Heart Chakra ceremonies and Heart Cocoa times in Boston, MA

Well it’s time for me to take a tour of Boston, Ma because I am long long overdue for a Tantra regrouping not just for myself but to get a bit of love and positive energy going and nurture my soul.
I just returned to the city of Chicago in late November and I established my tantra yoga practice in the West Loop making myself available for workshop opportunities, private reiki healings, one on one tantra yoga and aromatherapy healings. I chose to stay grounded here for the sake of my dog and I wanted her to feel safe here and not kennel her away.

Now I am ready for a bit of play time and I am preparing myself to set up sacred journeys, sacred sensual healing touch and couples massage training in Boston and Cambridge Massachusetts. I love being by the Ocean and I love working with all the wonderful and exciting people that travel through Boston on their daily ritual to go to work. It’s good to have passion in life and it’s good to meet new people so I try and travel to a brand new city each month but this time I have been landlocked in the city of Chicago determined to meet with my old students from the past and develop new relationships with visitors to the city of Chicago.
I do not work with everyone who contacts me but I make myself available to a handful of wonderful new students and repeat guests who really treasure the opportunity to learn tantra yoga and or be touched by a Goddess of tantra yoga.
I feel it’s very important for you to feel safe and comfortable with me and if I feel that you are too nervous to meet with me I gracefully decide that the time is not meant for you to try tantra with me but the time might be perfect for you to reassess and decide what you truly want from life and whether or not you can handle the energies of a true tantra kundalini awakening.
Tantra yoga should be peaceful not jarring to your energies. You can’t rush progess you just simply breathe deeply during a tantra session with the intentions of receiving free, vital energies or Chi life force from the Universe. It’s best to trust your tantra goddess completely. If you are nervous you block the natural interaction and flow and you are not allowing your body to receive the touch.
When you are calm and centered and nurtured energies just flow better during your tantra ceremony and your chakras naturally realign by themselves just like a natural spinal adjustment.
When you have had a good tantra ceremony you can see colors more vibrantly and your outlook on life is more positive and flowering for you.
During all of my longer tantra ceremonies which last between two hours to a full day there is going to be a lot of positive flow between both of us because a strong sense of bonding and trust will be developing.

Here is an example of what a full day with me might be like. I tend to love spontaneity more so than a planned out day that does not allow for creativity. We might start our day together inside and breathe together just stare into our eyes and connect without saying a word. Sometimes it’s best not to say anything and sometimes complete stillness and quietness will allow for complete healing to take place in your body.
We then might take a food break and explore outside of our sacred space because sometimes you just need to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective just to give yourself a chance to regroup and relax.
Breathing, tantra massage and connection exercises expend quite a bit of focus so it’s good to just unwind over a small salad or nibble on a bit of fruit.
I am going to be makings myself available to newbies, experienced tantra enthusiasts, same sex couples, traditional marriage partners and of course anyone coming by themselves for the first time with an open outlook and an open heart ready to receive this unique Tantra Kundalini activation ceremony.
so please have an open mind and an open heart
if you wish try my newest and latest ceremony the Heart chakra ceremony where the focus is opening the sacred space of your heart with intention, breath, reiki and loving care. Let me be your Tantra muse either in Chicago or Boston. I will travel anywhere with sponsorship.
My visiting dates for Boston will be this coming Sunday June 8 until June 15th so please try to empty your calendar and meet me in Boston next week!
Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly