desire for a special out call so I might not be in the right frame of mind to hustle over to your room at your convenience.

I am not trying to be rude I am simply going to give you an inside view into my world.  First of all I love my career and I would never be in this field unless I really loved people. Innately I am a people pleaser and nothing makes me feel better than knowing I have healed some new guests simply craving and desirous of healing touch.

Please understand though that you will receive the very best I have to offer if you follow some very simple and basic guidelines.

If you know for sure you are going to be in my home city then give me a full day’s notice or at least call me very early in the day and tell me what time you expect me to go to your hotel.  My preference will always be to offer sacred space from my own temple space because I don’t have to worry about finding a taxi at the last minute and not forgetting to bring oils with me.  If you truly can not take the time to visit me here then I need a few hours notice from you so I can make sure I am near your hotel at least 45 minutes prior to our session.  You will have to understand that it is rude of you not to include my taxi cab fare because I am going out of my way to make sure you are well rested in your hotel space at a special time and I should not have to incur extra traveling expenses to make sure you do not have to leave the comfort of your room.

Please know your hotel space is within your control so you can have a few candles lit with aromatherapy or some freshly cut flowers in a tiny bud vase to make the setting more soothing for our ceremony.  Typically I might have some alter candles and incense burning in him sacred space so if you wish to create a loving setting have a bit of food for us to enjoy.  It does not have to be elaborate but create a home like setting so we both feel at home and peaceful together.  Music is very essential to a good tantra healing and I will always bring special music with me but if you know your hotel space does not have a stereo system you might want to borrow something from the hotel space so we can have a relaxing ambiance to enjoy together.

I really need a couple of hours notice for out call ceremonies.  I would be less than inclined to hop in a cab at eleven o’clock in the evening without prior warning and without a bit of cab fare to take care of my expenses.  If I am given ample notice or better yet if you can provide a driver for me at a specific time I can assure you I will arrive promptly at your hotel ready and willing to give you all the nurturing and pampering and unconditional love you deserve.

I create sacred space 24/7 in my home meaning I have soft Indian music playing here to create a higher vibration at all times.  I love to light incense here and light special resins on charcoal brickettes so that my home is always uplifting and sweet smelling.  I have candles lit and the temperature is always warm so you need not worry about drafts in my temple space.  Please remember a hotel space can sometimes be a bit drafty and a hotel space has certain rigid rules about candles being burned and incense being lit.  If you have even one candle burning sometimes the hotel staff will warn you about the fire alarm going off in your room.  We can always make any space sacred with creativity and I certainly do not mind creating a space where you feel safe and loved but you must respect my boundaries as a healer and give me enough time to get to you without me feeling rushed or pressed for time.  Include a tip that will cover my cab fare and a simple gift of flowers and you will receive much more than you anticipated.  You will receive the very best I have to offer when you are prepared and respectful of my time.

Here is a brief recap:

if you require an out call tantra healing give me 2 hours notice

* have light food and beverages available for us

*have my ride waiting for me at a specific time or include an extra $50 for my time

*keep me informed through out the day if there are any changes in your schedule

*partial payment in advance will assure me you are serious and intent on keeping our appointment at your space

*Never call me after 10pm at the very last minute for an out call I will not be at my freshest and I won’t accept

*please use your real name and never an alias.  I feel a deeper sense of trust when you use your real name

*I can not offer discounts when you expect me to do an out call but I can always offer sliding fees when you come to me

Courtesy and respect gives you best of my best and I want to give you the type of session you feel you deserve so please honor my simple boundaries so I can impress you with my skills!

Goddess Diana